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NeNe Leakes

Trump Was

Disrespecting Me!

5/9/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NeNe Leakes is firing back at Donald Trump -- telling TMZ she "feels good" about bailing on "Celebrity Apprentice" ...because Trump disrespected her in-front of and behind the cameras.

NeNe Leakes Celebrity Apprentice

Leakes tells us her feud with Star Jones was REAL -- and says she was legitimately upset with Trump when Donald changed the teams on last night's show to "accommodate" the former "View" chatterbox.

NeNe tells us, "Trump was doing things to accommodate Star and not me."

Leakes says she felt producers were constantly trying to "provoke" her ... noting, "All of  the manipulating ... was very toxic. It was a very toxic situation."

She adds, "I'm not a quitter or a loser ... I had to walk out of the show for my own sanity."

"I feel good about leaving and I don't regret it. I don't believe you need to act like that for charity."


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Ne Ne is a bitch plain and simple. She has the ghetto childish attitude on her own show. So she can blame Star Jones and Trump all she wants but anyone who has seen the Real housewives of Atlanta knows what she is all about. Oh and way to keep the stereotypes that women of colour like me are trying to fight!

1228 days ago


Someone is going to knock the chip of this woman's shoulder some day and I hope the cameras are rolling when it happens.

1228 days ago


This woman has nothing to offer TV land other than a very loud mouth and the ability to speak over others. If hope I never see her ugly horse face on TV again.

1228 days ago


I love Nee Nee!!!! People just can't accept open and honest people. If I could meet any celebrity it would be Nee Nee! She has been right on all her calls about people on Housewives of Atlanta, and she was rightsaying Donald Trump sighted with Star. All you have to do is look a Starr Jones's eyes to see how evil she is

1228 days ago


I think it's amazing that NENE can "disrespect" anyone and everyone on the planet, in a bullying, intimidating, and threatening way, which is downright "verbally abusive" and then accuses Trump this way. Even Marly was scared by her. NENE is the new Omarosa and I think her charity should back away from her as she is no "poster-girl" for their cause... Abused women. It's like a Terrorist raising money for "anti-terrorism". This gal is off... and those voting for her really can't see the forest through the trees. Talk about a Thug in a ****tail Dress.

1228 days ago

Ms. Asia Noir    

I hope NeNe's 15 minutes are up. She is so disrespecting to herself and all women. She is a bully, a stripper and a loser.

I would like her to return 14 minutes back to the people. One minute of her is enough. I don't really care for Star Jones either, but she handled the situation with dignity. She didn't feel the need to yell and scream at the top of her lungs. She was soft spoken, but got her point across. She is an attorney, of course she is going to be conniving and aggressive, thats part of her job. I hope this is the last we see of NeNe whatever.

1228 days ago


NeNe claims she won't act like that for charity but she will do it for when she's on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She acts the same way on the RH show. This chick needs to go sit her big mammy yokum ass down somewhere. She ain't all that and is nowhere near as cute or popular as she thinks she is.

How did Trump disrespect her? If anything she disrespected herself, her crew and the client by acting a fool with Star Jones and I'm not a fan of Star. She also disrespected LaToya when she said LaToya was only important because of her last name and said she looked like Casper the ghost the week before...and NeNe of ALL people should never open up her lips to talk about how someone look.

I saw the show and she really got mad because Donald put her on another team which cut out her chance to continue to act a fool with Star. If Trump was to put Star on the other team NeNe would still have something to say. She's always think it's about her which is why she gets up in people's faces to confront them. I can't wait for her to get up in a person's face and they knock her big ass out cold...right on TV.

I will be so glad when her 15 minutes are up. She's nothing more than a ghetto talking wanna be gansta hood rat and a HUGE one at that.

1228 days ago


Out of almost 300 comments on this post, I did a fast count and I think there were 5 maybe 6 comments in NeNe's favor. I think that says something 15 minutes have been up a loooong time ago. Time to hit that pole again.

I would say try and get you a baller with money like Kim but hell, you bigger than most of them and I don't think that's a turn on to em.

1228 days ago


How can she be such a loser or a unknow when you losers take the time out to comment on somone you don't like or even know sit and spin dummies

1228 days ago



1228 days ago


Thank God NeNe is gone, why did it take so long? Thank God Star is a lady and act like a lady.

1228 days ago


Star & NeNe who? I have know idea what any of these women have done to be on celebrity apprentice. I guess bottom line is I don't watch the Trump show, but I am sick of watching these two.

1228 days ago

Lucinda fisher    

I do not like trump he has come off like a punk his comments on Obama I will never watch his shows ever again he showed true signs of low self esteem. Just because you have money does not mean you are confident because if he did not have the money none of his wives would have slept with him including his current wife.she gets big props from me because I would prefer to work and make my own money before I could sleep with this very unattractive man inside and out.he is gross with that hair and the worse tan .he looks old and he is ugly.He sucks!

1228 days ago

a fan    

the focus of the show is to help charities.Not so you can have camara time with star and fight. Trump did the right thing to separate 2 people who were fighting.

1228 days ago

a fan    

To lucinda fisher..if it didn't take Obama 3 years to FINALLY! show his birth recoed we as taxpayers wouldn't have to ask SO MANY TIMES! why didn't Obama just show the paper? looked like he was hiding something.Finally a taxpayer that could speak up and FINALLY Obama showed US ALL!Thank you Donald trump!for speaking for sooo many!

1228 days ago
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