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Arnold/Maria Split

A Long Time Coming

5/10/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver has been "miserable" in her marriage for a long, long time, sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... and it's all about Arnold Schwarzenegger's "craziness."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Divorce

We're told Maria moved out of the couple's L.A. mansion months ago.  Sources tell us she's been extremely unhappy in her marriage for years, complaining about Arnold's out of control ego, as well as his womanizing.

We're also told Maria feels Arnold has ignored her for years and she's felt terribly unappreciated.

Sources say the couple has spent "very little time together" for several years.  Maria was frequently absent from Sacramento while Arnold was Governor. 

The situation got worse once Arnold left office and decided he wanted to resurrect his movie career.  Maria felt Arnold was becoming more erratic -- more "unstable." 

Our sources say Maria's religious views caused her deep distress over whether to split and/or divorce.   As one source put it: "She's been a lost soul for a long time."


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john doak    

Look forward to Arnold hooking up with Rae Dawn Chong for Commando II.

1228 days ago


I am very surprised and unhappy at this news. I think they made a very beautiful couple both when they were younger and now. I don't blame Arnold one bit for the economy, that lays at the feet of the greedy CEO's who have eliminated jobs, raised expectations of the over-worked employees left and don't even pay taxes on the blood money and bonuses they collect from the companies they don't even run.(the workers do)

1228 days ago


Come on people! Can't you recognize the face of an alcoholic? Look at her.

1228 days ago

My New Name    

Wow. This is too funny. I've always felt a connection with Maria and Arnold because my husband and I got married the same year.

And what a coincidence. I'm miserable in my marriage, too. Who knows, maybe this year I'll get the courage to leave, too.

1228 days ago


My gosh that picture of Maria, granted Arnold is no gentleman, but how could any man (or lesbian woman) wake up to that every morning?

1228 days ago


Pray for them and wish them the best! 1 peter ch3 V*8

1228 days ago


She looks like a tranny

1228 days ago


Absolutely no surprise at all. Any "insider", or those that had seen him on the set of a movie can confirm that he had wandering eyes (and roaming hands) when it comes to young, beautiful women. I'm surprised they didn't separate earlier but AH-NOLD had his political career, and the perception of a Republican with good old traditional values, to think about. Now that his political career is winding down he has no need for Maria Shriver who, quite frankly, looks rather scary!

1228 days ago


Didn't mean to sound callous in saying Maria looks scary. But she isn't what Ah-nold is looking for in a bed partner to boink. The real Ah-nold is the guy from "Pumping Iron". Arrogant, egotistical, backstabbing, somewhat sociopathic. His nice guy act on David Letterman and talk shows are an act. I don't knock it because it's got him places. Unfortunately, Maria Shriver is one more collateral damage in Ah-nold's conquests.

1228 days ago


Well for the record I disagree with many on here - I have found Maria's face striking in the pictures I've seen of her over the years - and find her to be an attractive woman in my eyes.

It's a sad thing when a long term marriage ends but in time both of them will be much happier - and I wish them both well.

1228 days ago


I agree with the guy who stated that women and men on this board clearly have opposing views: the women think his womanizing was the cause and the men think her getting older was the cause. They both had careers that were heavily reliant upon A LOT of external beauty. So I imagine they both had a bit of an ego.

What I have never, never understood is why she gave up having a professional career when he became the Gov?

I always thought her decision to give up a successful career for her husband was unwise. Not because of money, but because her career had defined her for so long in the public eye and obviously given her some degree of happiness. Could she not have parlayed this into some other area of the media where she was still "Maria" but not reading the news every night on TV? Andrea Mitchell (married to Greenspan) never gave up her career as a TV producer while her husband was Chair of the Fed.

LET THIS BE A LESSON FOR OTHER WOMEN: even if one's husband's career becomes incompatible with your career, never give up doing the things that make you "you" --IE. the reason your husband fell in love with you and the reason you got out of bed in the morning before you even ever met your husband. He will not continue to view you in the same light. And, most importantly, YOU will not continue to view YOU in the same light.

1228 days ago

Brent Moses    

You can't really expect a guy like be Arnold to happy staying in one place for the rest of his life. He will always have to be moving around and trying to acheive everything he can. I mean he didnt go to his fathers funeral because he was 3 weeks out from mr olympia and couldnt take the emotion. His only objective is to leave a lasting legacy to the people and I believe he will.

1228 days ago


who cares...they both used each other for influence....and the bee-utch gets 1/2 of his est $400m, from what i've read...when will men learn to not get married as it's no benefit to us at all.

1227 days ago


No matter how famous people we're talking about,the situation is always the same since feminism started in the world.That's a tipical woman behaviour that if not they're who dominate a relationship or in the centre of the world then they break up because of their inferiority complex towards men.90 percent of break up or divorce starts by women all around the world.Isn't it strange? That's not good.
Ego or not, Arnold got famous because he always needed new challenge,so nothing has changed Arnold is still himself,he's never gonna stop while he lives in this world and that's the Arnold whom Maria knew from the start.Back then Arnold was good enough because he was very confident and definite character (which women love in men)and now the very same Arnold is not good enough just because Maria couldn't change him through years and after all those years she wants divorce.It's not Arnold's fault.

1226 days ago


If you look up narcissism, is has to do with needing to seek to feel superior, to be the center of attention to get a strong but essential "narcissistic supply" to ego, especially from admirers, and seeking grandiose schemes. Yes, some narcissists can accomplish a lot, but through their charm others become the pieces in their game in which the rules are whatever works for them, without guilt. Narcissim is generally considered incurable and a suggested root is failure to bond securely due to an overdominating mother or unavailable father.

1222 days ago
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