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Kat Von D vs. Ex

Tattoo Turf War in Hollywood

5/10/2011 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D's ex-husband is launching a not-so-secret plot to defeat her tattoo parlor -- in fact, he tells TMZ, he just opened his own tat shop nearby ... and he's determined to beat her at her own game.


TMZ spoke with Oliver Peck -- who worked alongside Kat for years -- and he BLASTS his ex, telling us, they "make real tattoos" at his new place ... unlike Kat's "gimmicky tourist tattoos" a few blocks away at High Voltage.

Peck doesn't stop there, insisting, "Nobody gets a good tattoo [at High Voltage]" -- and urges ink enthusiasts to stop by his place instead ... "We're a real tattoo shop."

Oliver took over ownership of True Tattoo in Hollywood this January -- where they also filmed a handful of scenes for"Miami Ink" -- but the shop didn't open 'til this week because of remodeling.

This is what happens when you look like a cartoon super villain.



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1264 days ago


The term "Tattooed FREAKS" comes to mind while looking at these two...oh and can't leave out the king of sleaze Jesse (the cheater) James!.


1264 days ago


Grow up! You couldn't hold a candle to her on your own birthday cake- jealous button much?

1264 days ago


I thought Miami Ink was filmed in South Beach, FL...not Hollywood, CA?

1264 days ago


Oliver is in need of rehab, that's the confusion... He thinks hes better than Kat? Mushrooms I think!

1264 days ago


I saw on a PBS do***entary many people that were tattooed from Head to Toe. There was even a man recently in the UK that had the word "mini" tattooed on his penis in order to win a Mini Cooper.

At the end of this do***entary, the narrator stated his hypothesis on Tattoos by saying "Tattoos are a way to communicate a part of yourself or who you are even when you don't have the opportunity. (such as in a crowd or when incapacitated)

When a body full of tattoos are there, that's just too many chapters to decipher and it just looks like graffiti art.

I have one word, in lower case letters, in a very simple tattoo on my arm. If I am in public and someone sees it, they know more about me than several hours of communication would reveal. I certainly know that if I was killed in an accident, that the paramedics would know much more about me than just my name and age from my identification.

Tattoos are much like the leather, Goth or SM communities. For those that 'dive' completely into it and have their entire bodies tattooed, it becomes a way to fit in with a group of people and feel a part of that community. Most everyone in any professional career knows that if they get a tattoo to have it done in a discrete place that is up to the person whether to wear clothing or do something to reveal it. I know one guy that has tattoos on both of his arms. He has to wear long sleeved shirts everyday to work at a buy here, pay here, used car dealer.

As bad as I hate to quote an idiot like Charlie Sheen, "Plan Better!"

1264 days ago


How did they film Miami Ink in Hollywood???

1264 days ago


Without the tats she looks just like Rumer Willis in this pic......Just Sayin'

1264 days ago

sick of it    

Idiots..60...year olds look so stupid with ink in their skin.Some part of the brain isn't working..So Sad to do this to the body.

1264 days ago


Kat's Tats are overpriced, not as great as they appear and not to mention unless you're famous, regular people have a ridiculous waiting list. you're paying for the name recognition, not the work...i've seen local artists that put her works to shame and charge alomst 75% less than her...good to look at I'll admit, but she's slowly working to becoming a dried up slag that is letting her EGO get the better of her

1264 days ago


How much surgery has she had?

1264 days ago


True Class

1264 days ago


I have been by the Miami Ink location in "MIAMI". Did you just mistype that one? Did you mean that he bought the location where Kat's show in Hollywood was taped? Just wondering....

1264 days ago


Take away the tats and she looks a lot like rumer willis.....Just Sayin'

1264 days ago


Miami ink was filmed in south beach. The shop that he bought in hollywood was owned by one of the artists(Nunez)from the show.

1264 days ago
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