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Lindsay Necklace Case -- No Contest Plea Tomorrow

5/9/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will officially plead no contest to misdemeanor theft tomorrow -- TMZ has learned -- but Lindsay won't be showing up in court.

Lindsay Lohan Plea

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lindsay wants to show up for the plea, but the cost and craziness associated with a Lindsay Lohan appearance is just too much -- what with extra Sheriff's deputies, court disruption, etc.

So Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will appear before Judge Stephanie Sautner to enter the plea.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will plead no contest, and in such cases it's routine a defendant can serve the sentence with an electronic monitoring device at home, rather than doing jail time.

As we first reported ... both Sheriff's Department and the Probation Department sources tell us ... Lindsay would be eligible to serve her 120-day jail sentence with electronic monitoring at home.

Judge Sautner has made it clear ... she's treating Lindsay like any other defendant, so it's likely the judge will allow her the electronic monitoring option.

And, a defendant who serves time at home with an monitoring bracelet gets the same time off for good behavior and jail overcrowding as someone who serves time in the pokey.  And we're told 120 days translates into 14 DAYS.   So 14 days with a bracelet and she'll be off the hook with the necklace!

TMZ will be in court tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


No Avatar


Running out of free courtroom runway outfits Lohan?

If the justice system does nothing to punish her, maybe the fact that her name is forever embedded in the gutter will.

1228 days ago


I want to know who keeps feeding TMZ and RO with all the pictures (example - the one at the art gallery) and all the stupid updates on this loser. Harvey must be cramming his pockets with dough.
Is she would leave for awhile the world would be a happier place.

I also think that a few of the trolls for Lindsay work on the TMZ staff. They help to keep the story going.

1228 days ago

Pony Princess    

WTG Linsey Babe! U beat them F***** again.
UR as cool they come. Congrats!

glad to see you support criminal behavior and getting away with the same. It's people like you, who think it's cool to say FU to the courts and laws, that make all the people have to pay more taxes for police, and other services, or, conversely, when people who are not law abiding are let out early to commit more crimes, to have a higher rate of people victimized by these same criminals.

And yes, I do put LL into the criminal category. She got there by stealing a necklace from a store (was actually charged with that one), and I put her in the career criminal category because she cannot abide by what the courts have told her to do for her punishment on her convictions.

What a shame. Hope next time someone is robbed, it's you. Or if you are doing the robbing, hope it's you who gets caught and is off to jail not being able to afford a SCH to continually get you off.

1228 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

smells like hype..from tmz..creating drama where there is none.

1228 days ago

Pony Princess    

What I'd love to see, considering how far LL has progressed in her "career", is for SCH to exit the courthouse tomorrow with no comment to the press, and the next day to have LL in court to face the judge and either do the pre-trial hearing or enter a plea with NO promises of what she would get.
But, knowing how the system in California is, that probably won't happen.

1228 days ago

Hot Farts    

When celebrities and people in general admit wrong doing they can succed. Denial of ones bad deeds keeps them in shame .

Robert Redfords new bio excerpt:

As a teenager, Redford had problems with the law. His used to steal beer and break into empty properties for all-night drinking parties. Once he was detained for breaking into a girls’ school at night. Later he was arrested for driving in an automobile that had stolen jewelry in the trunk. He was even a member of his own gang in high school—the Barons. A friend recalled, “We were a street gang, there’s no other name for it. The Barons became our camouflage for all kinds of petty theft.” Towards the end of high school, he experimented with drugs like marijuana and hashish. He also started drag racing cars, and once crashed a coupe while drivng 90 miles per hour.

1228 days ago

the Seeker    

@pony princess, @90291,
I'm confused are you a HATER for real or one of Lindsay's ex so called fans that just decided to jump on the hater bandwagon for thrills and giggles b/c you really deep down despise what you've become inside and outside so, you take it out on a young vulnerable mentally challenged victim of emotional abuse that goes back almost 20 years..

I say good work. Didn't Lucky130 say Lindsay"s tarot cards had a hangman or..?
maybe you could burn her at the stake on your witches pyre.?????

1228 days ago

Daffy Duck    

Lindsay might not be a Blood Red Witch, but based upon that photo, that succubus might have been burned at the stake in 1692.

- Woo Woo -

1228 days ago

Made it Past 27    

People saying she is innocent: they are so retarded. Look at her history. She has been stealing for years. Clothes, jewelry, mink coat, money, even accused of stealing Steve O's coke stash. Hilarium.

1228 days ago


Just a little FYI they've updated the Gotti page on IMDB to include the new director and Kelly Preston and her daughter. Lindsay's name is still very much absent.

1228 days ago


thats kind of sad hezzer

1228 days ago


How can there be overcrowding is she is serving at home????
Just sayin´

1228 days ago

Pony Princess    

the Seeker,
I don't consider myself a Lindsay HATER, although I would not be rushing to see her in a film. She's not a favorite actress for me.

I might qualify as a Dina HATER or ML HATER. Absolutely can't stand poor parenting, or parental units fame-whoring on their children's talents. They both seem to fit that bill.

LL irks me with her "I'm too special to be held responsible legally for my misdeeds" attitude, etc.

I hope someday she gets her life in order. Or, if she is mentally challenged, as you say, then she needs to have that officially recognised and do treatment to help her fulfill her potential. And stay away from the people who emotionally abused her (I'm guessing Dina and Michael), like FOREVER. I'm not looking for her to do years and years behind bars, but the bit of time she's done so far has had pretty much no impact on her that anyone can see. She seems to think that she should continue to just get a slap on the wrist and then be able to go out and party and do whatever the F she wants.

I don't consider what I say as burning her at a witches Pyre. But everyone has different ideas. Some say even charging her with the theft or making her go to jail and rehab is a LINQUISITION (i.e. a witch hunt).

Maybe we ought to just make it legal to drive drunk, have cocaine, steal necklaces from jewelry stores by wearing them out of the store (as long as the store owner doesn't stop us), etc. and just concentrate on pursuing real crimes like murder and drive-by shootings. Let everyone else go.

1228 days ago


Actually jeebus, I find it rather hysterical but I'm nasty that way. Heh.

1228 days ago


LOL I think its both. I'm sure she was hoping to use it as an excuse to get out of jaul...

1228 days ago
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