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Michaele Salahi

I'm Recording My OWN SONG!!!

5/7/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's done reality TV ... nude modeling ... and allegedly crashed the White House -- but now, Michaele Salahi is RECORDING A SINGLE!!!!!!050611_bumpit_v2_still

Salahi hit up an L.A. recording studio Thursday ... and laid down the tracks for her new song, "Bump It"... which contains the lyrics, "bump it ... loud, loud, loud, loud ... loud, loud, loud, loud."

Makes you think, right?

Salahi ain't the first Housewife to try the music thing ... Kim Zolciak, Countess LuAnn, Simon van Kempen and even Danielle Staub have dropped singles in the past.

Still, we gotta ask ...


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Heidi Vanderhoeven    

It would be a great song if you were severely hungover and woke up and wanted to puke your guts out...ha

1236 days ago


Doing a song with Rebecca Black's producer is a BAD IDEA!!! *smh*

1236 days ago


I just threw up a little bit in my mouth!! Can you say media whore??

1236 days ago


....another pact with the Devil, Michaele?....Isn't you sham marriage enough of an embarrassment? You need to seek treatment as soon as you possibly can, you have no self-worth, it is totally sad. You really can turn it around and become a strong independent woman. Thank God you don't have children to be a role model.

1236 days ago


Stop giving these crazy people attention! Anyone can mouth the words to a "song".
People have had enough of these publicity hounds and their attempts to fool the public
dishonestly. ENOUGH!

1236 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Can't wait until the full song comes out so I can rip into it.

Every Celeb/Celeb-Wannabe/Media Whore Music Scheme:
Repetitive Drum Beats + Repeated Monotonous Lyrics + Auto-tuning + Black Rapper/R&B No-Name Producers Praising = Lame Future Single.

1236 days ago


TMZ, you need to stop giving these lowlives any publicity. hopefully she will just disappear.

1236 days ago

Jolly Jen    

Don't forget Jo recorded a song years ago during an early O.C. season. Not that it really went anywhere....

1236 days ago


Why oh why won't she just go away....

1236 days ago


She is a pathetic fame seeker with zero talent! She needs to go away!!

1236 days ago


Let me guess...the winery she and Tareq run(and that's debatable)wasn't working out(kept missing payrolls, repeated disagreements with staff, etc.), so she's gonna try rap music? Uh-huh.

1236 days ago


why dont she get a real job? she and her husband are FAILURES at life do something that benefits the world and stop trying to be famous hell i forgot she even existed until this awful noise came out. autotune program must have went into overdrive to try to make it sound good . lol the old way of using a humane to tune the sounds would have had a heart attack trying to keep up.

1236 days ago

Make it stop    

These people appear to have the same morals & class as Lohan which is to say ... NONE!!!

1236 days ago


God. Anybody can record a song. Except for the people who, you know, nobody wants to die. Examples? Miley Cyrus, Rebecca Black, all of the women involved in the Real Housewives franchise, a fricking husband that's involved in the Real Housewives. Yes, I'm bitter.

1236 days ago

Jay L    

Sweet Jesus that was horrible. I am a professional rock singer and I record real music with real musicians that rocks, yet, these no talent wanna be's get all the press. Just because we are an Indie Band We are not worth of a TMZ article .. Oh well Life goes on!

1236 days ago
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