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LA Restaurant Defends Itself in Pink Donkey Fiasco

5/7/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A famous Los Angeles restaurant is fighting back against claims it abused a donkey as part of a Cinco de Mayo stunt ... claiming the animal was perfectly cared for at all times.


Pink Taco took a lot of flack from locals -- and even on Twitter by a few celebs, like Pink and Lo Bosworth -- for dying a donkey pink and using it to promote the restaurant.

But a rep for Pink Taco tells TMZ, "We obtained a permit from the city to have the animal on site and the pink coloring used on the donkey was a safe, water-based and commonly used on animals in the entertainment industry. Additionally, the donkey’s trainer escorted him the entire appearance, he was on a leash, not a chain as reported in the media, and we provided plenty of water and care to him throughout."

The rep tells TMZ they have spoken with PETA about the incident and have decided it was in their best interest to not do anymore animal-related promotions in the future.


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sick of it    

This Idiot dated Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton that tells me that this dude is mental.

1273 days ago


This donkey had hobbles on his front AND back legs. Dont say he wasnt in chains. This place deserved all of the bad attention it got!!

1273 days ago

No comment    

What do you expect from a taco stand named after a woman's genetalia?

It was very hot in Century City on Thursday when this happened. What restuarant wants to imply they serve donkey meat in their tacos?????

1273 days ago


The restaurant should've been called, "A-Hole," after the guy's new nickname. How brazen! What a stooge this guy is. I'm surprised he could get away with that double entendre, even in L.A. If that name is ok, why didn't he just call the restaurant, "C**t." I'm surprised NOW isn't all over his @$$ for being all over their privates. What a moron this guy is! I'd be too embarrassed to even be seen there.

1273 days ago


Whoop dee damn do! That donkey is probably living 100 times better than any other donkey.

1273 days ago


That poor donkey. They should get a donkey statue and paint that pink. I question if the text on the donkey is water colors too. I doubt it.

1273 days ago


Next stop is boycotting/picketting "Wizard of Oz" because of the "horse of many colors". Give it a break, people! Instead of harping on things like this donkey, donate some time/money to your local Humane Society.

1273 days ago


here is the real problem- yes the animal is humiliated, yes it's wrong, sure maybe the dye is non toxic, maybe the animal had water, was in the shade etc etc-- BUT THE REAL PROBLEM IS AFTER THE COUPLE OF HOURS OF THIS SPECTACLE- this donkey will suffer for weeks--it will take weeks for the fur to grow back, in the meantime the donkey needs to either be deprived of sun completely or he will suffer sunburns-

this will also mess with his body's temperature control not having fur—
he will want to get in the sun to warm up and he will get sunburned-- this can also lead to skin cancer- plus the hair will itch as it grows back-- flies will bite his skin-the awful pink taco spectacle was bad enough for the few hours that it was- but the real suffering and abuse should be addressed towards the animal rental group for allowing this 805-521-1100

1273 days ago


But everyone thought it was funny and cute when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie among others dyed there dogs different colours.......Just caz it wasnt some big celeb that did it hes getting flack

1273 days ago


Maybe the donkey liked his new look. Anyone ever think of that?

1273 days ago


@ STD's 45 minutes ago

What restuarant wants to imply they serve donkey meat in their tacos?????

My thoughts exactly. This is the definition of a PR stunt gone horribly wrong. That poor animal.

1273 days ago

Just Sayin    

The owner is an obvious idiot. Just another reason not to frequent this poor excuse for a restaurant. All living things should be treated with respect. This was just a tasteless stunt that will hopefully put this place out of business soon.

1273 days ago


This is horrible. Using a live animal for a billboard. I will never eat at this restaurant again even though the food was mediocre at best anyway.

I hope everyone boycotts these animal abusers. The donkey was painted and made to stand in 85-90 degree heat in the sun.

The Pink Taco people are losers, that's for sure.

1273 days ago


Muppet 4 hours ago

Animals lick themselves and ingest that dye. Alot of people are dying their animals fur for fun, this needs to stop. Ingesting those chemicals can't be healthy even if it's water based.
If you dont know, dont speculate. You dont know its bad for them, so dont say it is. Simple logic, really.

Read the article, they got it from animal entertainers... so yes it would be safe.

If you wanted to go one step further, you could go look it up on the web, then (for once) you'll have something relevant to say because fact trumps opinion.

1273 days ago


THANK YOU, PETA! Yeah, they're over the top sometimes, but their bottom line goal is to help animals. And I ain't arguin' over THAT!

1273 days ago
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