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Paris Hilton

Takes A SHOT At Lindsay Lohan

5/5/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone get Lindsay Lohan some aloe and a cold compress ... 'cause she just got BURNED by Paris Hilton!!!!!!!!!!!!050411_paris_hilton_v2_still

Hilton was taping her Oxygen reality show "The World According to Paris" ... when a homeless woman mistook her for Lindsay Lohan.

At first, Paris seemed to take it in stride ... but then P-FUNK DROPS THE HAMMER!!!

0428_brandon_firecrotch_mini_launchIt ain't the first time Hilton's taken a shot at Lohan ... remember, she egged on and laughed her face off at Brandon Davis during his infamous "Firecrotch" rant back in '06.


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TMZ dont like me    

Damn, shots fired! Shots fired!!

1270 days ago


I think thats hilarious!! Definitely a little immature on Paris' part, but funny none the less. They've both ****ed up in different ways AND, in the same ways, so who the hell cares? As if none of you people have ever said something nasty about someone else. Give me a break. Not like she was lieing anyways?

1270 days ago


Ah, Paris, always such a class act! Never did an honest day's work for an honest dollar in her life, and still feels she's entitled to judge.

1270 days ago


well, I think paris only said what everyone in hollywood would wish they had balls to say, nothing wrong with that.

1270 days ago

john smith    

Paris I remember showing Lindsay your porno on the internet and we were laughing our asses off watching you suck on a big one. Now I think we have a combo tape on the net of multiple porno's that you have done, funny stuff for an heiress, don't you think.

1270 days ago


Paris Hilton, DUI's, arrested for possession of drugs THREE times, still on probation, sex tape, racist, recently sued for not returning jewelery, laughing at people and calling them 'poor'. Hideous, mean, nasty person.

1270 days ago


What do you mean Paris PLAYS a coked up porn star? Paris Parasite IS a coked up porn star, and I use the word 'star' loosley lol

1270 days ago

john smith    

They have a highlight real of Paris multiple sex tapes on the net now, it wasn't a one time thing..... she's a serial sex tape reviewer said she sucks a pretty good one but lies there like a dead fish when the guy humps her!

1270 days ago


I laughed.

1270 days ago


Paris Hilton :
- DUI's
- arrested for possession of drugs THREE times! Co**e Head
- still on probation!
- 2 sex tape
- racist (yeah)
- recently sued for not returning jewelery!!!!! and you had the audacity to make fun of Lindsay! LOSER!

I just don't understand why people love you, you make nothing in your life, you are NO TALENTED AT ALL (expect PORN STAR)

1270 days ago


Paris the skank! Wha the F cares about anything that comes out of her spoiled, self-centered, rich bitch mouth? Oh, she turned on another friend? BIG SURPRISE! Remember when her good friend Kim Stewart lost control of the cycle on the red carpet a few years back. She crashed and fell off the damn thing right in front of Paris and Paris didn't bat an eyelash. She chuckled and kept on being interviewed by the paps. If that was MY friend, I would have hopped off my bike and ran over to her to make sure she was alright. Dosen't pay to be any kind of friend to Paris the c*nt. She dosen't care about anybody but herself. Publicity hogging, sex tape, rotten-ass friend, it's all about me Bitch! Wish you were with Bin Laden on Sunday Paris you dirt bag. Love to see a bullet hole in your bleached ass head.

1270 days ago


Paris, Mel etc. both have mixed public images. They both keep working have plenty of people who will attest to their kindness, their multi dimensional interests and lives and make money.

Lindsay? Goes to clubs and is tabloid fodder. Nothing else. Her only public friend is her lawyer and tabloid trollhans.

1270 days ago



Agreed ^_^

1270 days ago


I like Paris but sometimes she is as dumb as rocks . She is only one arrest away from a mandatory Jail sentence and will be for a while yet . Best thing to do until that is over is be nice , lay low and shut up .
It is sad really because least ways LIndsay worked her ass off for years .
Sure she has had problems that were hers but shes is doing her best to get right. She never had Paris's advantages in life on any level , money or parents . Paris may make herself look like a bitch here but Karma is a bigger one.

1270 days ago


What a filthy slut Paris Hilton is. She take earrings off and puts them is that womans ear? That lady should get herself checked out, Paris is diseased.

@dreamon, you really should DREAM ON. When talking about talent how can you put Mel Gibson in the same sentence as Paris Hilton? Just showing your ignorance I guess. Mel Gibson is a talented actor, Lindsay Lohan is a talented actress trying to get her life on track and she's doing ok.

Paris Hilton is devoid of any sort of talent, humanity or compassion. All shes fit for is making porn movies and even they ain't so good.

1270 days ago
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