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Katie Couric vs. Meredith Vieira

Who'd You Rather?

5/10/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's exiting "CBS Evening News" host Katie Couric -- and exiting "Today" co-host Meredith Vieira.


Question is ...


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I'd do either one doggy style if I could tape a nude picture of Carrie Underwood to their back.

1261 days ago


Love My Fans 4 hours ago
Meredith Viera has class and has always remained unbiased in her reporting. Katie Couric is not a bad reporter because her bias is evident at all times. For many reasons Meredith Viera is a much better choice, not merely because she looks better, but because she's a nicer person as well as a better reporter. Remember, reporters REPORT and are not there to think for their audiences. Katie Couric is also a child molester with her 20-years younger boyfriend which is just plain weird. Wish she'd just go away for good.
Why can't Katie have a much younger man in her life as long as HE is of legal age? I mean MEN leave their wives all the time for younger women, I say good for her, why is it ok for men and not women?

1261 days ago


Fine, I'll take two for the team since most all of you men are full of $h/t, most every man I know look for two things in a women, a pulse and a vag-ina. Further more if eiter of these ladies offered to have sex with you... it would be a cold day in hell before you turned either of them down. You know it's true, you're only lying to yourself if you believe otherwise. Having now spoken the truth, I'd do both of them for the good of all man kind, as well to relieve my own sexual frustrations. I would perfer if we could have a threesome, like Lindsey Lohan's community service and jail time, I kind of want to get it over with and behind me, so we can get on with our lifes!:D Ok, first of all Meredith, I'm going to need you to get a paper bag big enough for Katie's head and her ego to fit in too! As long as we all three are here Meredith, will do America a favor and remove the stick from Katie's curvy a$$. Meredith looks like such a sweet innocent person, which means she is probably got a touch of freak in her, gosh I love MV!!! LMFAO Seriusly I hope some people got a little chuckle out of my wasted comment space and bordom, it all in good fun, and lets be honest men, it would probably be a move up for you if either of these ladies gave you the time of day, final...I really try not to be overly judgemental of famous people, they have enough A-hole critics that can annoy us and them with worthless opinions! Meredith does seems like the sweeter and more genuine of the two, and given their ages they don't look that bad either! As for Katie, I think ya might be somewhat bi-polar, but aren't we all, seriously though one minute you're sweet as can be and so nice to people (maybe because a camera is around who knows) and then the next minute you seems like you would tear someones head off and take a $h/t down your chest cavity....I don't know either of you, I'd hope, given your sucess and financial eraning over the years, that both of you are decent and kind human beings to everyone who is that to you! Oh and Katie, the bag thing was a just joke... and forgive the grammatical errors, I wrote this in less then 2 minutes on the way out the door.

1261 days ago


I find both women extremely boring and their departures from their jobs uneventful.

1261 days ago


katie is delicious!!!!

1261 days ago


katie is delicious!!!!

1261 days ago


I've changed my previous stance from my earlier statement, I must agree with you unboundzero, the fact that Katie is, from what I understand, a "self made" wealthy women, has become successful enough to tell CBS to kiss her sweet voluptuous a$$, and a women who commands power and respect and makes it look so sexy! The women may be 50 something but I would seriouly consider marrying her (if she would even give me the time of day) and I am in my very early 30's. Katie... what do you say, I will even sign a pre-nump, just to show you and the world I'm not after your money.

1261 days ago


Diane Sawyer!

1260 days ago


Your Who'd You Rather choices, like this one, are so often all horrifying. Wouldn't you get a more honest result if you included a "neither one, even to save my life" option? Anyway, consider this comment a vote for NO, ETSML.

1259 days ago


I would pick Katie if that would keep her off of ABC.

1254 days ago
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