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Jackie Cooper's Will -- The Poison Pill Clause

5/9/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before he died, Hollywood legend Jackie Cooper wanted to make sure NOBODY challenged his last will and testament ... and to make sure, he wrote in a special provision intended to SCREW anyone who challenges his final wishes.

Jackie Cooper Will

TMZ obtained a copy of Cooper's final will -- filed in L.A. County Superior Court two days after the "Superman" actor passed away last week.

According to the docs, Cooper basically willed everything to his wife -- but because she died before him -- the estate will be divided equally between their children.

And to prevent the kids from a nasty fight over the money -- Cooper wrote in a clause saying if anyone tries to contest the will, "I give to such persons so contesting or objecting the sum of FIVE DOLLARS ($5.00) and no more."

FYI -- provisions to this effect are sometimes referred to as a "poison pill clause" -- because any person who would be dumb enough to challenge the will is killing any chance of getting anything out of the estate.


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I don't know anything about Cooper's children, but sometimes surviving offspring feel they did more for their parents than the others and feel they deserve a bigger piece of the pie, or all of it.

There is also times when one or more offspring have gotten money from their parents over the years, while other siblings did not. Those that haven't feel that the ones who did got part of their inheritance early and that amount should be deducted from from their share. I have known people who have actually done this.

In the end, he knew his kids better than anyone. He may have decided he was going to set it up so his kids couldn't or would be reluctant to go after to one another over an inheritance. I am sure the last thing he wanted was for his money to be a source of contention within his family.

1232 days ago


"It is called a "no contest clause". But our wonderful Governor Terminator signed a bill to allow Contesting a will without being punished if they have probable cause. The law went into affect in Jan of 2010.

I have issues with someone screwing with a persons last will and testament! For any reason."

LOL. "I'm a lawyer"...and yet you allow your publication to be schooled by one of your readers on a matter of law.

1232 days ago

sick of it    

Thumbs up.....Good!!!! He was one smart dude...

1232 days ago


Why in the hell wouldn't he change his will if the person he gave everything to died before him. Maybe there was a plan in this, but this just seems stupid as hell to me.

1232 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I just can't believe families fight over their dead relative's money and belongings. We've never had that shiiit in our family thank the lord.

No one has any right to anyone's 'stuff' in death or otherwise and should be thankful they get anything more than the funeral bill frankly.

1232 days ago


he lived in my mom's building. what a lovely man. he seemed fine a month ago....

1232 days ago


CCC 5 hours ago

Before I die, I'm going to spend every dime I have. Oh wait, I don't have any money. Never mind.
Borrow some

1232 days ago


I understand the point of making a will iron clad...but why do people with a lot of money want to direct things from the grave?

You are dead, you can't take it with you...I've known distant relatives putting all kinds of crazy stuff that the descendants have to follow to get the money. It's INSANE.

Reaching out from the grave with your greedy fist still wrapped around your cash does not make you relevant nor keep you in the minds of your loved makes you an ass.

1232 days ago


My concern if I die suddenly is that my parents find my huge stash of porn. I want to hire a "cleaner" someone who I will call every day at a certain time and when he doesnt get that call he will come over,use keys that he had just for this moment, sneak in my house and remove anything that would tarnish my wholesome image. So he will get rid of my big box of porn, my empty JD bottles, run CCleaner on my laptop, put a bible next to my bed and maybe a picture me with my family on the dresser. Once I get that arranged I will write out my will.

1232 days ago


hey scott his wife died before he did,you didnt read it all lol

1232 days ago


When my grandmother died i got nothing,she did not have a ton of assets but she had a few bucks and some family treasures,my greedy ass mom asked what did i want i said my Grandma back plus the diamond ring from her husband who gave it to me but i kept with her for safe keeping guess what the greedy **** took my ring and i found it in a pawn shop had to pay 500 bucks for a ring that was mine to begin with,when she dies i am taking everything thats not bolted down.

1232 days ago


BFD, these are standard now

1232 days ago


Kevin--you sound like me!! I've thoguht of the same thing!!

1231 days ago


Ummm...SCOTT: His wife died before him (it's in the article).

Good for Jackie!! Money ruins family bonds when deaths happen. Sad but true.

1231 days ago


From Our Gang to Airplane, you haven't changed much. We'll miss you. The "poison Pill" was a nice touch.

1231 days ago
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