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Mayweather Accused of Threatening Guards with Guns

5/5/2011 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was just charged with misdemeanor harassment in Vegas -- after the boxer allegedly threatened to have two security guards shot ... for ticketing his cars on the street.

Floyd Mayweather

According to the criminal complaint, it all happened back in October -- before Mayweather's face-poking incident -- two security guards cited a couple of Mayweather's cars parked outside his 12,000-foot mansion ... and Floyd flipped.

Mayweather allegedly threatened the guards -- who patrol the boxer's upscale housing community -- after he noticed the citations, claiming, "My homies have guns. If you want me to call them, they'd come over here and take care of you."

According to the complaint, Floyd added, "These are my f**king cars. Don't touch my f**king cars."

Calls to Mayweather's camp weren't returned.

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zero class *****.

1230 days ago

Wanda Mercado    

He needs to put all that hostility in the ring with Pac-Man....

1230 days ago


Few too many hits to the head maybe? :/

1230 days ago


tom about an hour ago

ahh black people on here once again showing there solidarity in ignorance the term ghetto means a quarter of a city in which Jews were formerly required to live especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure hey but if yall want to claim that word go for it. I would recommend try picking up a book sometime.

Tom, that's what ghetto meant 50 years ago. Now it's used in another context. Ghetto nowadays means somewhere really rundown where impoverished people live and is overrun with crime.

1230 days ago


********************* QUOTE **************************

Mike Oxhard 58 minutes ago

Floyd is an idiot, but a rich idiot. He will hire someone (lawyer) who can put together a complete sentence, and probably get off.
>>>SiouxCityD-bag what are you his neighbor?

********************** END QUOTE ***********************

Mike Oxhard:
How Dare you call me a dirt bag!

Firstly, Mr. Mayweather's house is located in a private community and the guards are the employees of the HOA, in reality Mr. Mayweather is one of their employers. Does not matter what the guards want to believe, they work for a Black guy.

Secondly, I also speak with some experience on these matters, though not Black, I have owned, since 1976, a home which I purchased as a retreat, one of around 50 situate on a private golf course in Indian Wells California. I haven't visited the home in years, but I still retain it vacant and furnished in the off chance I may get a hankering to visit the desert for a few days. Our association retain some 40 employees there, most are groundskeepers and yet five are security guards. I know from experience Mr. Mayweather's HOA's guards are out of line, my association has experienced similar situations with a guard or two over the years. The guards are the ones who should be reprimanded or fired.


1230 days ago


What a friggin' thug. A house that big and not one speck of class or respect for authority.

1230 days ago


He thinks his "fame" put him above the law. Then he threatens bodily harm from his "homies". Another loser!!!!

1230 days ago


He parks his cars outside mansion? On the street? If that's the case, that just proves this dude's mental.

1230 days ago



Firstly, Mr. Mayweather's house is located in a private community and the guards are the employees of the HOA, in reality Mr. Mayweather is one of their employers. Does not matter what the guards want to believe, they work for a Black guy.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@END OF QUOTE@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

The guards are hired by and answer to the HOA. They are there to enforce the set of rules that are agreed to upon by all homeowners. If Floyd Roid wants to avoid getting tickets, he would just need to follow the rules like everyone else. Once you think you're above all of that, that's when you have problems not only with security guards, but with all your neighbors.

1230 days ago


TO: SiouxCityBoy who wrote:
“Does not matter how good or bad Floyd is. What matters is the crap the security company is pulling. The Security company and guards need to remember they are to treat all owners and guests in that compound as if they were Gods, and nothing less than Gods. They are not there at the request of some slum lord policing some ghetto property, they are there too provide security for the residents and are answerable to each and every resident as if that resident were their personal employer. They are further expected to say "Yes Sir/Ma'am"; "No Sir/Ma'am"; and perhaps "Pardon me Sir/Ma'am" or "Excuse me Sir/Ma'am" and not much more. Giving a "ticket" to a resident's car is inexcusable! Failing to recognize an owner or even a known guest of an owner is also inexcusable.”


You are right Sioux, and you know it.
But if it was me (and I wish it was), I’d move and think about suing for harassment. Who are these crummy “security” guards that have no respect for the people they’re supposed to be protecting.
One of the other posters here mentioned the “security” is trying to pick a fight so they could get some of Floyd’s money. That sounds feasible to me.

My guess is, they KNEW it was Floyd’s car and ticketed on purpose to start trouble.
Not cool.

1230 days ago


Hey troy, what racism. Do ya think all black people
should be allowed to do all the threatnin' and all
the killin' the only racist I see is you.

1230 days ago


Pac man got in his head and made him go crazy with fear! Ha ha ha, he should gay marry Mike Vick!

1230 days ago


I'm not the biggest Mayweather fan, but this is garbage. You gonna ticket someone's car that was parked right in front of their house??? I think Floyd had every right to be upset.

1230 days ago


@GRYFFINDOR! thank you for the definition of ghetto. you ass hole
define that!!!! real idiot referring to a whole race for one person comment.

1230 days ago


@SiouxCity D-Bag ... i really believe you are correct on this matter. they are trying to get a check from the man. Since he has bad rep , they are starting trouble with him. I would not fight someone who wouldn't take a drug test either.

1230 days ago
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