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Fake Canadian -- Worst Travel Tip Ever?

5/6/2011 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One frosty-tipped TMZ staffer confesses he pretends to be Canadian when traveling abroad ... and all HELL breaks loose. Brace yourself for OUTRAGE and debate in the newsroom! 050511_TV_louis_still

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Captain Canada    

@Popsy, Iraq wasn't a was an invasion.

1212 days ago

American Dave    

Fire that employee, seriously. Or take TMZ to Canada or some other country. How can we expect people to be impartial and/or like America if Americans are ashamed to American?

Unless you're in prison, nothing stopping you from moving elsewhere - what a jackass.

1212 days ago


Maybe everyone thinks Canadians are so nice etc. because of all these nice Americans running around pretending to be Canadians!!!!

1212 days ago


As a guy from Australia this guy is correct. A lot of American tourist have a reputation of being loud , obnoxious and un educated about other countries and culture,eg Australia, just look at the other staff reactions.having said that I do have a few good friends from America, but a lot more from Canada. We will never be rude and you would have a good time.
But the guy saying he is from Canada he will probably find he will have a lot more fun in Australia.
The worst thing I can do to a Canadian is confuse the accent with the American

1212 days ago


@ Marsha,

Your comment reminds me of when I worked in a large retail music store in Toronto. We would get a lot of American kids coming in on school trips to see one of the musicals we had playing in town. My favourite comments included "How much is this in American?", "Is that price in French Francs or American", and my all time favourite, the kid who held up Puff Daddy's "No Way Out" CD and asked if it was in French. And believe me, these weren't one off questions, it happened over and over. They would also ask to be given their change in "American", and would look at the "loonies" and "toonies" in their hands like they were given Monopoly money as change. It never ceased to amaze me.

1212 days ago


As a Canadian myself, I have to admit that a lot of time when I travel people think that I am American. When I tell them "No, I'm actually Canadian" (which I really am), than it changes everything. People are usually way nicer to me when they know I'm from Canada.
But I've heard stuff like "It doesn't matter if you're Canadian, it's still America, I still don't like you". Which is totally stupid, I know, but some people actually hate "America" overall.
But if you talk with those people, you understand that what they hate is more the Bush government, and not the real Americans.

1212 days ago


I appreciate jerry's statement. I am an American. I have never traveled to Europe, but I'll admit, after reading these postings - I'm a little afraid to! I have traveled to Mexico and some Caribbean islands and had no issues. I am a very friendly and polite person. I don't judge people when I don't know them. I do agree Americans have a bad rap in other countries - and I know a lot of them do it do themselves by being obnoxious with their USA chants and arrogant mindsets - but I think people should also realize it's not all Americans. If you don’t agree, then you’ve probably never visited any parts of the U.S. besides the northeast/major metropolitan areas, where even most Americans think the same thing! It's sad that we all are lumped into a category because of a few memorable arrogant jerks. How are the rest of us supposed to change that mindset if other countries already have preconceived notions before they know anything about me/us and most likely, the friendly ones are pretending their not from the U.S.? I really think other countries should also realize these arrogant American’s aren’t just like that to other countries they visit – they’re like that to their own! Example: My husband and I recently went to Hawaii. While there, we sat with an elderly couple from the Netherlands at a luau. While at a luau, the lady behind us tapped my husband on the shoulder to get the man’s attention. She basically barked at him to sit down because he was in the standing in the way (she didn’t know he wasn’t American). My husband and I felt so bad for the man that we apologized on the rude lady’s behalf. He seemed surprised.

I do think it’s humorous this whole posting series has become a battle of the Canadians against the Americans. I have met many Canadians and happen to love all of them, but the way you are expressing your opinions against “us” makes me think you’re just as arrogant as “those” Americans you dislike.

1212 days ago


Growing up here in Canada we were always told to display the Canadian Maple Leaf on our backpacks whenever we traveled to other countries. It was even recommended by Canadian Customs for safety reasons. There was a class trip to Europe and people thought we were American at first. Not a warm welcome at all by a lot of people. When they found out we were Canadian, they became instantly friendly towards us.

