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Kim Kardashian

The Great Altered Butt Debate

5/5/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The great Kim Kardashian butt debate rages on ... all natural or altered? Should it be worshiped or reviled? Thanks to new photos one thing is 100% clear -- we need a closer look ... much closer.050411_TV_kim_still

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Real or fake. Don't care. All nasty..

1236 days ago


my dining room is smaller than that fake ass.

1236 days ago


BTW, Cindy mentioned this but it's worth repeating. This woman is absolutely NOT a size 2. And her sister Khloe (right?) is NOT a size 6, People Magazine! These girls would be extremely lucky to fit into a 12. Right? What are they smoking? Maybe some designers are custom making their clothes and stitching in labels that say 2 and 6. That would make sense. Egos come in all sizes, but not 2 and not 6.

1236 days ago


YUCK.... thats disgusting.

1236 days ago


It's real and it's nothing new.Kim happens to be petite but have normal curves;normal curves on a shorter woman means bigger bust,bigger butt.

1236 days ago


All b.s. aside, this chick is absolutely disgusting! Yes, she has implants, lopsided droopy ones at that! But what isn't fake of this celebrity chasing hooker? She's got more plastic in her than your local recycling bin - not to mention just as filthy & nasty as your local landfill. I'll betcha her reconstructed cooter is now Teflon coated as is her poop shoot! No man will ever take her serious, especially after showing the world your nastiness & desperation, it's all publicity for both involved. Her and Spencer Pratt would be the perfect couple!

1236 days ago


@ whatever:
Kim looks to be my size: I wear a 6,8,or 10.It depends on the designer and the fit model.I wish I knew where Kim buys her clothes,so I,too could be a size two.

And I find it sad that people feel fit to make rude comments.As a race,humans are regressing and not moving forward.Whatever happened to having respect for the feelings of others?

1236 days ago


I just LOVE to hear you flat-butt-loving (probably Caucasian) idiots talk about how disgusting a nice, big, round a$$ is! I don't hate you AT ALL! We NEED all of you! You all need to just join together, date each other, and get out of the singles' pool! Because I LOVE BIG BUTTS! They are so fine! I hate watching horror movies that have these skinny Barbie-doll looking skanks prancing around in bikinis (acting all dingy) with butts so small you can see their buttbone! I just can't wait to see them when the killer slashes them in the woods! lol

Big, voluptuous butts are what REAL men want! And only a REAL man can handle them! PLEASE, do the world a favor and take a skinny, boney butt chick out so she can stop cluttering the scene for us guys that are looking for women with NICE butts!

Love you Boney-Butt-Loving, B*st*ards!


1236 days ago


Clobird says: And I find it sad that people feel fit to make rude comments.As a race,humans are regressing and not moving forward.Whatever happened to having respect for the feelings of others?

And I find it sad that any woman feels fit to disrespect herself the way Kim has & will continue to do! Kim is regressing and not moving forward. Her country is ashamed of her, the world has seen her "lack of talent" and the crack of her fake azz. Whatever happened to having respect for yourself, especially a so called woman? She's a liar & is as fake as Lamar & his clydesdale khloe!! Pimp Kris is going to rot in hell right alongside OJ for turning her daughters into disposable brothel whores!!

1236 days ago


You're all haters, envious of her ass. I'd rather have that butt than some nasty flat-ass or fat saggy, ugly lard-ass. This woman has a great body with real curves. Stop hating, you're all jealous cuz you know any man would want her over any of you.

1236 days ago


Kimmy sweetheart you have a smokin' bottom! Let me know if you ever need a butt massage!

1236 days ago


LOL you all sound like a bunch of HATERS to me....Kim, although I don't like her personality, has a nice ass.....less cellulite on it than a lot of thinner woman with no a$$!? It's funny that most of the people hating on her are probably woman who are threatened by a real woman with curves, I think she is beautiful!

1236 days ago


We called that a Pampers Butt when I was in high school because it look like her diaper is full. Not attractive to me.

1236 days ago


looks like stitches under the cheeks and on the top of the thighs

1236 days ago


After reading the comments, I'm surprised. I am not the only one who thinks that big thing looks terrible. From what I hear on the TMZ TV, they like ugly fat no talent girls like her. I'm glad to learn, I'm correct.

1236 days ago
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