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Kat Von D vs. Ex

Tattoo Turf War in Hollywood

5/10/2011 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D's ex-husband is launching a not-so-secret plot to defeat her tattoo parlor -- in fact, he tells TMZ, he just opened his own tat shop nearby ... and he's determined to beat her at her own game.


TMZ spoke with Oliver Peck -- who worked alongside Kat for years -- and he BLASTS his ex, telling us, they "make real tattoos" at his new place ... unlike Kat's "gimmicky tourist tattoos" a few blocks away at High Voltage.

Peck doesn't stop there, insisting, "Nobody gets a good tattoo [at High Voltage]" -- and urges ink enthusiasts to stop by his place instead ... "We're a real tattoo shop."

Oliver took over ownership of True Tattoo in Hollywood this January -- where they also filmed a handful of scenes for"Miami Ink" -- but the shop didn't open 'til this week because of remodeling.

This is what happens when you look like a cartoon super villain.



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CA Girl    

Boy oh boy, once you get that tattoo, you're dead if you ever want clear-looking skin again. Our son tattooed his chest with a medium-sized tat on the upper left, his back with an American Eagle, the back of his arm with something else. With the exception of the one on his chest - which he now regrets (remember kids - parents know NOTHING so don't listen to any of their warnings!) - they are beautifully done on his 23-year-old body. When he's much older, that won't be the case. It broke my heart, he's such a handsome kid, but he WOULD NOT LISTEN. Think twice and three times before you do it. Lasering them off when you're tired of them ain't no picnic. Just a Mom talking here, but.......

1226 days ago


Please do put her out of business so she can marry Jesse and they can both shrivel in to oblivion.

1226 days ago


People with tats are attention whorez and have mental problems. I love people that are followers! I love this latest "white trash" trend!

1226 days ago


@Athina - You've obviously never seen them up close. Her portrait work is typical tattoo shop portrait work. Nothing special about it at all and not very good. I know of at least 10 other tattoo artists in the LA area whose work make hers look like it was done by a 5 year old. There are even better portrait artists outside of LA. Oliver's portrait work is WAY WAY WAY better than hers.

1226 days ago


He is an EXTREMELY talented tattoo artist, who was known worldwide before Kat even started tattooing. He's also a really nice guy. He's right about the quality of tattoos from her shop, too. I wish him the best of luck and hope people are smart enough to go to his shop, instead of hers. She screwed him over pretty badly.

1226 days ago


Real tattoos? this coming from a guy who had a shop in Dallas and wanted to set a record by tattooing the number 13 on as many people as he could in one day. good luck

1226 days ago


Like Kat or not, she has my respect in making it to the top of a male-dominated profession. Losers like her x just hate that kind of mega-success in a woman.

1226 days ago

Mary Jane    

wow, you people are serioulsy ignorant.
1. True Tattoo was owned by Clay Decker.
2. Oliver Peck has been clean & sober for MANY years.
3. Everyone in the tattoo community knows that Kat is addicted to speed(yes its true!), and YES-she has had ALOT of plastic surgury. There is nothinbg there to be jealous of when she has consistantly burned every bridge she has ever crossed. She is a compulsive liar and a sex addict-this is why she has found the PERFECT MATCH with Jesse James. I can think of no man-child better suited for her.
4. YES-scenes for Miami Ink WERE INDEED FILMED in Hollywood! HELLO IGNORANT PEOPLE OF TV LAND--they are called 'pick up shots'.
5. Idiots who get tattooed at Kats crap-shop, paying a $500.min for a 10 minute tattoo are loosers who are getting tattooed for the WRONG REASONS..."I want to get tattooed by a famous person-so i can bragt about it and be validated!" Then you deserve that sh*ty tattoo you got for $4,000. you got what you deserve.
Tattoos are very personal, and are really only for the person wearing them, and what they mean to that person. I find heavily tattooed elderly people are beautiful. *Betty Broadbent anyone??? And who cares what YOU think about MY tattooes. They werent for YOU(or your approval) anyway!
p.s..Oliver is not only a rad skater & brilliant tattoo artist, he is also a very humble philanthopist who organizes and donates ALOT OF MONEY to charity and those less fortunate-and would never brag about it. Oliver is AWESOME!!!

1226 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

popeye the sailor-nation...tattoos are so lame ass. only weiners still get tattooed to appear bad ass. how's about a tribal, mayhn!!

1226 days ago


I have read some really ignorant things before....but never so many ignorant comments all in one place. To HOOPEE and some of the rest of the group here....consider women who have fake boobs or any other sort of plastic surgery. People spend millions of dollars to look a certain way. some people buy $100 million dollar oil paintings.

We tattoo artists and the tattooed are no different. We live our lives according to Our own terms. We are "sui juris" We create things into existence and leave Our marks behind on living flesh. Even after we are dead Our markings and Our memory will live on in the hearts and minds of many who offered up some of their skin in order for us to live and thrive and become successful.

Our trade traces back to the very ancient tribal and shamanic traditions. I understand that now it is a commercial enterprise although we should never forget our roots with respect for those who paved the way for us today.

As for remarks about Oliver or Kat....none of you even know them. Oh and hey better get some help with that mushroom addiction Brother. I heard they make you dumb or something. =) jeez....the nerve of some people. the sheer stupidity and lack of any common sense whatsoever.

1226 days ago


Props to Mary Jane and Stargazer for telling it like it is. BIG UP's to Oliver for all of the many contributions he has made and will make in the future to the world of tattooing, skateboarding, etc.... You have my vote Brother.

Oh and for whoever said the thing about Kat climbing to the top of a male dominated profession.... pleeeeeeeeeeeeaase! that is laughable.... Kat can apply a good reproduction fairly well but i wouldn't say she has "climbed to the top" that simply isn't true. The females i know in the tattoo industry are way better tattoo artist than Kat. quit beLIEving everything you see on the TELL LIE VISION

1226 days ago


Everything I have heard about Ollie from people who know him as been glowing, while I have yet to meet some who knows Kat who actually really likes her.

1226 days ago

neko nation    

Nothing more than a pile of human ****. Kat, Jesse, and her ex just need to die of ink poisoning and go away.

1226 days ago


he's clean, he's honest and he's got a sense of, oliver can ollie the gap in all of your meth-riddled toofeses!

1226 days ago


what the ****
people can look how ever they want.
it's no one bussiness. some peolpe have body percing and tattoo or not . it's up to that person

1223 days ago
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