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TMZ Live: Saying 'Sayonara' to Justin Bieber - Maybe

5/5/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will The Biebs' tour crew bail on his upcoming concerts in Japan over cancer fears from the recent nuke disaster ... Plus, the frosty-tipped "Canadian" who gets our American blood boiling.

42 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:30) Mutiny in Justin Bieber's camp! His crew refuses to go to Japan due to the nuclear disaster. Would you go?
(3:30) Katie Couric's "mega-fight" with CBS.
(6:10) The Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan feud is back on.
(9:40) Dax is either a huge traitor or a smart traveler. Let the argument begin!
(13:20) Twitter time -- How crushed is Shevonne about General Hospital? Which sitcom characters would Harvey & Charles be? And more.
(16:10) Do the Bieber crew members face legal action for not going to Japan?
(22:20) Twitter reactions to the Dax controversy.
(25:20) Who would play the role of Osama bin Laden in a movie?
(30:00) The "Home Alone" house -- more valuable because of the movie?
(33:55) Is the women's bathroom at our office as bad as the men's? Linda gives us too much detail.
(34:30) Webcam question from Australia -- which fuels more Dax hate ... as well as love for the kick-ass TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour. Tickets on sale now!
(43:30) YOU GOTTA SEE THIS -- Ryan was a damn fine child actor ... and we have a clip of his impeccable work.


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Is there anyway I can just buy a TMZ t-shirt? It's almost impossible to think of a question better than "Are all vegetables good for you?"

1213 days ago

What the?    

Why "Canadian"? Is that like Harvey is a "Jew"?

1212 days ago


Charles or Jason, if you and your wife both worked for TMZ and you had very important and sensitive information about what was about to happen at TMZ, would you tell her in confidence because she's your wife? (like Obama and Michelle)?

1212 days ago


Whoa whoa whoa. Dax. Just be proud you're not from NJ.

1212 days ago


Harvey, you said that the jails are overcrowded because there are too many laws and some people are in jail who shouldn't be. What current laws do you think should not be in effect?

1212 days ago


Did anyone else hear the fart when Lauren got up on idol tonight?

1212 days ago


Harvey, with today's social networks where people communicate through typing and not actually talking, how do you think this will effect young children's social abilities in the future when they grow up? Back in the day (lol) people used to only call eachother or talk in person. This developed their social skills.

1212 days ago

I Chinee    

If I ever traveled overseas (which I have no desire what so ever to do) I would proudly say I am an American. Ain't no shame in my game. If someone called me a Canadian I would be offended. I think these people from countries like Canada and all around are hypercritical. because they say they don't like Americans,yet they like and use American things. Like watching our movies, tv shows and listening to American music. They wear our clothing brands such as abercrombie, nike and a whole ton of other American brands. So if you don't like Americans then don't enjoy our wonderful American things either. That's just hypercritical.

1212 days ago

Diane Nggg    

If the dancers do go to Japan and later on they have health issues because of the radiation there can the sue JB later on?

1212 days ago

I Chinee    

Suzanne 9 hours ago
Americans saying they are Canadian while traveling abroad has been happening for a long time so I'm really surprised that Harvey is so shocked.

The best part about it is that Americans are so obnoxious they don't even know how obnoxious they seem to anyone else.

No, the only funny thing here is... why are you even on TMZ,which is an obnoxious American website.

1212 days ago


When I'm abroad and feel any hostility, I ALWAYS say I'm Canadian!! I feel the situation out first though.

1212 days ago


Haven't the Japanese people suffered enough. First, a tsunami, then a nuclear reactor meltdown and now a Justin Bieber concert! When will the madness end?

1212 days ago


If Osama was killed during Bush's presidency, would he have release the photos?

1211 days ago
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