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Lindsay Necklace Case -- No Contest Plea Tomorrow

5/9/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will officially plead no contest to misdemeanor theft tomorrow -- TMZ has learned -- but Lindsay won't be showing up in court.

Lindsay Lohan Plea

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lindsay wants to show up for the plea, but the cost and craziness associated with a Lindsay Lohan appearance is just too much -- what with extra Sheriff's deputies, court disruption, etc.

So Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will appear before Judge Stephanie Sautner to enter the plea.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will plead no contest, and in such cases it's routine a defendant can serve the sentence with an electronic monitoring device at home, rather than doing jail time.

As we first reported ... both Sheriff's Department and the Probation Department sources tell us ... Lindsay would be eligible to serve her 120-day jail sentence with electronic monitoring at home.

Judge Sautner has made it clear ... she's treating Lindsay like any other defendant, so it's likely the judge will allow her the electronic monitoring option.

And, a defendant who serves time at home with an monitoring bracelet gets the same time off for good behavior and jail overcrowding as someone who serves time in the pokey.  And we're told 120 days translates into 14 DAYS.   So 14 days with a bracelet and she'll be off the hook with the necklace!

TMZ will be in court tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


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Sorry Pony, I have to agree with Dreamon. Pleading no contest, is like admitting you're guilty, except they can't use it against you in a civil suit.

And, Nicole, Lindsay said she was going to fight this to the end because she was innocent. Now she is no longer fighting it, which tells me that she's not innocent. If she really felt she was innocent, she would be fighting it. It's not like Lindsay to give up anything... drugs, shoplifting or even an innocent plea!!!

1231 days ago


She'll get to leave the house for CS

1231 days ago


When you do house arrest or work furlough, you do the whole time, unfotunatley speaking from experience.

1231 days ago

working mom 2    

Justice my a$$!!! To bad regular people don't get this kind of treatment, then no one would be in jail. Amazing how much these people get away with. The justice system in CA sucks and THEY should be put in jail for letting these celebreties get away with murder.

1231 days ago


"the cost and craziness is just too much"; lame excuse for someone who doesn't mind stealing and wasting taxpayers dollars.

One could only hope that in reality, she is finally too ashamed to show her face. Ever.

1231 days ago


YAY!! That's going to be a piece of cake for you my LOVELY LINDZ!! Handle it Lady, and then move forward with your life & career!! I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!! XOX

1231 days ago


Julia M ...I am with you here . I do not think that SH has served Lindsay well here. I think that SH was blindside by Revel last July 6 , she just never saw that sentence coming at all and that lead to this mess.. The Prelim was not what was expected either , SH was just not prepared . So now Lindsay pleads and has a conviction . That is bad enough but what concerns me is that down the road there will be another case of some one exploiting Lindsay again and she will already have one strike against her.Then what ?

1231 days ago


maybe after all these VOPs that one will stick and they can up grade the next VOP to the big F and jail time. and if you think she is getting off and can move on like nothing happened you are dead wrong. that community service and probation is going to break her

1231 days ago


I know that a "no contest" plea can result in as much punishment as a guilty plea but it isn't the same as a guilty plea.

1231 days ago


No, Nicole. A no contest plea is different from a guilty plea in that the plea itself cannot be used to determine guilt in a civil suit.
Remember, a civil suit only needs a preponderance of evidence, no reasonable doubt standard.

Otherwise, "I don't have a defense in h!ll so I won't contest it" is no different from a guilty plea.

It IS a conviction.


1231 days ago


I live in L.A. My sister was on house arrest, and she was only permited to go to her mailbox.

1231 days ago


That is the road she is on Andy . Her problems are ***lative ,that is why her VOP's have now got to 120 days . Pleading this out is not the way to go . For any one else sure it would be the way but for LIndsay no , too many ways it will go wrong . All she needs is another issue with her probation or her CS and that will be the end of her .

1231 days ago


Nicole she might get away with alot of it. but Karma has always been against her. for the last few years she said she has changed. but never has stepped up to the plate. so its just getting started. No body wants to work with her she has lost her friends and her family is a wreck. just because she has never been responsible for her own actions. i wish her the worst.

1231 days ago

Hot Farts    


That is correct sir. If this is truly handles as most house arrest cases in LA county. Most recently my office defended a 180 day sentence for a client and he did 30 days and was offered 70 days for his home arrest in order to complete his time so that was 100 days which is which is over 50%. In work release cases I have seen a total of around 25%. Both of these examples were cases that had no community service. Not sure how that factors in...

1231 days ago


Nicole what happened to CS today and over the week end. they are open on weekends too right. thats right thats her party days

1231 days ago
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