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TMZ Live: Accidental Discharges & Double Dip STDs

5/6/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So, it turns out Charlie Sheen didn't shoot Kelly Preston after all -- she's confirming it was just an accident -- but we're still wondering why it took 21 years to clear it up. And, what's lurking in your salon's hot wax these days...

21 answers to your questions on a "Lawyer Friday" edition of TMZ Live!


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(0:40) Harvey is freaked out about waxing .,. especially the dangerous "double dip."
(2:15) Kelly Preston backs up Charlie Sheen's claims that he didn't shoot her ... so why wait so long to clear his name?
(6:00) Harvey explains how Lindsay could escape a jail sentence.
(8:30) Harvey says criminals should be prosecuted based on their "bad intentions" ... not the result of their crimes.
(15:50) Harvey and Charles argue about changes to the TV show.
(21:30) Are social networks screwing up kids' ability to interact face-to-face?
(27:50) Webcam question from Toronto -- can Eddie Cibrian really stop his ex from putting their kids on "Real Housewives"?
(31:00) Harvey is leather free ... for the most part.
(33:45) Max was Harvey's assistant for two weeks back in the day ... and was TERRIBLE at it.
(40:45) The tour guides for the TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour drop by to say how AWESOME the tour is.
(42:00) All the celebs we've spotted during the tour ... including the "fake Tom Cruise" that hangs out near the Scientology center.


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there was a huge case here in Ontario Canada....where a women sued the company she worked for because she was drunk at the christmas party got in her car drove drunk and got into an accident & she won

1216 days ago


@Harvey... just fyi you keep saying sirius fm not sirius xm... and i watch your show daily. love it! thanks for all your info :)

1216 days ago


Dax is absolutely correct regarding his need to say you're from Canada when traveling to a lot of international countries, especially the Middle East. Once you experience international travel, you'll realize this if you don't already!

1216 days ago


Harvey give a shout out to us listeners in Calgary Alberta Canada

1216 days ago


Harvey and Stacey London (What Not to Wear): separated at birth? Check out their smiles.

1216 days ago


if lindsay could get house arrest because she is non violent misdemeanor. Could the prosecution come back to and bring up the incident at the rehab where there was violence against the worker. Or since that was not pursued would that be a mute point?

1216 days ago


Dr. Harvey I have a question for you...If you end up getting herpes from a waxing place due to "double dipping" can someone sue them for it? Shabbat Shalom!

1216 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Jesus, Harvey. This whole vegan thing is like your own personal religion...Hope not eating or owning anything that animals were killed to make, works out for you in the afterlife, buddy...

1216 days ago


Why is there a break in the Murray case?

1216 days ago


i have cloth seats on my hyundai, my last one had them and so did an eclipse

1216 days ago


There was a report that the FBI/CIA had taken possession of Bin Laden's sister's brain some years ago after she died. They kept it in order to compare DNA should they ever have the need. Think there's any truth to this?

1216 days ago


How difficult will it be to get to the parking lot for the bus tour? I'll be in OC in June and REALLY want to go on the bus tour. I only go to CA from GA once a year.

1216 days ago


Can someone please correct Harvey? It's Sirius XM NOT FM. I love Harvey, but I think he is Friday brain dead.

1216 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Where's that little wired guy named MIKE who was standing NEXT to the tour bus 3-4 days ago. Little scrawny guy who looked like a TWEAKER!?

1216 days ago


@ beth it is SiriusXM....XM and Sirius are one

1216 days ago
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