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Lindsay Lohan

I'm No Scientologist!

5/7/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is NOT joining the Church of Scientology ... TMZ has learned -- despite reports claiming John Travolta was trying to indoctrinate the actress into his religion.


Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress has no plans whatsoever to become a Scientologist -- she hasn't taken any classes with the Church ... and hasn't even been asked to visit by current members.

We're told Lindsay has nothing against the Church -- but she was raised Catholic and plans to stay Catholic ... in fact, she remains an avid practitioner to this day.

It's all in response to several reports on Friday -- that Lindsay made inroads with the Church of Scientology under the guidance of "Gotti" co-star John Travolta ... but it just ain't true.


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john smith    

Seeker I googled Lindsay Lohan and Church and two results came up, she shops at an exclusive store called Church and a Church in West Hollywood says that Lindsay owes them $16,888.00 for items she purchased there but did not pay for. What in the hell you can buy at a church for seventeen grand I have no idea! I wouldn't be surprised if Lindsay hits up church for twenty minutes tomorrow!!!

1231 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I remember reading somewhere that Ron L Hubbard made the Church of Scientology to proove a point to his friends that he could do so. He had stated that anyone could come up with a made up belief system and sell it to the masses. So he did. He never believed in it himself.

Smoke and mirrors people.........where have we seen that before???

1231 days ago

the Seeker    

Lucky130, I AM just messin' `round wit u this (dj) AM....

i can dig it sister..u eva heard of the band of hot foxes called "warpaint" ? they rocked @ Coachella this year..gotta luv "BEES"

they got an albumn called *fools*..too

1231 days ago

john smith    

Blood Red Witch I have read up on Scientology and most of it is straight out of psychology books. Lot's of it is based on Freud's concepts, that is most likely where most of the principles came's not bad, it's just psychotherapy.

1231 days ago

His Prince Michael    

WHEW. O.K, I'll take the bait:

Catholics, not unlike Baptists, Mormons, Pentecostals, Gentiles, Jews, and YOU, are SINNERS. PERIOD.
Once, you've accepted this fundamental TRUTH, than perhaps you
can offer a more objective and honest point-of-view for
others, and ourselves.

Yes, EVERY above named Denomination and/or Faith, has one might
be deemed "unique" doctrine. Again, agree or disagree, it is
a basic-fact of ALL Religions.

Personally? I chose to recognize and embrace the common
Sacred-Ground that others and I, may share.

I worship, praise, and serve, -ONLY- The God of Abraham,
Issac, and Jacob...THE True and Living YAHWEH!
WHO do you SERVE?

The Declaration, of 2008
The Final Declaration, of 2009

1231 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

It's easy just RUN & HIDE. The hellspawn cant go inside a church!!

1231 days ago


Why must we all argue about religion seriously? No one is wrong and everyone is right. The END.

1231 days ago


L. Ron Hubbard was a SF writer in earlier times and at some conference they were sitting around after hours and discussing how little money they were making and what they could do to increase their incomes. Hubbard stated that the best way to make lots of money is to invent your own religion. And that's what he did. He invented a religion where you can only get to "heaven" by buying your way up through various levels of devotion. Religion for the rich and he's at the top.

By the way, the Catholic church allows gays to be members but only if they remain celebrant, not practicing. The Catholic church also allows members to attend other churches whenever they want. If you're undecided about joining the Catholic church, or just don't feel comfortable with some aspect of it, they will suggest you check out other religions because they believe having some form of religion is preferable to no religion at all. They would rather have members who are knowledgeable of other religions and make the choice of their own accord.

1231 days ago

Yosemite Sam    

Darn-nabit! Don't you idgits know Lindsay can't step into a church cause her hair extensions turned into Medusa's serpents.

1231 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


Thanks, I knew I had heard/read that story somewhere. Couldn't recall where to look. That is the one I remembered.

1231 days ago


what the hell bobby talking about eating people. and ester is off the chain today.

1231 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


uh.....ester was talking about eating people in church. Would you talk to her please???

1231 days ago


Lindsay get a life and get off the internet have you noticed any rumor or if someone says something about her she always quickly reply's back, most real celebrities dont even notice or care, like when Paris, Joan,and Betty said something about her she quickly went to TMZ to say they where "mean" or say something else about them, none of them even replied back to her showing that they got better things to do then looking up on the internet to see what she said. Poor thing has nothing to do since nobody in Hollywood thinks shes a joke which she is.

1231 days ago


all a church will ever be is a cult. religion is all a beliefe does not make you good or bad. that remains in each person. right and wrong is the only true path

1231 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


Ok, that makes sense and all. I even believe it is up to the individual if they are good or bad. Glad we are on the same page there.

On the other hand, ester is talking about EATING people! Just a tad concerned about that.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.

yours always


1231 days ago
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