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Helgenberger's Comments Are 'Kinda Lame'

5/9/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber seems to be pretty SHOCKED that "CSI" star Marg Helgenberger told a radio show he was a "brat" on the set ... especially because they never actually worked together.

Marg Helgenberger

Bieber just went to his Twitter page and without mentioning Marg by name ... said, "it's kinda lame when someone you met briefly and never worked with comments on you. I will continue to wish them luck and be kind."

As we previously reported, Marg went on a French radio show and said JB was "kind of a brat" when he guest starred on the show earlier this year.

Bieber added, "I know who i am and sometimes people r just going 2 say what they want. Keep ur head up and be the man ur mama raised. "


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There was another story that surfaced about this kid's behavior. He was at a go-cart track and a five-year-old approached him for an autograph. He snapped at the kid that it was his day off and her mother pointed out that she was only five years old and really loved his music so he signed the autograph. The little girl's mother gave the interview and used her real name so it wasn't just some "unnamed source" tabloid gossip.
Also, Justin, baby, you are not a man. You are still a child whose head is getting waaaay too swelled especially for someone who people are sick of looking at. Seriously, nail polish?

1263 days ago


Yu Lee 7 hours ago Why do you idiots all believe Marg? She could not resist eating some cake, then blames Justin for making the hole in it?

Marg actually had SEX with the producer in that walk-in closet, then made up the nonsense about Justin locking him in!

Oh really? and you were there I suppose?

1263 days ago


I have read that other people who have worked with him have said the same thing she did. He is a brat! He needs to apologize like an adult and stop lying everytime someone says he acted badly claiming he didn't do anything-that is what is lame!

1263 days ago


"I'm not surprised by Marg's comments and this is not the first time I've read about her and this kind of b1tchy behaviour. When was the last time Marg's name was in the news?

He's an easy target and Marg used it. It's pretty sad when you bad mouth someone on the way up and you're on the way down."

This is delusional at best. You act like she went in rip-roaring HARD on the kid...she said he was 'kind of a brat'. And he was probably a HUGE brat.

And there is NOTHING wrong with collecting a steady, hefty paycheck and keeping your nose clean and OUT OF THE NEWS in the process.

Justin, keep your friends outta here dude. ROFL

1263 days ago

Your Momma    

You guys are such idiots!! Why are you commenting on a picture that you do not know what was going on in the picture. You all should know by now that they try to pick the worst picture they can find for these dumb stories. I think she is very lame myself for saying something about this young teenager. How about picking on someone her own size. Why dont she have that conversation with his mother, which is whom she should have been talking about. I think she is the jealous brat because here is this young guy making more money than she will ever make. I think that he is more mature than she is, for stooping so low to talk about a child.

1263 days ago


his mamma raised a douche bag!!!

1263 days ago


ummm .... alll i have to say is, Who cares if he is a brat, wow. u really had to make a big deal and put it on frigan Tmz and And the news, like really? there is more important stuff. Justin Bieber is awesome and he is a hottie. so ppl need to get a life and talk about stuff that is way more improtant, wow, mayebe he was doing a prank or was just joking, like really?... umm.. ur going to pick on him ?... he is a kid, thats how he is going to act, he is 17, take a break, and maybe it wasn't fine with her, but it was fine with everyone else bcuz noone yelled at him. so i think she needs to stop being a "brat" with her finger up her butt. and do something better in her life, she can't expect a 17 year old to act like an adult just bcuz he might be famous. like come on...!?... i swear.. like really?.. i'm sure she did stuff at 17 that she did as a joke, or she is embaressed of and regrets. like really? JUST STOP AND GET A LIFE.! I WOULD LOVE TO SSAY THIS TOO HER UGLY FACE!

1263 days ago


What he,and probably most celebrities, say in public and what he/ they do in private are usually two different things.

1263 days ago



1263 days ago


JEALOUSY- IS UGLY. If THAT'S the picture of Bieber on set, then THAT'S the picture of Marge on set, RIGHT? WRONG. It's so easy to see who's plain jealous on here.
I have a 17 year old daughter.. She acts like a child from time to time when we're having fun.. because ummm, let's see... SHE IS ONE! She's a Minor. She can't drink, vote, get an apartment, or even enter into a contract!
I don't call that being a BRAT. I let MY daughter be a CHILD for as long as she can since the adult world is UGLY LIKE THESE JEALOUS POSTINGS. She's not a BRAT and neither is HE. So we're ALL suppose to be stuffy, crabby, never crack a smile, pull a prank... WOW. I'm glad I don't live like you uptight people! My family has FUN... ever hear of it? You should try it sometime... maybe after a little fun, your attitudes may change. Life's too short- you won't find me or my family around haters and jealous people like the majority of you "ugly" posters on here!

1263 days ago


Bet he enjoys playing 'doctor' with Usher and all the 'Homies', lol!

1263 days ago


I find it hilarious that the Bielibers are all freaking out and calling Marg a nobody. She's been on the mothership of crime dramas for 11 years, and has several huge movie credits to her name. She's respected by the cast and crew of CSI, as EP Carol Mendelsohn begged her to stay on the show for another year, and several writers talk about how sweet she is. In fact, one even said that she brings the crew coffee during night shoots and hangs out with them. Does that sound like a primadiva to you? Sure doesn't to me. I'm sorry, but I'm 10 years older than Biebs and if someone had come onto the set with a huge ego and locked a producer in a closet and destroyed a cake that wasn't his, I'd be annoyed too. I'm a huge prankster, but I know the difference between a professional setting and when you need to act your age. Biebs needs to learn how to act like an adult.

1263 days ago


Sounds like the baby brat had better grow up and realize that people WILL call him out on his actions. Not everyone likes a bratty acting 17 year old who thinks he is the best thing since peanut butter when he really isn't all that talented or good looking. Justin your 15 minutes are up so go back to Canada and disappear.

1263 days ago


Oh by the way, I'm 47 years old, married with 4 kids ages 28,23,17 and 12 as well as a Nonny of a 4 year old grandson... Let's just say I know a thing or two about "kids".

1263 days ago


Please see my post on the previous page!

1263 days ago
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