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Whitney's Rep: Drugs and Booze ARE The Problem

5/9/2011 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A rep for Whitney Houston says the singer is receiving treatment in an out-patient rehab program for drugs and alcohol as part of a "long-standing " recovery process.


TMZ broke the story ... Houston voluntarily enrolled in the program around 10 days ago.

Houston has admitted her problems with substance abuse in the past ... but TMZ has learned the demons have resurfaced.

A music industry source who was with Whitney two weeks ago tells us, "She was plastered and she was a mess."


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This is sad news. I was inspired by her beautiful music and voice. The Greatest love of all and One moment in time are still an inspiration to me and I wish Whitney would listen to the words again and make a positive change in her life. She needs to be strong and help her daughter who's also following the wrong path. I truly wish them the best.

1173 days ago


Yes Sincerity - This lady has had a phenomenal career - I went to her official biography and she has much to be proud of in her accomplishments - but as you say - at this point she has to "forgive herself" and make a change. I'm happy to hear she is making the effort - it's one day at a time and accepting that no one can change the past but only move forward to a better tomorrow. She could be a wonderful mentor to younger artists and perhaps help them avoid the pitfalls of success.

1173 days ago


weasel, you are way off. why blame her ex husband for her dtrs problems or hers. she is a major unhealed addict, and her dtr is too. why wouldnt her dtr be, living with whitney, who has practically never been denial..everyone who has seen her lately has known...she has been in her addictions, and they called it allergies...enablers. bobby brown is doing well now, and with a wonderful woman...he needed to get away from her to be well. get real.

1173 days ago

January Jonez    

Yeah, she seemed pretty 'wrecked' @ that Prince concert...

But some people really don't want to get clean tho, they just make an attempt after a string of f*cked up episodes AND then it's back to business as usual.

1173 days ago

Yuk Suk Tu    

The only reason she went to rehab was bcz she was photographed at the Prince concert looking cracked out and bizarre. That's when people found out and discovered her addiction was in full bloom, she didn't go to rehab to get clean bcz she wanted to. Just a publicity stunt. She's going right back to the crack pipe as soon as all this dies down a bit. Just a has been addicted to crack, nothing new here.

1173 days ago


I hope Whitney can finally deal with her addictions and still entertain her fans - possibly by acting since her singing voice is shot. Sad situation.

1173 days ago


She was sauced at the Prince concert. She's a horrible role model for Bobbie Christina who all of a sudden shed her baby fat. Gee, I wonder how that happened.

Whitney's biggest problem has always been her huge, over-inflated ego. It's what allowed her to click w/ Boobie Brown. The only thing those 2 wastoids are good for now is Celebrity Rehab.

1173 days ago


What an addicted wreck!! Her attempt at a come back was a bust as her voice is gone, never to return!!

1173 days ago


I stand by Whitney, bless her soul - I only hope she can fight her demons and find peace to live a full life once again. I have a 23 year old daughter who is an addict; anyone who thinks it's as easy as a stint in rehab and willpower is sadly mistaken. The drugs out there today are not like those from other generations. These drugs grab hold and don't let go - it's a life-long battle and temptation can be found both in the darkest and brightest moments. Whitney's human and got caught up in the lifestyle, easy to do; fortunately she made it out alive. Just as my daughter will never be the same, even if she beats her addiction one day, Whitney has lost a piece of herself. She has given the world amazing music and has earned the right to be a diva. I believe she has a lot more to give and be given.

1173 days ago


Rumors are that she's gay and since she comes from a religious family coming out would mean going to hell. Instead she'd rather marry Bobby B. and do drugs...what a waste of a voice.

Her last attempt was not a comeback.

1173 days ago


From what I've read, she needs to take her daughter with her.

1173 days ago


I love Whitney and think you people who judge her are idiots.

1173 days ago


TNB pretty well explains it.

What comes before DUI?


1173 days ago


Bobby Brown ruined her life! She could have been another Aretha Franklin or Dianna Ross but Bobby got her hooked on the crack! He still cant stop moving his mouth he's done so much of it. Quite sad to see a human being destroyed by a pos like Bobby. Apparently runs in the family as well.

1173 days ago


Years ago I dated a guy whose company insured her entire entourage when they were on tour. It was a HUGE production; she employed so many people and literally had a village that she supported. Her voice was amazing, she thought she was so cool doing drugs and being a pop the mighty have fallen.

Cigarettes can hurt your voice, but when you have as strong a set of pipes as she does, you can still sing...look at her aunt (a lifelong smoker who can still belt out the tunes.) No, there's more to her ruined voice than just the butts. Gotta be crack...drawing in toxic vapors at 500 degrees Celsius..bad for your body, bad for your soul.

She comes from a religious is my opinion that nothing short of a total surrender to God will save Whitney. She needs to get on her knees and just Give. It. Up.

With some rest & treatment, (and quitting cigs and drugs for GOOD) she might get her singing voice back. At which point she should sing gospel and mainstream-Christian songs. IT would be a good move for her career and her family...just my 2 cents...

1173 days ago
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