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Dogfight Over Lindsay Getting Home Detention

5/10/2011 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will almost certainly avoid jail when she's sentenced Wednesday for misdemeanor theft, but there's a war brewing over how much time she'll be locked up at home.
TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will not have to serve more than the 120-day sentence for the probation violation.  Sources in the Sheriff's Department have told TMZ ... based on all the good time credits inmates get, as well as discounted time for jail overcrowding, Lindsay would only have to serve roughly 14 days and she'd be good to go.

But now L..A. County Spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ ... based on what the Department has done in the past, Lindsay may not get the credit jail inmates get based on overcrowding.  Short story -- for a 120-day sentence, without giving Lindsay the overcrowding credit, she'd have to serve roughly 84 DAYS.

Sources connected with the case tell us ... Lindsay would still get her 36 days credit for good time, but that means she couldn't leave her home for 84 days. 

Good news ... she can almost see the ocean.


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jimmy d 3 hours ago

OH MY GOD! She looks delicious in this pic. Her looks save her. Like Sarah Palin, she is probably a horrible person but ya gotta give it to her - she is beautiful.


That pic is 7 years old

1207 days ago


We have wasted so much time and money on this dumb sh*t, it's rediculous. And here we go again. So after all this, she's getting off AGAIN with a slap on the wrist and just how long will it be before she's right back in court for something else? Give her a long, friggin jail sentence she actually has to serve, a long time after that on home detention and if that doesn't knock some sense into her stupid head then lock her up for good and quit wasting the tax payer's money!

1207 days ago


If that was me, I would get thrown under the jail. Lindsay does all this crap and she walks away smellin like a rose.
Even the probation of violation(S) she should of been out of free passes a while ago.

Just goes to show there is justice for people that can afford it,and there is real justice for everyday folks.
Will this women (lindsay) ever learn her lesson?

1207 days ago


If the justice system fails to penalize her, I don't think the American people are going to let her off so easily. She has destroyed far more than her chances at bit roles, lost far more than a "career". Her name is mired in filth and the mere sight of her evokes revulsion. She needs to fade away before she ends up like that mummified has been bunny.

1207 days ago


Appropriate place for the homing device is obvious - wear it as a necklace.

Yanno how much she likes to accessorize with her special brand of bling!

1207 days ago

Who Farted    

this picture is OLD. Lindsay Lohan is a thief regardless the outcome of anything. TMZ must have been digging in the archives lol

1207 days ago


I want to shoplift and go to camp I don't give a ****. Fireaking pathetic

1207 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay is 16 0r 17 years old in the pic.

1207 days ago

john smith    

Is the pic photo-shopped? I know Lindsay got her boob implants when she was 16 years old, right Nicole??

1207 days ago


Lets give our soldiers publicity for a change. everday they risk their lives for us. us that are more interested in hollywood losers. charlie sheen is the biggest - lets please give the attention where it is deserved - not starving for

1207 days ago


it's a tmz composite photo, as it states directly underneath it!

1207 days ago


This photo looks photo shopped to me. That looks like the same face she made to Holly in court. Could just be me though but I think this is a photo shopped picture.

And everyone had been saying there's no way she could get time off for overcrowding since she would be serving time at home. Only TMZ was getting the trollhans hopes up.

I still don't want to say this is going to happen. I will wait for the court date.

1207 days ago

Nansi Gonzalez    

who cares shes old news already besides in no time shell get herself in trouble wit the law again!!!

1207 days ago

john smith    

I'm sure that Lindsay can see the ocean from her roof TMZ, it's only a couple of blocks and there's no tall buildings.

1207 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I was waiting for this story. Especially after Harvey didnt answer my question yesterday on Live regarding this very thing. If he had then this story would have been moot.

Yep, jail time and house arrest are two different animals. Just in the same zoo.

1207 days ago
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