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Guilty Plea In Justin Bieber Mall Crush

5/6/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's one of the weirdest cases in a long time.  Justin Bieber's record label just pled guilty for what it DIDN'T do during a fan crush at a New York mall in 2009.


TMZ broke the story ... Bieber's manager Scott "Scooter" Braun was arrested last year over an incident at a Long Island mall ... when a crowd of Bieber fans began to get out of control ... and officials asked Scooter to tweet that he was canceling the event so the kids would leave.

Scooter allegedly refused to post the tweet ... and was later arrested for reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance.

But today, Scooter struck a deal with prosecutors in which JB's record label -- Island Def Jam -- would take the hit and plead guilty to violating a county fire ordinance.

Under the plea deal, the record label will pay $8k to cover the cost of crowd control that day and Bieber has agreed to star in yet another PSA -- an anti-cyber bullying spot for local schools.

As for Scooter, he's personally off the hook.


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Conservatives are Cowards    

There's a real sense of irony in Bieber essentially being BULLIED into making anti-bully PSAs. But I wouldn't expect prosecutors to actually see their own hypocrisy in their actions.

Let me get this straight: they tried to prosecute the manager for refusing to LIE in a Tweet? And he was willing to bargain at all? That's as pathetic as these prosecutors bullying Bieber to make PSAs.

1274 days ago


Scooter's a good guy. He keeps justin in line like a father. This entire thing was bogus. Sorry, cops can't control it so they want to blame it on the beiber camp? what are we paying the cops for, anyway?

1274 days ago


Does anyone remember the Who concert many years ago in which 11 people died as a result of being trampled? Someone said the concert was starting and off they went like a herd of cattle. You have to remember that there is a sort of mental/energy link that happens when there is a mob, we are not much different from animals when something like this happens. That is why there is panic/anger/bloodlust/ that affects a crowd, all you need is a few to start and it spreads like wildfire. You put a mob of teenage girls together and tell them their flavor of the month is there and they will loose their minds. It is not Bieber, the manager or even the parent's fault. That is why we have expressions like mob mentality and lynch mob.

1274 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wait, what?? so basically, the officials 'logic' is: "we can't make celebrities, or anyone 'famous' because then regular, normal ol well behaving citizens are gonna get out of control..." and btw, how are you going to force someone to tweet something?? are there already constitutional laws of tweeting??! i had noooooh idea!!

1274 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

who can say that allllll those crazy fans there were going to even read the tweet? isn't it the mall's own responsibility to make sure a chaos is avoided before it happens? seems like someone was snoozing on the job (should not have allowed the event in the first place...) and is trying to scapegoat some celebrities pr team for that. i'm sure that mall has a huge dept on it's shoulders, cuz no normal acting management would act so arrogantly and uppity. dumases.

1274 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

and one last thing...(i really hope...):

justin bieber is like the 'token' mob victim. he is like THE!! face of a mob or bully victim. anyone who sees that psa, is going to exactly want!! to start bullying even more than they already are (cuz that is what their parents raised them for, how they trained them). that psa is a p.o.s., no doubt. mob logic: everyone! onto and attack one single target!! stupid strategy, really.

1274 days ago


My first thought: There would have been rioting if he'd tweeted the event was cancelled. And even worse if the crowd then learned that the tweet was a lie.

1274 days ago


His manager should be arrested for pimping this kid out. Nail polish, dolls, making crew go to Japan all so he can make his commission. LOSER=scooterbraun

1274 days ago


that was my mall :)

1253 days ago
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