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Paul McCartney's Fiancee -- The MASSIVE Rock

5/9/2011 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Look at your knuckle ... now look at the ring on Paul McCartney's new fianceé Nancy Shevell ... it's the size of HER knuckle. Not too shabby, huh??


Shevell was sportin' her new rock out in NYC this weekend ... and if the rumors are true -- that Paul spent $650k on the ring -- lady needs to get herself a bodyguard, STAT!


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1230 days ago


Clearly TMZ has issues with size, that is NOT the same size as her knuckle and I've seen many nicer rings for less...

1230 days ago


Gee, I wish I had just $650.00 to make my bills in this Obamanation economy this month.

Guess Mr. Silly Love Song never listened to his own lyrics..."Buy you a diamond ring, my friend, if it will make you feel all right...but money can't buy me love."

1230 days ago


He can apparently only woo women with money anymore. Didn't he learn from his last golddigger?

1230 days ago


That's great for her. When he was touring with Wings in the early days he was notoriously tight-fisted...just sayin'.

1230 days ago


Dorinha 15 minutes ago
Rocko 13 minutes ago

And do NOT tell me "she is a millionaire on her own" crap. You people don't know her, or what she is capable of if her buttons are pushed enough.

You don't know her either, but this hasn't deterred you and others from condemning the marriage before Paul even walks down the aisle. If Shevell ever gets her "buttons pushed", then she had better think twice before orchestrating a public "He said/She said" feud with an ex-Beatle. Heather Mills tried to drag McCartney's name through the mud during their divorce proceedings, and destroyed her own reputation in the process.

How is Shevell's being a millionaire in her own right considered "crap"? She has money, and lots of it. Even if she divorces McCartney and takes him to the cleaners, Paul will only become slightly less of a billionaire, and perhaps live out the rest of his life as a celebrity bachelor, banging random chicks along the way. Poor guy.
I never said I knew her. Don't put words in my mouth. When I said "crap" I obviously meant it as a form of expression. I guess next time I'll explain every part of my comment point by point. My..

1230 days ago


Huh, I wonder how much he had to drop for Heather's ring...

1230 days ago


That is not even Paul McCartney. He is a look a like. Some say his name is Bill Campbell. Compare the photos & video of him before 1966 and 1967 on. Paul died in 1966 and this guy has stolen his identity. This is not a joke. James Paul McCartney was shorter, had brown eyes and a round face. This is not him. Other powers that be were worried that there would be mass suicides if they announced that he died. The beetles could not talk about it. But they left clues in there music and album covers.
"Those freaks were right when they said you was dead" from the song How do you sleep by John Lennon.

1230 days ago


She is not that pretty compared to his past wives, Linda and Heather. Linda was gorgeous and Heather was fairly pretty.

1230 days ago


I meant to say The Beatles. misspelled it. I am tired. But look it up. Sadly Paul really is dead. People shouldn't be allowed to take on your identity after you die.

1230 days ago

Jack DaCarup    


1230 days ago


I wondered how long it would take before the Paul-Is-Dad yahoos showed. Only three pages.

Joe: Your comment about her ring -- "It's not that heavy. She can still play the piano, take her clothes off or put her hand under Paul's butt. She could even wash a dish if she wanted to." -- gave me a great laugh! Thanks.

I think he splurged on the ring because they're not having a big wedding. Nancy said they're going the justice of the peace route. Old people in love are so cute.

1230 days ago


People make me laugh. Wow.

1230 days ago


Listen what George Harrison says when he is talking to John lennon at dinner. "Beatle Bill is making a pig of himself..."

1230 days ago


laugh all you want, it wasn't your life so why would you care?
A lot of times people dismiss things that sound outlandish without even taking the time to research it. Like how when planes crash they leave wreckage and do not evaporate. But on 9-11=2000 it happened twice in the same day. And a building collapsed that had not been hit with a plane for no reason. And it doesn't take much research to connect the dots. Celebrities and Politicians use doubles all of the time.
These days we have better technology. Everybody can compare the photos and video easily via the internet. All of this is possible. And if you have a good eye you can see and hear that this is not the same man.
I may not know all of the reasons why he is doing this, but true fans know that This guy is not Paul.

1230 days ago
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