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Fake Canadian -- Worst Travel Tip Ever?

5/6/2011 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One frosty-tipped TMZ staffer confesses he pretends to be Canadian when traveling abroad ... and all HELL breaks loose. Brace yourself for OUTRAGE and debate in the newsroom! 050511_TV_louis_still

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You're welcome!

1269 days ago


It certainly doesn't help the USA much to have
Charlie Torpedo as your poster boy! LMAO

1269 days ago


I've been to Europe and Mexico a bunch of times and I've never needed to pretend to be Canadian. Actually, I like to wear my University of MN t-shirt because it usually helps me meet people and start conversations. BUT, I'm also very polite, friendly and respectful of the country I'm in. And I'm a woman and won't get picked on like a guy would. Last time I was in Greece, I did get cornered by an old Greek guy who ranted about how awful Bush was and how Obama needed to be elected but usually no one bothers me.
I usually travel alone but in the early days I traveled with other Americans and was mortified by the way they acted. Loud, obnoxious and complaining when things aren't exactly like they are in America. If I hadn't been forced to be with them, I would have definitely denied knowing them. Americans seem to be a little isolated and lack the sophistication of people in countries where it's routine to travel to other countries because they are right next door.

1269 days ago


As someone who has a son serving this country I think that dude is a ***** DOUCHEBAG PERSONIFED. If I saw him on the streets I would kick him in the knee. MOVE TO CANADA YOU LIL BITCH.

1269 days ago

Home Skillet    

@ Dan Fredericksen - while I'll keep private what my opinion is about WTC7, the John Kerry video makes no admission of any such controlled demolition. I'm not saying a controlled demolition didn't occur, but I'm saying that, if you want to provide better support for your position, you need to present factual evidence that paints a clearer, more sound and logical picture. Kerry misspoke in this video, was confused about the context and believed that the male asking the question was discussing post-9/11 demolition. Like I said, I'm not saying one way or the other, but ya' just need stronger evidence.

1269 days ago


Old bitter Harvey is just jealous of Dax's youth and pretty smile. Harvey needs dental work and a clue!

1269 days ago


I thought all Americans pretended to be Canadian while travelling. Europeans hate Americans I hear and so do so many other places. To just get better treatment say that you are Canadian.

Example of why the world hates Americans. A couple travelled to France and was at a restaurant for breakfast. They ordered something with peanut butter. When brought the peanut butter, they loudly said...'do you not have Skippy'?
That's one reason the world hates Americans.

1269 days ago

Home Skillet    

And, on another note, related to Sandy's comment, do you know how hard it is to get Kraft Canada Peanut Butter in the States? Let me tell you: IMPOSSIBLE! We had to have our Canadian relatives bring some down to us - along with some Aero Bars and Smarties. Anyway, for the record, Kraft Canada Peanut Butter is the BOMB-DIGGITY!

1269 days ago


Jannelle Wiens

I'm not bashing all Canadas and judging them by a few I have met..Most of the posters on this strain are probably under 40 and beleive everything they see on tv and the internet....and judge people by that standard...TV and internet is not and will never show the real American or Canada or people anywhere..they reflect the opinions of the people who produce those shows these sites ...They watch MTV and think young american men and woman are all like those shown on their and 95% of our young people are completely different..I've have exchange students arrive from europe with a suitcase full of clothes like they've seen on MTV so that they would fit in with american teens only to find everything they have is inappriate and wrong ,I've have to take more then a few shopping for new clothes I have paid for myself so they will be more comfortable....And their is not a show on TV that reflects the true american lifestyle except maybe "Larry the Cable Guy" beleive it or not...
I know what am I doing on this site if I feel this way...I am a people watcher and TMZ use to be entertaining its changed a lot lately and turned very nasty and I keep hoping it will improve..Hope is eternal ...

So go on back to your bashing after all it is your right , garenteed by the Bill of Rights and the Contitution of the United States of America......

1269 days ago

They are crayz!!    

Can we all agree on one thing? : America sucks. Your country is bankrupt. You haven't won a war since the civil war,which was against yourself so you are still losers. Terrible Health Care and Ass-tastic Education System. Y'all must be so proud

1269 days ago

Home Skillet    

@They are crayz!! - sorry, can't agree on that, no. We have our share of problems, yes, but we're good people.

1269 days ago

Jannelle Wiens    


I'm not "bashing" America. I follow your politics probably mroe than I follow my own. What I get about the US is not from MTV or "teeny bopper" type shows; I get it from places like CNN, MSNBC and Fox.

You said earlier that if we had a natural disaster the Americans would probably be there first. You're right, they probably would. By the same token, so would we if you were in trouble. Look no further than New Orleans or 9/11. We're there because we neighbours and that is what neighbours should do -- look after each other.

Nevertheless that doesn't diminish the fact that America's image is severely tarnished.

1269 days ago


The Bashing comment wasn't directed at you....peace...

1269 days ago

Mike skinner    

OK this is getting heavy, and actually has turned into a Canadian bashing forum. It was Bax who said he disguises as a Canadian, it wasn't a Canadian suggesting he does that, so why start putting down Canadians, wait it must be those polite American tourists that the world loves so much doing that.
Like a proud American I am a proud Canadian. But for those Americans traveling overseas this link is the perfect gift for your wife to wear, in safety.

1269 days ago


@ketjo "US supplying the Canadians and British with supplies , munitions , planes"

I am a bit of an historian...and American born, living in the US and I have lived abroad for short perods of time over the years for studies and my occupation

so you are correct BUT the US didn't do it out of the Goodness of our hearts- huge $$ was made when the Canaian factories couldn't produce as much with a ot of the men off overseas and the women trying to fill factory jobs and raise kids

and Britain couldn't produce because they were engaged in teh war while being bombed by Germany

and as for the "snow birds" as they are called-not Canadian geese- they are a huge boost local economies in the areas where they choose to winter, so they are welcomed with open arms and open cash registers

and for Canada being part of the Commonwealth of Great Britain- the Canadian army was volunteers- they didn't have to go- England didn't make them go
they saw the importance of going

US did too eventually

your points in a small way illustrate why some in the world view the US as they do
..they feel that the US people in general think it's all about them and that nothing in the world is relevant unless they are involved

and that they have this arrogance superiority feeling as if they are the only democratic nation and denegrading other contries such as Canada -one of the few allies that can always be counted on

..generalizing as they do maybe isn't the way to view things--objectivesly is
but I see that you are also generalizing a bit and we probably all are guilty of that at times

instead people need to be grateful that the 2 countries share the longest undefended border in the world - so rather than mocking/condeming them (where not only the slaves, but young conscientious objectors of the Vietnam war went)...we should respect each other with our actions and our comments

history teaches a lot
if you do not understand/learn from it
then you do not profit for the lessons learned

1269 days ago
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