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Fake Canadian -- Worst Travel Tip Ever?

5/6/2011 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One frosty-tipped TMZ staffer confesses he pretends to be Canadian when traveling abroad ... and all HELL breaks loose. Brace yourself for OUTRAGE and debate in the newsroom! 050511_TV_louis_still

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It's because CANADIANS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1244 days ago

Gourmet Diva    

Unless you're an American posing as a Canadian when there's an authentic Canadian within earshot. We can pick you out in a second.

1244 days ago


The willingness of some Americans to so easily dump their American status just to be treated better is a good example of the depth of their pride. Canadians see through that, smile and walk away.

1244 days ago

John Stone    

Fire the F**ker! Send his A$$ to Canada.

1244 days ago


Enough with the cross border bashing! I work with a lot of Americans in my business and I must say I rarely come across any whom I dislike. Most are just as polite and hospitable as us Canadians. I am a proud Canadian and appreciate our American neighbors. Our cultures may be somewhat different but in other ways we are very much alike. We have the longest undefended border in the world. We have the same freedoms, watch the same TV shows and, for the most part, eat the same type of food (good and bad). We have been great neighbors for a very long time and this is something to be respected especially with what is happening around the world. And yes, on both sides of the border we have people who bring shame to our respective countries (as noted in some of the posts). It’s OK to poke fun at each other from time to time but this is just becoming ugly and unnecessary.

I am proud to call my American neighbors friends. Not only are we friends but allies and good business partners (the U.S and Canada are each other’s biggest trading partner, just in case you didn’t know). As friends we learn to accept each other’s faults and appreciate each other’s strengths. Unfortunately the U.S. foreign policy has American travelers weary of their safety. This is understandable. It scares me too. But I also know and understand that not all Americans are for it either. So as a friend I have no issue with Americans wanting to travel overseas while using our flag as protection (as long as they are polite and do not bring disrespect to it, which most are). This doesn’t make them a bad American, just a smarter one. Every U.S. traveler should have the right to enjoy a carefree vacation, learn about new cultures without the embarrassment and hassles their political leaders have saddled them with. If they decide to act like jerks, then they should be treated as such (our flag can’t help you in this situation).

Our two countries have survived and flourished because of our mutual respect and friendship. Let’s keep it that way.

1244 days ago



well said!!

1244 days ago

Heather C    

Team Dax!
I've traveled overseas for the last 15yrs and I agree with Dax - sometimes it's better to claim to be from Canada then to face negative comments. I've also put the Canadian flag on my backpack before. Not everyone, but a lot of Americans act rude and overbearing when traveling, which has made us targets. Sure it helps if you are polite and respectful when traveling, but sometimes "being" Canadian helps (or in my case since I have red hair - being Irish!)

1244 days ago


This video helps to show why people hate Americans

1244 days ago


As a Canadian I would like to ask all Americans who are doing this to stop portraying themselves as Canadian. The last thing we Canadians need is for you to give us a bad name too. Jeez, the reason why Americans are so hated is because they act as if they are entitled, complain constantly when places aren't "Americanized" enough for them, and they tend to stick to themselves. I should know, I live in a foreign country with American ex-pats all around me who act like this. As soon as they find out you aren't from the U.S. they want nothing to do with you. How are you supposed to be perceived differently if you don't at least try to assimilate into another culture or at least let people get to know you?

1244 days ago


Unfortunately this is true, people in other countries think Americans are rude and obnoxious. As a Canadian, we are very polite always say please and thank you. When I cross the border to Buffalo New York the only response I get when I say thank you is a uh ha, like "whatever".

1244 days ago


I am Canadian and I have dealt with many American Travelers in my years in the airport and in customer service and I have to say is that man there are sure are a lot of "Stupid Americans"!!
That is not say that I haven't met some really nice and intelligent ones but the stupid ones really stick out and there are a lot of them.
They walk around in other countries as though they own it and are very disrespectful towards people like we are supposed to do what they want because they are "American"! I had to explain for 20 mins to a family from America why they couldn't get American money from a Canadian ATM. Sure some stores take American money but that because it is too hard to explain to most American that they are in another country. They could not understand that they were in another country. It was beyond a retarded situation. We don’t go the States expecting you guys to take Canadian money so why can’t you guys do the same? I blame it on your poor education system that teach inaccurate world History. Most Americans think Canadian didn’t even fight in both World Wars but in fact we were involved in both them way before they were. Canadian troops were the only one that achieved their goal on D-day!
So basically I have no problem with American claiming to be Canadian as long they are somewhat smart and not arrogant. Please remember to be polite, hold doors open for people, and for the love of God don’t say “Eh”!

1244 days ago


Hi I am from Australia, and he was correct we will never act nasty to Americans, but some Americans can be obnoxious, loud and the reaction of the staff are show just that. having said that I have a few great American friends. If I met someone from Canada the worst thing I as an Aussie can do do is confuse their accent and call them American.
Do test see how much the average American knows about other countries? eg Australia.
If this guy says he is Canadian when traveling you would probably find people a lot more relaxed around him and he could have a lot more fun.

1244 days ago


This is a response to 'Canadians are polite but they also are known to sit idle (or flee) when the genocide erupts around the world..."
WOW. grab a history book and find out how slow the US was to "rescue" the world in WW2. The only time, the US comes to aid other countries is when there are US interests. Not just in that war but any time. Iraq comes to mind.
Canadians are historically know as peace keepers. Although small we have a relativley small population, we are always there to help. I dont know how you can sling that kind og baseless BS.
Cmon East Coast, tell me when the US is getting their hands dirty while Canada flees.

1244 days ago

Mel P    

I have travelled all over the world...and yeah, we do get a bit of **** for being American, but "who cares?"...anyone who says they are "Canadian" to avoid an argument is a PUNK straight out! I'm not the biggest patriot on earth, but I'm not going to LIE about my nationality to avoid conflict you co-dependent loser! BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WAY THE WORLD VIEWS AMERICA, and maybe we can convince a few folks that we are not all red-neck, war-mongering, small-minded people!

1244 days ago


"Wonderful. We now have Americans parading as Canadians. As a Canadian I really think my American neighbours should stick to the truth and show proper behavior so that you can show others that you guys are not all a bunch of ignorant racist power hungry hicks. If all the nice and polite Americans lie and say they are Canadians, the rest of the world will just keep thinking as they do now. I'm a proud Canadian and you guys should be proud of your country as well. If you aren't then maybe you all need to start making changes."

Thanks Melanie for saying this so much more nicely than I could right now.

1244 days ago
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