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CSI Creator to Wife: I Want Our Kids, Too!

5/6/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Zuiker, the creator of "CSI," has fired back at his wife for trying to jack their kids in their divorce.

Anthony Zuiker Custody

Anthony just filed legal papers, responding to wife Jennifer's petition for divorce.  Anthony is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their 3 boys, which puts him squarely at odds with his wife, who is asking for sole custody.

And it's even more complicated because we've learned Jennifer spends a lot of time in England.

A lot of loot is at stake.  CSI has generated more than $6 billion, and there's no prenup.  The couple, who married in 1999, will almost certainly divide the "CSI" money 50/50, because there was no prenup.

Anthony and Jennifer are not skimping on lawyers.  She's being repped by mega-divorce lawyer Sorrell Trope.  And now Zuiker has disso-queen Laura Wasser.

Just 9 months ago, Anthony dropped a cool $1 mil on Jennifer's 40th birthday party.

How things change.


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KP, so what is he supposed to do, not create anything? Seriously... Why should anyone bother making anything if we have to give it away and don't get paid for it? If we are supposed to help each other out and sacrifice for the community, why not abstain from having children altogether. No kids means no strain on the environment and the needs of the community.

You have no idea if he supports any charities that helps. That 6B isn't all to him.

1264 days ago


No prenup..He is screwed!..Plus this selfish bitch doesn't think about the kids at all..It's gonna get worse before it gets any better and say a prayer for the kids..

1264 days ago

northern gypsy    

sadly i agree with fellow blogger...

1264 days ago


This chick is trying to steal the gravy train. Dudes get so shafted in divorce cases. Wish they would change the laws.

1264 days ago


Ummmmm yeah, Ms. Zuiker, first of all sorry about the divorce. However, I've been thinking... your 51 and I'm 31, I'm tall dark, and good looking, easy to train, don't mind kids, or disgruntal ex-husbans, especially considering the fact that your net worth is about a billion dollars or more.... So listen, I've done the math every which way and it makes since for you and I to get married, after your divorce is final of course. I'll be waiting for your call.

1264 days ago


If the wife decides she wants to move to England w/ the kids Zuiker might need to hire a lawyer who's specialty is international child custody cases. ( Similar to the TMZ story of how Tiger Woods had to hire one to keep Elin's primary residency in Florida, instead of her moving to Sweden with their kids)

1264 days ago


Forgive me there Jennifer, I accidently hit 5 instead of the 4 so I meant to type that you are 41!

1264 days ago


This nasty shetbag was poor and so was he when they married. That's probably why there was no prenup. She claims to be his CSI "muse," whatever that means in this particular case. I have met her and she is as bitchy and rude as they come. They have a staff who cares for their kids. This is just a legal maneuver on her part to get more cash in child support for being the primary caregiver. She'll never get it unless he's shooting heroine in front of the kids. They are both losers with terribly dirty mouths.

1264 days ago


Erin... I love your out look on this situation, to hell with that beoch, are you single?

1264 days ago


It's a shame that courts (and many people in general) find it shocking that a Dad would actually want custody of their children. Unless there is abuse, why is that not just the standard in our courts? Kids need their Dads, too. It isn't like the kids would be here if it weren't for his assistance. Seems like she just wants to hurt him as much as she can and how low to use your children to do so.

1264 days ago


I'll go for Anthony any day because he's truly very nice: I'm 5'9", natural blonde, athletic, financially stable, am well educated, own my home on the beach, am an artist so I have no constrictions, and run a charity (my own).

1264 days ago

I Chinee    


The only thing atrocious is you.

1264 days ago

Jeff in Miami    

She may be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I can think of $3 billion reasons to marry her after the divorce.

To the fools that think they shoudl give their money to the poor, why it is their money they earned it. Grow up, there are some people that work for a living and come up with an idea that makes them rich. That is the great thing about living in the US even a half black kid for Hawaii can succeed in the US.

1264 days ago


Jen Zulker has a website and goes by the tag gorygirl. She also sold her used premiere/award show clothes on eBay under the same name (link on right side of webpage.) Kinda weird, but whatever... to each his own.

1264 days ago


I went through a divorce to and the first thing women do is hold the kids hostage in an attempt to get more money.

1264 days ago
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