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Paul McCartney is ENGAGED ... Again!

5/6/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's 2011 ... and one of the Beatles is getting married!!! Sir Paul McCartney is officially engaged to girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

Paul McCartney Engaged

According to -- the 68-year-old former Beatle popped the question to 51-year old Shevell -- a businesswoman from Jersey.

The couple has been dating since they met in the Hamptons in 2007. This will be the third marriage for McCartney and the second for Shevell.

All you need is love.


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It's so sad to see so many hateful comments, and people who only see money issues. Paul is a romantic lover (among other wonderful qualities), which is why we have the incredible music we have from his soul.

So during his incredible grief from losing the love of his life and mother of his children, he made a mistake and jumped back into a marriage before he was probably ready to make a good choice. Sheesh, he was lonely, heartbroken, and vunerable, shoot him!

Now, he has found love again, this time he took his time (smart), and his kids love her. Paul clearly does too, and now he has someone to live out the rest of his life with. Congratulations to them both. I wish you all the love and happiness you can derive from your marriage Paul and Nancy. God bless you both!

Chris aka MaccaRose on twitter

1175 days ago


TMZ, I think you mean that Shevell is from NEW JERSEY, not from JERSEY, which is an island of the coast of France owned by the Queen of England.

1175 days ago


Her facelift is much better than his, he should use her surgeon.
Until I read the story I didn't think she was even near age-appropriate but am glad to see she is... near.
Ringo's my favorite. Such wit!

1175 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

51? Did you mean 31? She looks pretty good for being 51.

1175 days ago


We all love you Paul. PLEASE GET A PRE-NUPTIAL this time!

1175 days ago


Better get a renup ;)

1175 days ago


Rocko about an hour ago
Paul is just one of those people who can't be alone. Even with Linda, they never wanted to be apart. I think it started with his mother passing away when he was a child.
I guess you are right. I love Paul, I wasn't trying to be nasty (unlike others here) with my comment earlier. I actually think it's quite sad, that even now, with fame, fortune and advancing age, he still feels he can't be alone and he needs a woman to make him complete. I actually never thought he would marry again after Linda, he was so devoted to her.
I wish him the best.

1175 days ago


Her ex husband is Bruce Blakeman. He was getting ready to run for Mayor of NY before Bloomberg went for the third term.

She's 51 years old with an adult son. She the lone heir to one of the biggest trucking companies in the U.S. She doesn't need a dollar from Paul. They've had one of the most low key relationships in entertainment history. They love each other. Seems people are here are jealous of their happiness.

And why should Paul or anyone else on this earth "want" to be alone to those idiots saying Paul can't be alone.

1175 days ago


People need to calm themselves, not be so dumb and literal. No one said Paul "wants" to be alone. We meant, he really doesn't "have to" get married again. It not going to change anything, but have a ring to show off and getting the "McCartney" last name. Besides, no one knows them, so don't act like you do.

1175 days ago


She's no gold digger, she's loaded. I am jealous as you can get, but happy for them.

1175 days ago


no fool like an old fool

1175 days ago


I guess for alot of people money is more important than happiness. Life is too short, if these two are happy together why not get married? I wish them all the best. Congratulations to them.

1174 days ago


Best of luck to them!!

1174 days ago


ms. shevell comes from a very wealthy family, so money isn't the issue. she used to be a republican and is now a democrat. used to eat meat and is now a vegan. interesting.

1174 days ago


There's a couple of posts that hit the nail on the head.
Being married once to a woman he clearly loved with all his heart, and would probably still be married to her had she lived, why does he keep trying to replace that love?
I dont understand those who keep marrying, 3 + times is too many.!
Twice I've been married, there is no way I'll do it again, I obviously cant get it right. I understand that, why cant celebrities.? Why do they have to continue on marrying????
In saying that, I really wish them well and hope this doesnt end in the disgusting manner his last one did.

1174 days ago
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