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Kim Kardashian

The Great Altered Butt Debate

5/5/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The great Kim Kardashian butt debate rages on ... all natural or altered? Should it be worshiped or reviled? Thanks to new photos one thing is 100% clear -- we need a closer look ... much closer.050411_TV_kim_still

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Kim! Stop moving! The space shuttle is using you as a navigation point!

A giant ass is never attractive, no matter what else it is attached to.

Besides, the Jenner sisters are about to eclipse the Kardashians in popularity. Thin and beautiful is back in style in Hollywood.

1237 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Just when you think this stupid T W A T has disappeared we get pitiful BS about this plastic tramp

1237 days ago

Yep I said that    

I Can't stand this fake no talent media whoring trollop nothing on the b!tch is real. The sooner we see the last of this troll and her useless family the better. Its amazing a skank like this can get so much attention from being effed in every hole and p!ssed on.

1237 days ago


Get over it people. She just has a fat ass.....a not so attractive fat ass. Why would you want to get plastic surgery to make your ass look fat and ugly?

1237 days ago


My late father would have just called her "Lard Ass."

1237 days ago


I'd still hit it...........

1237 days ago


KK is a pretty girl whose banked on over-exposure; enough is really enough. Her rear, however, is remarkably large. It doesn't appear flabby or loose; in fact, it looks firm. Nevertheless, it's ridiculously large. Curvaceous is one thing but, this, this is just too much. Comon! I can't believe it's natural; her legs don't 'connect' with the width of her back-side. If she seriously had butt-implants? That's just too much.

1237 days ago


Sure Kim's got a large butt, BUT to me it's gross. If I had that much a** I'd cover it up too! Whoever thinks that looks good has some kind of problem. Can't imagine how she even fits that thing in pants. She's pretty but lose that a**!! Girls, please don't go out and get this done to yourself because then you too will look like a freak. Some girl from England came over here to get some stuff added to her trunk and she died due to going to a fly by night person. Not worth it. Be glad for what you have.

1236 days ago


If this ran in her family, Khloe and Kourtney would have an ass like her. Not even her mom has this butt. It is fake, the cellulite has been reduced, and if I had the money she did, I would do this too. Remove my cellulite "too", not get butt implants.

1236 days ago


wow, are you that damn bored to try to act like you are kim. Do you honestly think she'd write that about herself and others. kim and her family keep their lives private to an extent meaning they let you know or see what they want on tv or in, you must be seriously jealous and sick in the head. sorry kim and to her family for sick people out there.from, tiffany

1236 days ago


Hi Khloe. I was watching your show, Khloe and Lamar, and it upset me because you think you are fat and you are not fat.You are so pretty and funny. You were posing for pictures with Lamar and i thought you looked perfect.Don't let other people get in your head with that stuff that you are fat because you are not.You and your sisters are all so pretty and people will say what they want, but who cares. I am not a weirdo, just a fan, but sometimes people who say ignorant things piss me off.from, tiffany

1236 days ago


As real as Heidi Montag's(or whatever)boobs.

1236 days ago


im a girl and i dont think there is anything wrong with her butt so what she has a big booty leave her alone if she got the surgery done thats her business and everyone who is hating i think you are just jealous.!! and she is NOT FATT!! (i am skinny so i am not saying that bc i am fat)

1236 days ago


I have a tedancy to develop a big ass, i always have, it is my built,I am northern african. I have wide hips and a round bum. But since i workout, it is nice and round and firm. I am bigger than kim k.Taller ... This girl is a work out junky? she works out twice a day, she is so into looks... Why does her ass look like that? because it is merely a fake ass; you can so tell.She loves black men and changed her ass in her early 20s.You can find pictures of her online with no ass at all. She did it and will never admit tp it. I am 1000% sure she had it done. Look at it!!!!!!!!!!!You don't grow an ass overnight. Beyonce and jlo's asses look real and much smaller since they have been working out; Kim k is obsessed with looks(and black man) and would go to any extent to be "perfect" and attract a black man, who most of them like a women with a nice behind!. Her idol has always been jlo and she had it done. I am so sure about this. None of her family members have an ass, they all suffer from no assatall!!!!She looks more and more plastic. Shame because she is a very beaaitiful girl naturally.I bet you znything we will see her mess up her face over the years, look at her nose already and the botx. She needed none of that. Another "hollywood" victim!

1236 days ago


I don't care if its real or fake, I would eat public!

1236 days ago
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