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LA Restaurant Defends Itself in Pink Donkey Fiasco

5/7/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A famous Los Angeles restaurant is fighting back against claims it abused a donkey as part of a Cinco de Mayo stunt ... claiming the animal was perfectly cared for at all times.


Pink Taco took a lot of flack from locals -- and even on Twitter by a few celebs, like Pink and Lo Bosworth -- for dying a donkey pink and using it to promote the restaurant.

But a rep for Pink Taco tells TMZ, "We obtained a permit from the city to have the animal on site and the pink coloring used on the donkey was a safe, water-based and commonly used on animals in the entertainment industry. Additionally, the donkey’s trainer escorted him the entire appearance, he was on a leash, not a chain as reported in the media, and we provided plenty of water and care to him throughout."

The rep tells TMZ they have spoken with PETA about the incident and have decided it was in their best interest to not do anymore animal-related promotions in the future.


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poor animal:(

1273 days ago


this is disgusting!! this is animal abuse!! wtf??

1273 days ago


This stunt was done in poor taste. No pun intended.

1273 days ago


peta needs to get a life. they were cool/positive at 1st and all they do now is bother everyone. there are indeed dyes out there that are animal friendly and look at the donkeys face. does it look like he cares????
im pretty sure no harm was done you psychotic cult.

1273 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Azz clowns seem to overreact to stuff like this when it involves an animal. Yet they would drive right by a person getting beaten to death, because they don't want to get involved.

1273 days ago

what a beautiful day     


1273 days ago


I have an idea! Let's use the same dye to dye the owner of Pink Taco pink, then put him/her on a chain, er, leash (looks like a chain in the picture) after writing "Pink Taco" in magic marker on his/her body. THAT would bring more people into Pink Taco than some donkey!

1273 days ago


I am going to LA in a couple weeks. This place just made my itinerary. Animals were put on earth to make me laugh and make me full!

1273 days ago


Besides having terrible food, now they abuse animals. And it is abuse. I'll never eat there again.

1273 days ago


While I personally think it was a stupid way to advertise, the donkey was not harmed at all. The dye used is a vegetable dye, the same dye used on animals in various types of animal shows and in movies/television, the same type of dye that's used in food. The donkey could have ingested an entire gallon or more and it would have been safe. Furthermore, donkeys like being around people and like attention, so it was probably enjoying itself. PETA are nothing more than bullies, bullies who kill animals. Seeing as how they STILL kill animals, they really have no room to voice their opinion about any animal issues. PETA is a joke and one of the WORST animal welfare organizations on the planet. Don't believe me? Look up information on them yourself and the fact that to this day, they KILL animals. FYI, they also pay people to distribute their crap literature and pay for some of their paid "volunteers" to live in one of the most expensive areas of downtown NY. So, when you donate to them, that's what you're donating to, not saving animals, as people are lead to believe. They resort to scare tactics, inflation of the truth, and outright lies, in order to make a point. They also give disgusting literature to grade school children, without their parents consent. More people need to be aware of what a screwy f'd up organization it actually is and stop donating money to them! Donate to your local animal shelters instead!

1273 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Leave it to the Mexicans to paint a donkey pink....where's the dingo balls hanging from his ears?.. ;)

1273 days ago


@dink - Those are not welts, that's how donkeys look. The dye just enhances their wrinkles. If PETA stepped in, all they would do is kill the donkey.

1273 days ago


@Woot - PETA's main goal is NOT to help animals. I suggest you look into it for yourself and you'll find out that is probably the last thing they actually care about.

1273 days ago


Silly hippies! You can't abuse a donkey.

1273 days ago


I ate lamb tonight it was medium rare, fleshy and best of all chock full of dead lamby goodness! f-off pe.ta every time I see your name in print I'm going to eat something containing animals or animal products.

1273 days ago
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