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Radio Host to Hilary Swank: You're Not a 'Pretty Girl'

5/10/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Swank's hotness level has long been a subject of debate -- it was an entire storyline on "The Office" once -- but during a radio interview yesterday, Hilary got a brutally honest verdict from the host.

It all went down on KCRW -- when host Kim Masters tried to ask Hilary if she's finding "fewer good roles" as she gets older.   Hilary explained that aging women can still find quality work in Hollywood -- and used Meryl Streep as an example.

That's when Masters quipped, "But she's the exception ... she's not like the pretty girl ... and you're not either."

Swank jokingly replied, "Hey what are you trying to say?" ... before saying she "completely" understood Kim's point.

So, we gotta ask ... 


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Sociopaths are Sad    

The radio host sounded completely intimidated by Hilary. You could hear it in her voice. She was totally mean-girling Hilary. But I have heard less than flattering things about Hilary as a person - very aggressive and ruthless when it comes to getting roles. Which is probably why Hilary is so successful - she's a beyotch herself.

What is this need Americans have to paint one person as the bully and the other as the victim? Sometimes both are bullies.

This radio host beyotch is incredibly insecure at being in the same room as a much more successful woman who is better looking than her but worse looking than many others in Hollywood - and they both know it. So she takes Hilary down a notch and Hilary tries to defend herself and "completely understands" what she meant. But she didn't could tell. LOL. But who cares? Hilary's not the nicest person herself and she's crazy if she thinks that women don't have it much worse in Hollywood than men do...because everyone knows they do - at least the radio host can admit it. It really bugs me that Hilary can't admit that women have it worse than men in Hollywood when they get older. Yeah...she's lucky because she doesn't "feel" it yet. Ugh. Get over yourself Hilary - you feel it just as much as the next woman.

Long story short - both are CATS and it was a subtle catfight.

1263 days ago


Hilary Swank is amazing. I lived in LA for five years and of the hundreds of celebrities I came into contact with back then, she was by far the kindest and most impressive and genuine of them all, no contest. She's also adorable and clearly one of the most talented working actors of her time. This radio personality obviously knows that and is threatened by it and took a cheap shot out of jealousy. It's all good, because no one knows who this lady is and now, no one is going to care. It takes a true heart to shine and I am confident Hilary Swank has it while this woman doesn't. Don't sweat it, Swank - she isn't any competition for you and you both know it.

1263 days ago


Dayum, that was rude! Does Ms. Masters have Tourette's? Or a mirror?

Hilary Swank has style & *presence*, and is what was termed in Victorian novels as "a handsome woman" ... just like Sarah Jessica Parker. (Sturdy, with strong features ... built to last. LOL!)

1263 days ago

Mind Bullet    

To Kim Masters: You are not a pretty 'girl', or 'boy', or 'pig', or 'monkey'. Now, you may be one or two of those species....but pretty is not included in that species name. Do the math. Why do people have to be so mean and vicious?? Makes no sense to me.

1263 days ago



I'd much rather give Hilary a good ride on my bone pony than Kim Masters.

1263 days ago


Tee-hee. People like you folks keep me employed.

1263 days ago


Stupid comment Kim! "Pretty" is over-rated - quite often plastic and not suitable for a lot of fabulous movie parts that require real acting skills and character roles to be played. I find more interest and beauty in a face that is handsome and intriguing -

"Pretty" can have a short shelf life whereas handsome, unusual faces can be captivating for much longer IMO.

1263 days ago


I love Hilary Swank and I think she's very beautiful.

1263 days ago


Like Hilary, I totally get what Kim was saying and it's not an insult at all. Hollywood is filled with "pretty girls" - the quote marks are very important, something that might not come off on radio.

The point is that Hilary isn't just some airhead getting by on being t&a on a movie screen. She is an actress who really works at her craft and that is why her career will last long after the airheads have resigned themselves to "roles" as trophy wives to sleazy rich men.

1263 days ago


Honestly people!! You sit behind your computers and have the audacity to give another person a rating? That is one of the most shallow things I've ever heard of. Who cares what the woman looks like?! She's an Oscar winning actress, twice over. I think that alone speaks volumes about her. I'd rather see a fantastic movie with Hilary Swank than any craptastic movie with a "Megan Fox" type any day!! People need to get REAL!!

1263 days ago


understand the point that Kim was trying to make
but boy did she start out about it in the wrong way

she should have just made a point of the similarity between Hilary and Meryl in that neither is famous for continually playing sexy/cutsie roles (like Kate Hudson/Goldie Hawn etc.) so they will not have the fear of looking/being to old/unatractive to get the roles they want

1263 days ago


just thought I'd point out that even from a young age, screen legend Katherine Hepburn wasn't one of the cutsie/sexy actresses either
there was a strength/substance and depth about her the same way there is about Hilary, and it served her well

both classic/atypical beauties from the start in comparison with the voluptious pouty-lipped ingenues who rarley have staying power

1263 days ago


Whether you think she is hot or not is up to you and is your business. Just shut up about it.

And that stupid b**ch Kim Masters has a lot of nerve to say that to her face. I don't see the point in making such a comment unless your goal is to be a c**t.

1263 days ago


Hey TMZ, instead of ranking Kim, why don't you let us rank horse face. She is not attractive at all physically.

Oh and for the idiots, neither am I.

1263 days ago


Commenters, listen to the damn interview! TMZ is making something out of nothing. The host follows up the comment with "That came out wrong" and Hilary understood she meant that she doesn't play stereotypical "pretty girl" roles.

It's so annoying how you're pitting two women against each other and having the public rate their attractivenss.

I know this is a gossip site, but this story is such bs!

1263 days ago
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