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NeNe Leakes

Trump Was

Disrespecting Me!

5/9/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NeNe Leakes is firing back at Donald Trump -- telling TMZ she "feels good" about bailing on "Celebrity Apprentice" ...because Trump disrespected her in-front of and behind the cameras.

NeNe Leakes Celebrity Apprentice

Leakes tells us her feud with Star Jones was REAL -- and says she was legitimately upset with Trump when Donald changed the teams on last night's show to "accommodate" the former "View" chatterbox.

NeNe tells us, "Trump was doing things to accommodate Star and not me."

Leakes says she felt producers were constantly trying to "provoke" her ... noting, "All of  the manipulating ... was very toxic. It was a very toxic situation."

She adds, "I'm not a quitter or a loser ... I had to walk out of the show for my own sanity."

"I feel good about leaving and I don't regret it. I don't believe you need to act like that for charity."


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This broad is total trash - always has been, always will be. Somebody tell her to put on a shirt please, I'm tired of looking at her droopy old stripper boobs. Not impressed.

1262 days ago


Sorry you ugly loser but respect is EARNED. What have you done except let cameras follow your lazy @ss around on some dumb reality show? Star Jones may not be my favorite but at least she's accomplished a few things. The one time you actually have to do something beside sit on your butt and just be yourself and you can't handle it and quit. I hope it's the last opportunity you get so nobody has to look at that hideous face anymore.

1262 days ago


What an idiot. We all know Trump despises black people. Why is she even surprised?

1262 days ago


She sounds and acts like a High School Dropout! If she quit, then she's a QUITTER. It's as simple as that. I wouldn't want to be on that team.

1262 days ago

Too funniee    

I love how some folks LOVE to use "disrespected" when someone calls them out on being an a-hole. It's not disrespect if it's true. What a wuss...can't take a little heat? Just like most overinflated egotistical women...all talk, no game. I hope this charity she "supports" kicks her lame azz to the curb.

1262 days ago


"I don't believe you need to act like that for charity' yeah Nene will act like that for free - I mean who goes all crazy like that in front of a client and that 'ghost' stuff with LaToya was just an example of how much of a big bully she is - all about calling people names & screaming insults at them. Not surprised she is a quitter.

1262 days ago


quitter. never in a million years did I think she would quit, she let Star get the best of her as for Trump disrespecting her, get freaking over it! She didn't think she could win, that's why she quit Here was her chance to get past the "housewives" and branch out and she quit!!

1262 days ago


Good riddance to bad rubbish. So long NeNe go bully somewhere else. That kind of behavior is uncalled for out of anyone. I dont like her.

1262 days ago


Nene Leaks rocks, she has a great attitute and is always right! She's real and she sets the record straight while others are afraid to speak up. Star is a legend in her own mind. Dionne Warwick was jacked up too.

1262 days ago


Star Jones proved to be no angel, but good riddance to Nene, a classless bully.

1262 days ago


Oh brother!

1262 days ago


I am not sure who she is.From what I saw the last couple of weeks she acted like she was in high school. She quit the show and she quit her charity. Selfish Selfish.

1262 days ago


The most important message that a lot of you *******s are missing, is the fact that Mrs. NeNe Leaks could give a bleep about any of you haters! And Donald Trump, **** words can't explain his level of ignorance. He's a clown and NeNe saw right through his ****ery as well as Star Jones'****ery! I'm glad she left and for Trump, Sorry Jack your show is over cause we all know that if NeNe and Latoya wasn't on the show it wouldn't gotten so many rating and that's why he is Mad!! GIVE NENE HER OWN SHOW PLEASE. KEEPING IT REALLL WITH NENE! Love you NeNe and keep doing your thang girl. Hater's make you HOTTER! HOLLA!

1262 days ago


I hated her from the beginning.All she does is cause friction.Glad Trump fired her after she quit.The woman has no class.She is nothing but a big mouth so full of herself.

1262 days ago


Bitch, please ..... buh-bye

1262 days ago
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