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Helgenberger's Comments Are 'Kinda Lame'

5/9/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber seems to be pretty SHOCKED that "CSI" star Marg Helgenberger told a radio show he was a "brat" on the set ... especially because they never actually worked together.

Marg Helgenberger

Bieber just went to his Twitter page and without mentioning Marg by name ... said, "it's kinda lame when someone you met briefly and never worked with comments on you. I will continue to wish them luck and be kind."

As we previously reported, Marg went on a French radio show and said JB was "kind of a brat" when he guest starred on the show earlier this year.

Bieber added, "I know who i am and sometimes people r just going 2 say what they want. Keep ur head up and be the man ur mama raised. "


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i echo what others have said...he didn't deny it, it's probably totally true. there are plenty of people who have been labeled difficult to work with and it's time to add bebe to the list

1208 days ago


When a woman is the boss they call her a biatch. When a child is the boss they call him a brat. When a man is the boss they call him the boss. Whoever said that this is a man's world was right.

1208 days ago

TE in SP    

I know someone who was on that set in Las Vegas and what she said was so true. Not only did he do what she said but he was also calling his mom a "Bitch". To his defensive he was just acting like any 16 year old who has been given to much "power".

1208 days ago

real deal    

More like a little ****.

1208 days ago


I haven't met him and I think he's a brat. I have read, watched and I just don't see what the hoop-la is about. He's just another singer that sounds like everyone else. He gets short tempered, rude, mouthy and I can't figure out what on earth Selena Gomez see's in this boy. She needs someone a bit more mature than this "little boy."

1208 days ago


"be the man ur mama raised" first of all you are not a man not yet a woman. second of all your mama did not finish raising you. that woman gave up when you signed up for fame...

1208 days ago


Is it me or does JB look exactly like a Les bian with short hair.

1208 days ago

Mike Sarasota    

nough of this whiny Canadian...he is just a singer, no meaningful contribution to American society..enough already

1208 days ago


Your Mama hasn't raised a man yet, little boy. Don't act like a brat and people won't say you are acting like a brat.

1208 days ago


was there ever any doubt about his brattiness? I can read it on his face and in his body language...much ado about nothing in my opinion...skinny, weird hair,sorta arrogant...she's a grown woman, probably a mother, who would not make a comment like that unless she thought it true...he DID probably bring ratings to csi!! but of course he's a brat..what 16 yr old isnt?

1208 days ago


Who *didn't* think he was a brat? Other than tweens everywhere that is.

1208 days ago


You are making excuses for him saying he is a child acting like a child...well let me tell you...if MY son put his fist through a cake in a fit of temper I would dust his rump for him...cause I raised MY boys with some manners.

The boy is a brat...someone just had the nerve to say it...he is not the first child who has been given his way based on his talent to be a little monster

Make no mistake he is no man though

1208 days ago

I Chinee    

I believe Marg. I just don't like this annoying kid at all. His music sounds the same and later on down the road he will fade away just like the many that's come and had their time before him.

1208 days ago


Bieber's comments "are kind of lame." He is just a teenager,lacks maturity and full understanding.

1208 days ago


I side with Beiber here, and I am not a fan or little teenage girl. I'm an adult with an objective view... this woman obviously dropped his name for attention. WHO the heck is she, and were we EVER talking about her before this?? NO. I bet her bosses are loving the fact that she bad-mouths guest stars on the show too.
It's pretty sad when the kid takes the higher road than the adult. Even if it was his people telling him what to say and not really him. Maybe this chick needs to hire some people to follow her around and teach her what to say and what not to say.

1208 days ago
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