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NeNe Leakes

Trump Was

Disrespecting Me!

5/9/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NeNe Leakes is firing back at Donald Trump -- telling TMZ she "feels good" about bailing on "Celebrity Apprentice" ...because Trump disrespected her in-front of and behind the cameras.

NeNe Leakes Celebrity Apprentice

Leakes tells us her feud with Star Jones was REAL -- and says she was legitimately upset with Trump when Donald changed the teams on last night's show to "accommodate" the former "View" chatterbox.

NeNe tells us, "Trump was doing things to accommodate Star and not me."

Leakes says she felt producers were constantly trying to "provoke" her ... noting, "All of  the manipulating ... was very toxic. It was a very toxic situation."

She adds, "I'm not a quitter or a loser ... I had to walk out of the show for my own sanity."

"I feel good about leaving and I don't regret it. I don't believe you need to act like that for charity."


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NENE IS A LOSER AND A QUITTER!!! So sick of her whining about Star Jones. She needs to GROW UP!!! The object of the game is to win money for charity and Nene DIDN'T WIN A DIME for hers! The longer you stay on the show and step up to be project manager, the more money you can possibly win for chairty. Instead of focusing on winning for charity, Nene wanted to focus on creating drama and keeping the spotlight on her. Star, at least, won over $100,000 for her chairty. Give credit where credit is due!!!

1271 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

She's so low class. She's also not smart enough to compete with real celebs so she stirs up drama and runs off. I still have a hard time calling her a celebrity. She's just a loud-mouthed housewife from Atlanta. Minutes to go: 15, 14, 13...

1271 days ago


She is both a quitter and a loser. Nene never takes responsibility for her actions. It's always "THEY MADE ME ACT THAT WAY". She's a lowlife and has no future in entertainment other than the Housewife program on which she appears. Stick to what you know. Acting a fool on Bravo reality tv.

1271 days ago


Nene thinks she's still in HS.She is a deplorable person who doesn't understand how to act in society!She thinks she can scream and point her finger in anybody's face(who does that).She's very emotional and a brat who throws tantrums if she doesn't get her way.I'm not sure she realizes that she's a NOBODY and can't expect the same treatment has Star Jones who's made a name for herself.I don't see the big deal w/ Trump putting her on mens team.Nene just wanted to continue to argue and scream wit Star and was upset that she couldn't do that anymore.He didn't just accommodate Star,he tried to calm the situation down.Nene get a clue and learn some class!She did the same to Kim on Housewives cause Kim made quick cash with her song and Nene kept hating on her and saying she can't sing. We know she can't sing but guess what she has a hussle that you can't stand!

1271 days ago


I can not stand Star Jones but NeNe proves she is nothing but a QUITTER! I don't think she liked going up against another strong black female. Plain and simple.

1271 days ago


team NENE !!!

1271 days ago


NeNe is a joke and thinks it's all about her. I'm still trying to figure out how she made it on CELEBRITY Apprentice. She can't stand in Star Jones' shoes and used the only thing she has (a big mouth) as leverage. I've been watching the show and have yet to see anything productive NeNe has done.

1271 days ago

Linda Jones    

NeNe was unqualified to be there in the first place and then expected her "street cred" to lower everyone's standards since she was the least educated of all of them. When she told Star Jones to "Bring your street cred!!" I wanted Star to tell her, "I will get street cred before you get a law degree!! Now please just shut up and listen because you just might learn something." Empty barrels make the most noise and NeNe confirmed this. She should stay in the 'hood where at least the crackheads think she's about something. Celebrity Apprentice is waaayyy over NeNe's street cred head.

1271 days ago


NeNe gace the finger to rump when she walked out and for that I will be ever greatful. I'm pretty sure Trump had issues with Nene's birth certificate.

1271 days ago



Trump should have immediately "fired" you when you disrespected his clients - this was a charity show not a reality show...

1271 days ago


Her son was caught with a joint...that doesn't make him a "drug addict", get real.

1271 days ago


I don't like NeNe but I liked the fights with Star. It made the show more interesting. Star threw everyone under the bus and sat back and acted so innocent. I'm so glad she got FIRED last night!!

1271 days ago


I believe NeNe is a baby!

Glad she's gone!

Thank you, Donald!
(Star too!)

1271 days ago


First: in ordr to gain respect you must give it.
Second: when you make a commitment you should keep it.
Third: Name calling only relfects on the one doing it.
Fourth: this was a team effort, not a singular one.

RHWOA showed your personality and though I liked you on that show, your attitude certianly came to the front even there. NeNevillage can some times be way too self serving and all about the head of the clan with not nearly enough maturity.

1271 days ago

sick of it    

she is lower than Whale Doo Doo and it doesn't get lower than that..

1271 days ago
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