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Emotional Meredith Vieira --

'It's A Difficult Day For Me'

5/9/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As her voice quivered ... and as she fought back tears ... Meredith Vieira finally made the announcement we all knew was coming ... saying, "I've decided to leave "Today" in June."


Vieira took the co-host seat next to Matt Lauer five years ago, replacing Katie Couric. Vieira will be replaced by Ann Curry.

Meredith says she made the decision, "After months of personal reflection and private conversations with my family and friends."

She added, "I'm really sad because ... for the past 10 years this has been my second home."

Mererdith says she wanted to spend more time with her husband, Richard, and her kids.

Vieira -- who also hosts "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" -- noted, "I really hope to stay with the NBC family ... that is my goal."

Lauer said Vieira "has brought class and dignity and talent and a joy of life to this show for the last five years."


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Country Lady    

Great news. She has been making me gag for ten years. Just another phony ghoul.

1271 days ago


I am sorry to see Meredith go, and wish her nothing but the best. For those who are saying such nasty things about her, perhaps you could consider what she's gone through for many years. Her husband, the journalist Richard Cohen, has been fighting MS (I believe) for a long time, even before they were married (and she wed him despite his disease, so kudos to her for doing that!). His condition has worsened, and he's also fighting cancer and is almost totally blind. Yet during all of this, she has held down two jobs and raised their three kids with courage and dignity. She won't be "popping up" on another network any time soon...she has more than enough on her plate right now with her family.

So perhaps everyone could show a little kindness and compassion for this woman and her family. She will be missed, but her family comes first and I greatly admire her for her decision.

Godspeed, Meredith and family!
I agree with you she is a very strong woman, and she has had a long row to hoe...she has done wonderful standing by her hubby and raising the kids and working two good luck Meredith to you and your family..God Bless

1271 days ago


maybe she wants to get away from s*** programing celeb licking bs propaganda non news reporting and get back to journalism. which is dead

1271 days ago


I'm glad this show changes up so often. Couric was cute and giggly...but I always had the impression she just never got it. When she left to 'upgrade' to the news...I watched her a couple times. She didn't seem to get that either. Prime time news belongs to a strong, confidant Brian Williams. Couric's demeanor reminds me of local news; UHF local news.

Vieira: Vieira always seemed to have a lag in her off-the-cuff responses or replies. Like she was hooked up to that 'delay' machine they use in split-screen interviews. She reminds me of someone you'd have to explain things to twice...which would be quaint...if I was watching the Disney channel.

Lauer: Does what he's told to do and keeps the troops focused. Other than one knows who Lauer really is. He'd be glad to tell you...but I don't think NBC allows Post-It notes on the clipboard.

Curry: Curry does a good news segment. She's prepared, she's curious, she speaks with the emotion the story demands. Well, they all do...only Curry sounds genuine. Bumping her up the ladder, I feel, would be a mistake. I think Lauer's union contract requires someone who has no more than 80% of his personal presence. Curry exceeds that.

Morales: Yeah, Natalie Morales, she's a sweetheart...only I just can't take her serious at anything. She strikes me as a 'filler' on this program, always mouthing an agreeable two or three word comment whilst the adults are talking to show she gets the subject matter. She always looks...extra.

Al Roker: Who's Al Roker?
Note: Al Roker has never been to "My neck of the woods..."

Hoda & Kathy Lee: I have no idea there...I don't watch, I'm a guy.

Lenny: Lenny? Who's Lenny? Lenny's the dude that gets up every morning, marches to the Today Show and stands in the same exact spot at the 'barrier' and points at the camera when it passes by him. Good for you, Lenny. I'll bet if Lenny had a job he'd get recognition for never being late or missing a day's work.

In fact, with so many people standing outside and so many people watching...who the heck IS working?

1271 days ago


Good, now maybe, just maybe that show will be quasi-watchable again.

But I doubt it...

1271 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

is it just me, or is it just hilarious, that 'ann curry' is chinese or something!! wth??! lol!

1271 days ago


It's just you.

1271 days ago


This day couldn't come soon enough for me. I never liked her. The day I first saw her with gloves with the fingers cut out, I freaked. Matt can go too and bring on Lester Holt. He is everywhere on NBC news. I love him. I am ready for the younger crowd.

1271 days ago


Oh boo hoo you spoiled filthy rich bitch. People dont have food and you think you have a reason to be sad. You can fly any person you miss to your home via a private jet any time you want.

1271 days ago


Like her and wish her well!! Not sure about Ann but we shall see .

1271 days ago


good luck i have m.s and my 12 old has diabetes take one day at a time and days are long & no help no insurance the cost just for to two of us is 4.000 a mo who has it not me so go with out so my babby can live . the cost is way to much she has a pump to keep her whit me thecost is 5.000 2 15.000 for a 100% usa kid sad the u.s should take care of there back yard to all the grown in u.s keep going you will get no help here !!!!

1271 days ago



Go to, introduce yourself and ask for help with your "no insurance" situation. There are several programs from government to insulin and pump manufactures to free glucometers and reasonably priced test strips. The members there are an invaluable source of real-world information. Diabetes of any type is manageable without putting you in the poor house.

1270 days ago


Meredith is one of the most down to earth and refreshing television personalities, and I wish her and her family only the best going forward. She just showed again how real she is in choosing time with her family over more money in the bank, etc. Thanks for the smiles Meredith.

1270 days ago
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