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Lindsay Lohan

I'm No Scientologist!

5/7/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is NOT joining the Church of Scientology ... TMZ has learned -- despite reports claiming John Travolta was trying to indoctrinate the actress into his religion.


Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress has no plans whatsoever to become a Scientologist -- she hasn't taken any classes with the Church ... and hasn't even been asked to visit by current members.

We're told Lindsay has nothing against the Church -- but she was raised Catholic and plans to stay Catholic ... in fact, she remains an avid practitioner to this day.

It's all in response to several reports on Friday -- that Lindsay made inroads with the Church of Scientology under the guidance of "Gotti" co-star John Travolta ... but it just ain't true.


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This explains a lot, although I have a hard time with the phrase "she remains an avid practitioner to this day" because have we EVER seen her go to church?
But being a Catholic means you can lie, cheat, and steal, then just go to confessional and say you've sinned, and *poof* it's like it never happened and doesn't matter.

1230 days ago


Who gives a f..k red alert. Ciggy hag speaks and someone wants us to listen

1230 days ago


I heard Satan wanted Lindsay to join him but she was too busy doing community service and getting her neck fat sucked out but she took his card and was going to call as soon as her hairline reached the back of her neck---So she will be calling soon.

1230 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

The Church of Scientology only wants members with BIG money and the ability to get even MORE BIG money. Lindsay Lohan's days of BIG money are in her rear-view mirror, along with her hopes of an Oscar by age 30.

Hey, Harvey…what's the chance of having at least one day without a Lindsay Lohan article? Have mercy on those of us mesmerized by slow moving train wrecks!

1230 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

wow is that all it takes to sell a story to tmz ?..not impressed.

write a few anonymous comments claiming 'scientology' has been rumored ,then call the tipline and propose your theories etc. etc.

presto Lindsay calls in on her direct hotline and whammy instant brain drain, this whore and her family are getting on my nerves again..

well at least she started CS this week and didn't run anybody over while driving high on coke and booze.

hey ya know what call JT you need a E-meter reading to fix your Thetan

In Scientology, social problems are ascribed to breakdowns–

in other words, a lack of agreement on reality, a failure to communicate effectively, or a failure to develop affinity.

These can take the form of overts –

harmful acts against another, either intentionally or by omission – which are usually followed by withholds –

efforts to conceal the wrongdoing, which further increase the level of tension in the relationship.

sounds like you should join Linds..imo

1230 days ago


Seriously TMZ, people with two brain cells to rub together knew this scientology story was BS. Lindsay is Catholic but as for being an "avid practioner" is also BS and I'm sure Lindsay would agree to that. Who was your source? Michael Lohan? because it sounds like the garbage he would come up with.

1230 days ago


@Harveys boyfriend

Please pull your head outta your a$$. The scientology story originated from the National Enquirer and we all know how they pull most things outta their a$$es.

1230 days ago

Good riddance!    

Her current overlords are not going to take kindly to this. Do the movie, get a free brainwash for a filthy, scuzzy brain! Too bad Dina and Mickey dropped the 'good' brain!

1230 days ago


i wonder whos necklace she is covering up in this pic. Damn her hands look like they are working over time on that crack lighter. the only religion the practices, is the one that can get her out of work.

1230 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay look down a couple of posts and you will see that they are selling Herbie The Love Bug, please bid on him, he gets excellent mileage and would be the ideal ride to take downtown to community service. Save HERBIE!!!!! Scientology is good, don't fear them!!!

1230 days ago

Good riddance!    

Oops, sorry Harvey's BF, I was trying to report spam and my browser jumped and I noticed just as I clicked the wrong post! Apologies for that! At least I'm honest about it. I truly HATE spam!

1230 days ago


Yeah, the name Lohan and anything with the word "science" in it is probably a bad fit.

1230 days ago

Good riddance!    

I reported MY error to TMZ, hope it helps!

1230 days ago


Nobody should admit to being a catholic anymore. Unless they like people making fun of their pedophile priests.

1230 days ago

john smith    

I have never seen a pic of Lindsay going to church so I she doesn't say she's catholic.

1230 days ago
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