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Kim Kardashian

The Great Altered Butt Debate

5/5/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The great Kim Kardashian butt debate rages on ... all natural or altered? Should it be worshiped or reviled? Thanks to new photos one thing is 100% clear -- we need a closer look ... much closer.050411_TV_kim_still

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Do you even read these comments TMZ?! If so, how many of us have posting how disgusting Kim is, how ugly she is and how we dont care!?!!? Enough for you to move on to someone worthy of this attention.

1233 days ago


wow truth about kim. u sure have dedicated your life to obSESSING over kim k. too bad you cant use your creative writing to better the world. insecure lil skallywag. lol

1233 days ago


didn't you see the episode where she got some ridiculous procedure done to get rid of her nasty cellulite? too bad plastic surgery can't fix her personality.

1233 days ago

Khate sucks    

What on earth??? So much cellulite and 99% of the posts are ANTI KarTRASHians! WHY are they constantly SHOVED in our face!

1233 days ago


Want to see a fatter "uglier" booty??? Go here: Now thats a CRAZY big ass huh?

1233 days ago


I fell sorry for her acually because she dosen't know meaning of charity? I forgot her name is not kim is give the monie for my fat ass.

1233 days ago


She's so slutty. She passes herself around athletes thinking one day they will marry her. The only one that has any real brains is kourtney.I used to think she was pretty but now I could never see or hear from this **** again and be happy. #pullthetriggernevermindanote

1232 days ago


You people are so gross, ok she has a very large butt, there is no celulite and she is a very beautiful woman. Everyone that says she is ugly must be soooooo jealous,there is no way anyone could possibly say they believe she is not beautiful unless they are blind. Hate her if you must, but stop calling her ugly, because she is not.

1232 days ago

jo ann    

i think that it is not very attractive and its too much for her body
it looks discusting and does'nt match her body

1232 days ago

Jenie Leveski    

This is clearly fake. Kim does have a big butt. But it is not as gross and huge as this one.

1232 days ago


Wow her but is gross period. It is all fake I never meant a person that has a huge ass like that I am sure they do exist. I am black and I have black friends that have big bum not even as big as kims fake ass. Plus to you all not all black women have big bums. I am size 2 no bum and big boobs and I could not believe she said she is a size 2 because I am and my jeans fit perfect.She lies so much and why would a good looking men want that. I just do not understand at all I hope in he future my son will not date someone like kim she is digusting. Why would a men want a hoe for housewife.

1232 days ago


Large Fart Tank

1232 days ago


Im sorry, but only black and latinas can get away with that, and I never seen a big butt that is natural stand out like that. Not without it dimpling under the bottom a lot.

Her sisters nor her mother nor her father got a butt like that. Butts run in the family. It may be different size, but the shape is still there. Her family does not have a butt like that.

1232 days ago

Your Momma    

Kim's butt looks like a big garbage truck, there is nothing attractive about it. It kind of hangs over like nicki minaj and both of there butts look fake and weird, it does not go with the rest of their body. Funny!!

1232 days ago


I find it funny that @truthaboutkim spent all of that time trying to make her look bad, when clearly she has their full attention as I have never heard of someone knowing so much about her! STOP HATING! She is doing her and it isn't hurting any of you. Poor, unattractive, likely overweight or pathetically average people with low self esteem are so negative! GET OVER IT! And I think she looks great, I don't care if she bought it, borrowed it or was born with it. Almost every woman wears makeup, has dyed their hair or made some modification to the way they look naturally. She can just afford to fix all of the things you uggos have to suck it up and suffer with!

1232 days ago
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