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Whitney's Rep: Drugs and Booze ARE The Problem

5/9/2011 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A rep for Whitney Houston says the singer is receiving treatment in an out-patient rehab program for drugs and alcohol as part of a "long-standing " recovery process.


TMZ broke the story ... Houston voluntarily enrolled in the program around 10 days ago.

Houston has admitted her problems with substance abuse in the past ... but TMZ has learned the demons have resurfaced.

A music industry source who was with Whitney two weeks ago tells us, "She was plastered and she was a mess."


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Gsharon 710    

Whitney Love, two words................YOUR DAUGHTER!

1160 days ago


Did you see the footage of her and her daughter at the Prince concert? They were BOTH loaded! So sad

1160 days ago


What a sad waste of a mega talent, i am a 60 year old Caribbean male and i absolutely adored that woman and her extraordinary voice no other singer came close to her range, versatility and talent, maybe a few classical singers. Not wishing to be unkind i believe she married the wrong man who was already hooked on drugs, but she could have said no thank you.Get the hell out of my house.I really hope that the good angels from the realm on high allow her to repair and have a second chance. I still love you girl. Best wishes and best of luck. be strong stick with the rehab.

1160 days ago


Curse that piece of crap Bobby Brown! Whitney... What happened to you girl?! So sad how your life has gone down.. Get it together.

1160 days ago


Thought so. She and her daughter both looked HIGH as a kite at that Prince concert!! What kind of mother gets high with thier own child...Yuck!

1160 days ago

moe l.    


1160 days ago


What they need to do is lock the crackheads in a room and drop a pound of Mexico's finest product in the middle of the floor.

1160 days ago


Actually anyone who admits they have a problem and goes to rehab to kick their habit is a Winner to me - I hope she sticks with it and beats the desire for the drugs -

1160 days ago


Poor Whitney, another ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS 12-Step religious cult program.....

12-Step religious cult is a 100% FRAUD & SCAM; just ask any of Dr Drew Fraudski's Celeb Rehab clients; they're all more addicted than ever before...

1160 days ago

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff would have thought that drugs were ruining her, shes a serious drug addict and outpatient rehab never works...look at Charlie Sheen..she need inhouse rehab or a kick in the azz...and I see her daughter going down the same path.....

1160 days ago


We knew this when she was on her concert tour which is why the tour was a big mess. Hope you can get well Whitney and maybe someone should check her daughter out also. Try and nip that in the bud.

1160 days ago


Charlie Sheen on drugs? Just a rumor!

1160 days ago


*************************CORRECTED POST*************************

Sincerity about a minute ago

angeleyes 18 minutes ago

Actually anyone who admits they have a problem and goes to rehab to kick their habit is a Winner to me - I hope she sticks with it and beats the desire for the drugs -


I couldn't agree more! I would love to see her "clean & sober" and effectively coping with life in a "mature" fashion. Even though she's thrown her "GOD GIVEN" talent "under the bus", she can still mentor other artists but it won't happen until she stops "self destructing". It's time for Whitney Houston to accept her current professional reality, forgive herself and move on with her life. She owes it to herself and her daughter!!! If she wants it bad enough, it can happen!!!

1160 days ago


I can't believe how far Whitney has fallen since her glory days. All that talent, phenominal voice, looks, the whole 9 and she flushed all down the commode. Damn shame! Wonder how much money she has left? Could be making millions & millions if she'd get her life back together. Sad for Bobbi Kristina to grow up seeing her mother wasted all the time. What the hell happened to you Whitney???

1160 days ago


I think that it is even harder for her to stay clean in the light of sober , morning after reality . When you are sober you have to look yourself in the face and deal with past demons that made you use in the first place, then deal with the wreck and damage that you have created that is now, This is your life. It's not as if once you are sober life returns as it was. Maybe she is hating herself for all the damage that is not reparable and self loathing does lead to relapse.

1160 days ago
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