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David Beckham in Car Accident on LA Freeway

5/7/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham was involved in a car accident on one of the busiest freeways in all of Los Angeles ... and the driver of the other car had to be taken to a local hospital ... TMZ has learned.

David Beckham Car Accident
According to law enforcement sources, Beckham was driving a black Cadillac on the 405 Freeway near Torrance, CA yesterday morning ... when he rear-ended a gold Mitsubishi that was broken down in the carpool lane.

We're told the driver of the Mistubishi, who was inside the car and wearing his seatbelt at the time, had to be taken to the hospital -- but Beckham did not require medical attention.

Law enforcement sources tell us Beckham was not arrested or cited on the scene.

A call to Beckham's rep was not returned.

UPDATE: Sources close to Beckham tell us his son Brooklyn was in the car at the time of the accident, but that he and David were both not injured.

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No Avatar


OMFG...MY BABY <3333 if he as so much has a scrtach on his beautiful body im suing the damn mitshubi owner...

1212 days ago


how did beckham happen to be in the car pool lane and hit a car from behind that wasn't moving? not paying attention?

this guy and his wife are perfect examples of what's wrong in this country.. enormous fame and privilege and for what? trust me.. if he did anything wrong he'll get off without a blink from the authorities..

what a perfect example of a useless couple .. materialistic to boot and think they're better than everyone else

1212 days ago

Football Fan    

The Police said the driver was not seriously hurt at all but he complained that he's in pain after the crash, which sounded very, very suspicious to me that I wonder if the driver wasn't even hurt at all in the first place. Plus, it's the Police himself who comfirmed that Beckham was not cited or arrested so it must be that the crash is so minor and that perhaps Beckham wasn't at fault, or, assuming that the driver is really a good guy, he doesn't want to sue Becks at all for what he did to his car. So why you, "The Truth" are so work up about this??! As the police said, it's a collision! (Re: The Telegraph)

1212 days ago


Jackpot is right, he can retire in style now. he be ridin in his own cadilaccccccccccccccccccccc.

1212 days ago


Pay David Pay!
Let's see if he will be above the law, as well.

1212 days ago


"Sources close to Beckham tell us his son Brooklyn was in the car at the time of the accident, but that he and David were both not injured."
Where did you learn to write English?
....neither he nor his son were injured.

1212 days ago


What does it matter if Beckham has money or not? People and/or their insurance companies sue the other party's insurance company.

1212 days ago


What's wrong with this country is people like you making wide sweeping accusations, judgements and jumping to conclusions based on a few paragraphs you read on a celebrity tabloid, half of which is cobbled together from half-wits who don't have a high school education (Jr. college at best). Get a grip.

1212 days ago

Football Fan    

Re: PeopleMag. They got a report from the Californis Highway Petrol herself, who confirmed that it's a minor accident, and that the driver had a complain of a minor neck pain and was taken to hospital after that. I'm sure any bills occured is covered by Beckham. It's actually a non-story, people!

1212 days ago


Cha ching! But I'm sure the other driver had back and neck injuries. I was rear ended a couple years ago and my neck still bothers me. It never goes away completely.

1212 days ago

Katie Wallace    

Okay, I rear-ended someone once. But they were stopped in the LEFT lane where the speed limit was over 50mph, and it was arround a corner. I obviously slammed on my brakes but still hit the guy. But how did the other person get hurt? When it happened to me, the most damage was to my hood and the guy in front's bumper. So.. whiplash? Idunno.

1212 days ago


Beckham is from here (UK) and over here if you do that then you the driver is to blame for "driving without due care and attention" but then again its david beckham so he will get away with it. He once got caught over here doing 105mph on a 70mph road and got away with it saying he was running away from paps...If a normal guy does that then they get points and a fine.
another non story i reckon...

1212 days ago


He hit a parked car and wasn't arrested? What's up with that?

1212 days ago


The article does SAY he had his son in the car. So, not sure why some of you say he is in violation of riding in carpool lane. You need two people at least.

1212 days ago


Did the other vehicle "Bend it"?

1212 days ago
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