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Lindsay Necklace Case -- No Contest Plea Tomorrow

5/9/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will officially plead no contest to misdemeanor theft tomorrow -- TMZ has learned -- but Lindsay won't be showing up in court.

Lindsay Lohan Plea

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lindsay wants to show up for the plea, but the cost and craziness associated with a Lindsay Lohan appearance is just too much -- what with extra Sheriff's deputies, court disruption, etc.

So Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will appear before Judge Stephanie Sautner to enter the plea.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will plead no contest, and in such cases it's routine a defendant can serve the sentence with an electronic monitoring device at home, rather than doing jail time.

As we first reported ... both Sheriff's Department and the Probation Department sources tell us ... Lindsay would be eligible to serve her 120-day jail sentence with electronic monitoring at home.

Judge Sautner has made it clear ... she's treating Lindsay like any other defendant, so it's likely the judge will allow her the electronic monitoring option.

And, a defendant who serves time at home with an monitoring bracelet gets the same time off for good behavior and jail overcrowding as someone who serves time in the pokey.  And we're told 120 days translates into 14 DAYS.   So 14 days with a bracelet and she'll be off the hook with the necklace!

TMZ will be in court tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


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haha I love how TMZ and all media make it such a big deal she got busted for stealing a necklace like shes going to jail then its just 2 weeks at home hahaha who cares then???? So when she gets caught why are you clowns making a big deal when all Lohan has to think is big whoop 2 weeks at home is nothing.....I mean come on there has to be a point where she does a year or 2 straight in the pen no???? So she is above the law??? She can do whatever she wants and they will say overcrowded?? why fear the law then??

1262 days ago


Wow, that deal sounds really good. I bet Lindsay is probably glad she stole that necklace now. As it turns out, Lindsay's stealing that necklace was a very good thing for her. Sounds sweet: 14 days chillin at her beautiful pad right on the beach and she's off probation, back on the drugs and alcohol, and no doubt back to stealing.

1262 days ago

Terra Firma    

Harvey is really riding his one-trick pony: the horse-faced Lindsay Lohan. I guess it is really crowded in the crack house she lives in to get a reduced sentence. We shall see tomorrow.

1262 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Who is paying Looney Lindsay's Lawyer? We haven't heard the last of LL. She deliberatly gets in trouble to get her name in the News . She's a Media Whore !!! When was the last time she had a job? She will be in trouble again within 2 months - getting drunk, stealing something, lying about everything. In any other city, Looney Lindsay would be in Jail. She's UGLY and has the brains of a tree stump. Let's all forget about that white trash now and forever.

1262 days ago

george clooney    

If any producer thinks LiLO is a hot commodity and people will flock to the screen to see very mistaken. PEOPLE will show their disgust by boycotting ANYTHING she is in...guarantee it! I just cannot figure out why SIRHAN SIRHAN is still in jail....with the way California runs business. Guess he should have done some coke, a couple of DUI's, steal on 4 different occassions and perhaps he would be wearing a bracelet as well. Oh well....thank the Lord, I am no where near California and NEVER WILL BE!

1262 days ago

Terra Firma    

Let me get this straight. When LiHo appeared on Leno she said she "wanted to get her career on track." Is that referencing her stellar career of doing drugs, stealing furs, stealing jewlery. That sort of thing? Oh, I see.

1262 days ago


If she weren't constantly breaking the law, she wouldn't be spending all this time and money on lawyers/court costs. Really--just get a job, quit thinking rules don't apply to you, Lindsay, and have a happy life.

1262 days ago


Nicole... your right about July 6 , it was a disaster . My point is that a plea has too many risks because she is Lindsay Lohan . I do not think that she stole this necklace , she is just scatter brained... she was in the store after hours maybe she felt some urgency to leave and forgot it. It is not what she did that caused the big mess. It is what others did after and all that was because of who she is.
The store could have chilled out and just called her. The DA could have looked at what happened and not charged heror charged her differently ,,,but NO ...they all want a piece of her and now ..if she pleads they will get it .either way she is not in control and she loosesbig time .

1262 days ago


Hear a conversation between LinLo and her publicist about the necklace at Van Nuys courthouse at

1262 days ago


Reily, what makes you think everyone has Lindsay's number? She probably doesn't think she's a thief, she just think she's entitled to take whatever she wants because she's Lindsay Lohan.
She still took it without paying and only returned it when she found out there was a search warrant.

1262 days ago


reily oh yea she as at the wrong place at the wrong time.yea right. again and again. the judge saw the evidence and did not second guess that it was a mistake. i guess the car jacking and coke was not her fault too. maybe showing up to court hung over and late missing probation, monitors going off for booze. was all just a misunderstanding. Please choke yourself. damn where is my fur coat and watch

1262 days ago


oh reily she should be doing time for the Betty Ford worker and refusal. consider her lucky any one else 3 to 5 years

1262 days ago


reily 10 minutes ago

Nicole... your right about July 6 , it was a disaster . My point is that a plea has too many risks because she is Lindsay Lohan . I do not think that she stole this necklace , she is just scatter brained... she was in the store after hours maybe she felt some urgency to leave and forgot it. It is not what she did that caused the big mess. It is what others did after and all that was because of who she is.

I totally agree but she has already been punished for it and if she can get a reasonable plea deal then she may as well avoid the expense of a trial.
She has no chance of winning that VOP appeal and still had court commitments for another year due to the community service. Shawn is getting Lindsay the best possible deal and it is good that Danette is gone.

1262 days ago


With a no contest plea, the judge still enters a conviction. The only real difference is the criminal generally does not have to allocute the charges (or say "I did it."). As such, the no contest conviction cannot be used to establish guilt related to the same set of facts in a civil suit. Typically a no contest plea conviction carries the same sentence as a guilty plea conviction.

This is in sharp contrast to "taking responsibility for my actions" as she has been claiming she wants to do. She is still not owning up to stealing the necklace. She'll be convicted of theft, yet she is showing no remorse or no accountability.

I suspect Dina and the other Lohan camp members will try to convince the public Lindsay was never convicted, it was a move just to get on with her life. That's simply not true. A plea of no contest is the same as a guilty plea, minus the admitting in public what you did.

1262 days ago


Pfffft. This is just a drummed up story for TMZ to get hits. And dammit, it works. Don't believe this people. She will do time for the probation violation. No way around that one.

1262 days ago
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