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Radio Host to Hilary Swank: You're Not a 'Pretty Girl'

5/10/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Swank's hotness level has long been a subject of debate -- it was an entire storyline on "The Office" once -- but during a radio interview yesterday, Hilary got a brutally honest verdict from the host.

It all went down on KCRW -- when host Kim Masters tried to ask Hilary if she's finding "fewer good roles" as she gets older.   Hilary explained that aging women can still find quality work in Hollywood -- and used Meryl Streep as an example.

That's when Masters quipped, "But she's the exception ... she's not like the pretty girl ... and you're not either."

Swank jokingly replied, "Hey what are you trying to say?" ... before saying she "completely" understood Kim's point.

So, we gotta ask ... 


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Maybe not a Model type BUT she does have TWO Oscars. Not many get one in a lifetime so i guess she's doing something right.

1260 days ago

Charlie Winner    

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah shee's HOT Wilbur!!!!! Snort, hoof, hoof!!! Just loooooooook at that horse head she has on her!!! NEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

1260 days ago

deaf dude    

she's a totally master isn't!

1260 days ago


I'd say she's a 8, she has a lot of class though.

1260 days ago

That's what happens when you wear STUPID shoes!    

That was b*tchy. Hillary Swank may not be a supermodel, but she's an EXCELLENT actress and has a BEAUTIFUL figure. GO HILLARY!

1260 days ago


Body = 9; Face = 1; Average score = 10/2 = 5

1260 days ago


She's a 7 and sometimes she even sorta looks like an 8.

1260 days ago


I think she has a very unique and attractive look that's all her own and she has amazing acting talent. I just saw this movie she was in called "The Resident" and her body is smokin'. People need to be less judgemental and anybody with rude comments about someone as cool as Hilary Swank should eat s*** and die.

1260 days ago


shut the FK UP you piece of crap byatch. I love hillary Swank!!! Radio host is a jealous piece of nothing!

1260 days ago


I listened. Y'all (TMZ) are blowing it out of proportion. It's not that she is not 'pretty' but that she is different a type of woman. She's not the 'hollywood ideal', but she's not unattractive either. It's a hard question to ask though without being offensive, we have to give the radio host credit for that...

1260 days ago


Heres a tip for the host, dont insult your guest that you're interviewing. Incredibly tacky of her to insinuate that she's not pretty.

1260 days ago


attitude aptitude applitude

1260 days ago


kim masters is not hot at alll!

1260 days ago


Hilary is a classic butterface, everything is hot, but her face. That body is a definite 9 and think of her like a moped. We'd ride her but we just don't want our friends to see us doing it!

1260 days ago


The choices really aren't fair. Why not give us the choice between 1 and 10? I'd say she's about an 8 or 9. She's a great actress! Her beauty is in the fact that she's doesn't appear so fake and implanted everywhere! Radio host shouldn't put people down unless she's willing to take the hits back.

1260 days ago
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