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The People vs. Dr. Murray -- Whose Side Are You On?

5/8/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On TMZ Live ...  Harvey Levin took on BOTH sides in  Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial  -- offering closing arguments for the prosecution and the defense.  So whose case is stronger?


After watching both arguments, it's up to YOU, the TMZ jury to decide ... should Dr. Conrad Murray be convicted in the death of Michael Jackson?


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WHO got the "propofol?WHO was giving Michael propofol every night without equipment to save Michael's life should trouble happen,which it did? WHO also knew and gave Michael a series of meds on a empty stomach,and someone better make up there mind,first Murray claims Michael was well enough to do 50 concerts,and he was not,WHICH WAS IT?this Dr Murray did not intend to kill Michael is BS,EVERY DR looks for a prognosis,to his treatment,WHAT WAS MICHAEL'S PROGNOSIS AFTER RECEIVING A ADDICTIVE DRUG EVERY NIGHT FOR REHEARSAL AND THEN 50 CONCERTS?

1228 days ago


As stated "DR CONRAD MURRAY",ALL actions of the Dr could lead to no other outcome but death.How can anyone justify giving propofol everynight to any pt,when the drug was highly addictive,Murray had no equipment needed for monitoring his pt and if you take on a job,that pays$150,000.00 a month plus more,the least the Dr could do ,is conduct his business durning the daylight hours all Murray's actions shows lack of concern for Michael.AFTER 50 CONCERTS,and everynight being given Propofol,WHAT THEN?

1228 days ago


Conrad Murray is Guilty as Hell, i don't know there's even a case. and why does it keep getting post pone that's BS, sent his ass to jail already, justice is justice regardless how we feel about MJ

1228 days ago


Good arguments both sides.. but here is one last thought. EVEN if we agree MJ administered the propofol himself.. Murray GOT it for him, Was AWARE he was doing it, and admitted he went back to CHECK on MJ knowing he took propofol. Thank You. Bowing! And Im not an attorney. Guilty! (slamming gavel)

1228 days ago


people can't see the truth untill they throw away the ham in their eyes and the prejudice in their minds.
Prejudice IS Ignorance

1228 days ago


Michael admitted to using drugs. Has anyone thought about what would've happened if Dr. Murray hadn't given Michael the drug and tried to wean him off it? It's highly likely that Michael would have found the equivalent through a street drug and been dead long before he was. They're both at fault.

1228 days ago


Muppet 11 minutes ago Michael didn't use of any drugs(narcotics). so, he wouldn't search the drugs from the street. what do you talk about? Propofol - not a narcotic drug. Familiarize with the information at first before to do outputs.
It's one thing to use sedatives and painkillers when you have needs and problems (and Michael never hide of it) , the other - just for kicks. They are different things

1228 days ago


Both the defense and prosecution arguments were not good. I know HARVEY THINKS THEY WERE, but they weren't. The fact that Murray claims he left his patient unattended is actually a strike against Murray. Murray bringing up Michael's past drug problems can be countered with the fact Michael did not die from any other drugs. Only the drugs Murray admitted himself he gave him. The autopsy states Michael had no other drugs in his system at the time of his death. Murray supplied the drugs, the drug was used in an improper way and place under Murray's watch, Murray did not have the proper monitoring equipment,Murray left his patient unattended, Murray tried to cover up what had happened, Murray did not inform the EMTs what he gave Michael, Murray did not inform the doctors in the hospital what he gave Michael (because Murray knew it was wrong what he was doing), and Murray called a child into his father's bedroom where he could witness the scene but Murray did not call 911 as soon as he notice a problem. HHHMMMM how in the heck could Murray be found not guilty? There is no defense argument! They are grasping at straws. That Mr Harvey is a prosecution argument. I now know why Harvey is not a practicing lawyer.

PS Throwing up a this made up defense/prosecution story about Michael Jackson because you won't put up the positive story about Michael that other entertainment websites are is not good enough.

1228 days ago


The fault of a man is being proved by facts, not assumptions(suggestions) that he or someone who is supposed to be his victim would make .

1228 days ago


Great job on the summaries, Harvey! A nice way to boil down the arguments into easily understandable bytes. Certainly there are elements on both sides which support both a guilty and not guilty verdict. However, when the day is done, the doctor under Jackson's care repeatedly allowed/perfomred injections of an extremely powerful and dangerous drug under conditions he knew were unsafe and off label, and needs to answer for that. Guilty.

1228 days ago


there are supposedly close to 15,000 votes on this thing and only 43 comments???.and the story just went up recently??.Oh Please..
this just shows that credibility is not TMZ strong point..although i do think the tv show is very funny...

1228 days ago


The prosecution's argument overrides the defense - "MJ is an addict" doesn't matter and "Murray has decades of experience" doesn't matter. The charge is involuntary manslaughter (not murder) and the key word is reckless. The incident fits the charge perfectly. Russian roulette is a good analogy.

1228 days ago



My point is that Michael was addicted to the drugs that the Doctor was administering to him. Had the Doctor not done that Michael may very well have turned to the streets/drug dealers for the drugs he needed to sleep and could very well have ended up dead alot sooner.
I've read where the Doctor was trying to wean him off the medication. Much safer to be monitored by a doctor.
Clearly they are both at fault. Michael and the Doctor.

1228 days ago

who dat    

You can make all sorts of arguments. The bottom line is Murray was administering medication that he should have never been in a home setting. As a trained doctor he should have known this. Therefore, Murray must be held responsible.

1228 days ago


MUPPET: Then Conroy would not be liable would he? Michael can get drugs anywhere.. but no Propofol... Conrad had to get that. He is not a "dealer"he is a doctor who takes an oath to preserve life.

1228 days ago
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