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'CSI' Star

Justin Bieber Was a Brat

5/8/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber had a memorable performance on "CSI" recently -- but the only thing "CSI" star Marg Helgenberger remembers ... is that he "was kind of a brat."

Justin Bieber, "un sale gosse" chez Les Experts
by Europe1fr

Helgenberger appeared on French radio show "Le Grand Direct des Médias" on Friday where she prefaced the slight with "I shouldn't be saying this, but ..." Always a good sign!

She also said the Biebs locked a producer in a closet and put his fist through a cake.

Good thing she never had to work with Charlie Sheen.

(Thanks to Gawker for the head's up on the interview)


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You Bieber fans are so immature! Grow up, along with Bieber!

1234 days ago


This is exactly what happens when you allow a teenie-bopper to believe he is larger than life. And as far as being some mega-talent......puhleeeeeze! Little girls have a crush on his little hairless ass.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd was a REAL child pridigy - NOT JUSTIN BIEBER. He taught himself the guitar at 7 years old amd had mastered Stevie Ray Vaughns music by the age of 13!! And, by the way, he had a respectful attitude.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself Beaver! Or you better at least step up to the plate in terms of your talent. Pffftt!

1234 days ago


Where are his parents?
He wouldn't act like this
if I were his mom, and he
wouldn't be going to
Japan either.

1234 days ago


JB is a snot-nosed little brat. This is not news. We already knew this. But thanks for confirming it Marg.

1234 days ago


This is no surprise.Fame makes for a swollen ego.Unless a child star has a parent or parents who are able to rear them properly,egos grow because the child believes her/his own publicity,failing to differentiate between a fake,manufactured stage persona and a real personality.Bieber comes from a background ripe for dysfunction.

1234 days ago

Clone Wars    

It should surprise no one that Bieber was the bratster on set. HB still looks good IMO.

1234 days ago

john johnson    

i knew he was a fraud!

1234 days ago


I'm not surprise that he act that way either. Very immature and stupid.
I hate the biberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

1234 days ago


What a shock! This kid acted like a spoiled rich punk! He needs a good lesson in life. After all, by the time he turns 18 he'll be flat broke and working at McDonalds. No staying power! Enjoy it while you got it!

1234 days ago


And now that she has spoken unkindly of him... everyone will be speaking unkindly of her. Ain't karma a bitch?!??! LOL

1234 days ago

Crazy Head    

Marg is awesome

1234 days ago


MOST TALENTED PERSON? WOW I rely don't think he is even close to getting that title. Esp with the crap he has put out and with such bands as 3 Doors Down and Santana. And kids at 13 he is close to being an ADULT. He should know how to act. Locking someone in a room? Destroying a cake?? Come on!

1234 days ago


Love Marg's honesty!! I really dislike little twerps who think fame excused bad behavior!!

1234 days ago

CA Girl    

Never give the time of day to a spoiled brat with the sense of entitlement. Assuming Ms. Helgenberger's comments are factual (and I have no doubt that they are), we are AGAIN witnessing the coming of age of another up-and-coming Hollywood, useless individual who believes that common courtesy and the need for gratitude don't apply to him. He's on his way to the big time!!! Too much money, too much fame, too much immaturity, and ingratitude breeds this type of behavior. And where are the parents in all this????

1234 days ago


Marg did work with Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men when she investigated the death of his mother's new husband at his house.

1234 days ago
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