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QUITS 'Celeb Apprentice' -- Trump Furious!

5/9/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She stood what she could stand ... and last night, NeNe Leakes couldn't stand Star Jones anymore ... and QUIT "Celebrity Apprentice."


It all hit the fan when Donald Trump reordered the teams on the show ... after Star told The Donald she couldn't work with her arch-enemy NeNe anymore.

An obviously FURIOUS Leakes stormed off to her hotel and told Trump, "You can't just accommodate her ... that's not fair."

NeNe then explained, "Mr. Trump bought into her bulls**t and i dont have to stay here and put up with BS to raise money for my charity. The best thing for me to do is just walk away."

Later in the show, Trump added, "The fact is she left ... she quit, she gave up. To you, NeNe, I say, you're fired. And you’re a quitter. And Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or not."


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No, trump, Nene kicked your ass!

1241 days ago


Oh yeah.....and one more thing

Dionne are a spoiled, lazy, b!t@h too! You were useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1241 days ago


I caught several episodes of C.A. to see what all the fuss was all about weeks ago (this cast was hilarious) and while I found Star to put up a good front and acts like she is smarter than anyone else, the bottom line is she is a drama queen in disguise and a very hateful woman with a rather large ego. She was never a part of the team, it was all about her. I can understand NeNe getting pissed off at Star and Star should be lucky NeNe didn't smack her butt down but NeNe also acts like a very classless woman with her own big mouth.
As far as Donald Trump, it's a JOKE that he even remotely thinks he could be a candidate for President. I admire certain abilities of Trump but he's becoming an American embarrassment.

1241 days ago


MidoriMe 3 minutes ago No, trump, Nene kicked your ass!

HAHA!!!! She sort of did didnt she!

Not a favorite person of mine, but she spoke he mind. But her Charity was the wrong for her....HEHE

domestic violence......that was a joke for her! IRONIC!

1241 days ago


oh donald! get a grip you wig wearing fool.

1241 days ago

Tony Johnson    

TRUMP dropped the ball HERE! He should have talked it over with NeNe before the show like he did With Satan's Sister (Star Jones)... But to sandbag NeNe the way he did was paramount to disregarding her... NENE did the RIGHT THING! I would have bounced just as QUIK as Nene did!!!

STAR should have took her big nasty pretentious a$$ to the other team ~ I STOPPED WATCHING AS SOON AS NENE LEFT!


1241 days ago


Not even on his ridiculous "reality" show does he get respect. Hilarious!!

1241 days ago


Nene made a big deal about "loyalty" and then she just walked off and deserted Latoya and abandoned her team. It looks like when the Donald removed Nene's ability to cause a ruckus with Star he stumped her game so Nene just ran off because she's nothing if she doesn't get the opportunity to be loud and make a scene. Nene's weak.

1241 days ago


I commend NeNe..for knowing herself enough and being strong enough to remover herself from a situtation that would only present negative energy towards herself. Star Jones..(plz STAR?) is a nobody who exploits everyone and everything around her to make herself seem more than she truly is..Ne Ne may not have had "x" amount of years in college but she does have the insight to know when she is being used..and degraded..and courage to remove herself from that so that she can go on with her life and still look into the mirror and know "i did the right thing for me"..that is important.

1241 days ago


ne ne was the victor here. she was wrong in not telling her new team she was quitting but she reached out to star to try and talk things out but star said no. star thinks she can shut everyone up by walking away and saying i am not going to your level. well ms jones you would have to take a very large climb up to get to some of those peoples level. you walked away from meatloaf who was trying to say something to you and then you said he was yelling. we heard meatloaf yell when he was upset with gary. he was not yelling. donald was wrong to split up star and ne ne he should have let them work out the problem between themselves. is this how he is going to run the country when he is voted (AND I PRAY THIS NEVER HAPPENS)president. gee i don't like this country lets move it over there. it just goes to prove that he likes star and with him firing ne ne it made him look like the total ass that he is. he is only out for himself and he thinks of no one but himself. and as for you star jones, sweetie, honey, baby HIT THE ROAD AND SEE WHERE YOU END UP AND WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE. I WILL MISS NE NE SHE STOOD UP FOR WHAT SHE BELIEVED BUT SHE WAS WRONG TO WALK AWAY AND QUIT. I PRAY THIS IS THE LAST OF THE APPRENTICE THAT WE SEE AND THAT DONALD TRUMP GOES AWAY AND OUT OF THE PUBLIC VIEW. HE IS NOT GOOD LOOKING OR A ROLE MODEL. HE CAN NOT EVEN KEEP HIS BUSINESSES GOING. HE IS A TOTAL LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1241 days ago


I guess Nene refused to show her long form of her birth certificate

1241 days ago

all about the money    

NeNe was the only one standing up to Star Jones. If she hadn't created all the drama Star would have just rolled over everyone else. Star was manipulative, vindictive, conniving, and yes Evil lady. She acted like she was so much superior to everyone else and would talk down, talk over, talk around anyone that didn't fall under her spell.

She is an evil evil evil woman. So glad to see Queen Star get FIRED this weekend.

1241 days ago


ummmmmmmmm truth be told Ms Moose Leakes.. you DIDN'T win ANY money for your charity.. lol

1241 days ago

all about the money    

CottonCandyMustache about a minute ago

ummmmmmmmm truth be told Ms Moose Leakes.. you DIDN'T win ANY money for your charity.. lol


I am sure people that support NeNe for standing up to Star would be willing to donate to her charity all because she did put Star Jones in her place

1241 days ago


Nene can talk the talk but can't walk the walk! BIG mouthed do nothing QUITER!

1241 days ago
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