I have a lot of friends in the US that I care about and whenever they go on a trip I recommend that they put the Canadian patch on there backpacks and say they are from Canada to the locals. Some of them have done this and they were amazed at how much more friendlier people were to them compared to past trips. I'm not saying this is right. I consider America to be a great nation and I'm proud to have them as our neighbor. But the fact is there are a lot of countries that dislike the US.

1212 days ago


Ya gotta love the Australians, I do - even more than the Canadians...but calling Americans rude? You have never been to Bali! Wall-to-wall Aussie Bogans with their 10 AM perpetual Bintang buzz, cheesy beach attire, flopping all over the place screaming about Schapelle Corby!

Canadians abroad… polite as they maybe...will notoriously dine 8-12 deep at a table with heaping plates of appetizers, main courses,multiple rounds of drinks w/coffee and dessert - Flogging some poor (single-mom making 8 dollars per shift) waitress for 2 hours - Working her buns off to serve the snowbird gluttons - AND shamelessly - leave her absolutely ZERO tip! I've seen that 100 times...

Americans can be rude and arrogant, I cannot deny...but most of the working types - the taxi, tuk-tuk drivers, skycab, hotel staff, bartenders, tour-guides, etc, will always say...The Americans are the ones who share the most $$ gratitude and respect their work efforts above all others.

1212 days ago


@AWatts - Like you, I am sad to see a lot of the comments from Canadians being negative towards the US. The real truth is every country has jerks that can and will make there country look bad. Even mine. If you treat people with respect and kindness, you should be able to get it in return.

1212 days ago

I Am Canadian    

Don't worry about the haters. We love you Dax. And we love TMZ!!!

1212 days ago


why do people think it's only Canadians contributing here? I am not Canadian and I have had the pleasure of stripping a few American egos in Zimbabwe. Funny thing is they do not want to leave once they taste the good life (am talking about the big spenders not the package vacation types). I worked with a dude who wept and chose to work for the ADB than go back to the US - when his World Bank gig was up. The other annoying thing about American tourists (especially) is the way they come dressed - looking like they r on a Survivor challenge! Ummm where do you think you are going? Stop watching misleading World Vision commercials and do your research. They stick out like sore thumbs with their mountain gear and backpacking stuff. Bring your backpacking stuff but don't come to the city because you will look like a smelly vagrant. You will also be a target for thieves with your silly fanny packs. Just dress normally, do not be loud and obnoxious because you are a long way from home and no one cares for your 'rights'. I really laughed at the guy moaning about his uniform....ummm who cares??? What does your uniform have to do with the tea in China? You come to my country, you act like a visitor. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

1212 days ago


I'm a Canadian and other that one American gun-toting homophobic Obama-hating couple, I have found all Americans very nice. BUT when I travel to other countries, those residents had a very different view of the Americans. Either it's bad PR, perception or real. You need to figure out why Americans are hated and counteract that bias.... one person at a time. I think the negativity feeds on itself - it becomes "sport". Some of the cure will be out of your control, of course.

1212 days ago


Capn Canada, read the post again.
'Not just in that war but any time. Iraq comes to mind.'
any time=Iraq. But i am glad ya got my point.

1212 days ago


The general American image is such that it makes it really hard to like you as a nation - regardless of your ability to "tap two to the head". You're like the really "popular" bullies at school that no one wants to dis, or appear too close to - and I think you actually like that reputation. The rest of the world sort of rolls it's eyes.

American's know nothing about politics or the geography beyond their own personal interest. Stand outside of Katsuya and ask an American "who won the election for Canadian Prime Minister this week (and if he/she is a Democrat or Republican)- and just see if any American's know the answer... Or how about the Prime Minister of the UK? Or Australia?

Just a small example of the image you send out into the ether...

1212 days ago
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