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Radio Host to Hilary Swank: You're Not a 'Pretty Girl'

5/10/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Swank's hotness level has long been a subject of debate -- it was an entire storyline on "The Office" once -- but during a radio interview yesterday, Hilary got a brutally honest verdict from the host.

It all went down on KCRW -- when host Kim Masters tried to ask Hilary if she's finding "fewer good roles" as she gets older.   Hilary explained that aging women can still find quality work in Hollywood -- and used Meryl Streep as an example.

That's when Masters quipped, "But she's the exception ... she's not like the pretty girl ... and you're not either."

Swank jokingly replied, "Hey what are you trying to say?" ... before saying she "completely" understood Kim's point.

So, we gotta ask ... 


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Oscars who cares. Yeah she's a talented actress, but in Hollyweird your skillz play second fiddle to your looks. Unfortunately.

1171 days ago


I have to agree, I have never thought Hilary Swank was attractive. Her mouth and teeth are what makes her awkward looking.

1171 days ago

Ian Mantgani    

What the **** is this 10/5/1 ****? There's a big difference between a 5 and a 10, and both of these women lie in between no matter how how or not you think they are.

1171 days ago

In Plain Sight    

Hilary Swank is a beautiful person - both physically and as a human being. Few have both - she does. What a ridiculous line of debate to foster - how beautiful is she??? The beauty of the person who fosters that is revealed in their pursuit of the slander of another - that person is downright ugly. Then, when you consider how Hilary dealt with the question - she showed grace, honor and tact... again, displaying that which makes her beautiful. What wasteful attacks on such a decent and kind person!

1171 days ago


who is kim masters anyways is that her name...ive never even heard of her before i saw the tmz page. Hilary Swank is very pretty, and i wouldnt talk if i was kim masters cuz she looks like an old irish man with a wig

1171 days ago


The host was rude, but Swank has seen herself in the mirror. No, she's not pretty, but she's talented. Every actress whether pretty or not get less roles as they get older. They certainly don't get any like the ones they got when they were younger, but that doesn't mean they can't have a long career. Same with male actors, although they tend to have a longer shelf life. There are always exceptions. The host isn't pretty either, but that's not the point of the conversation with Swank.

1171 days ago


I don't know about everyone else, but I've always found Hillary Swank to be very sexy. Except for the movie when she played the guy. She also seems way more down to earth and just herself, unlike a lot of actresses who change who they are. Which makes her that much hotter.

1170 days ago


This is BS story. TMZ is lame.

I heard the interview and it was an obvious "flub." I knew what Masters meant -- that neither Swank nor Streep ever play the "pretty girl." They play characters -- strong characters...

1170 days ago


Let's face it....when we look at Hilary Swank, we all see a butchy woman trying to be a guy i.e. Boys Don't Cry. She's a good actress, but, no, she's not exactly "hot" material.

1169 days ago


Swank ia s dead ringer for Maria Shriver.

1169 days ago


1 - why are there only three numbers?
2 - I think it's funny that so many people dissing her would still jump at the chance to be with her....yet very likely she wouldn't bother with them. Why bother worrying and judging and discussing someone else's looks when you very likely will not be in any position to actually act on that? Why not spend that time improving your own looks?

1165 days ago


Hilary not pretty? Is that why She's been a leading lady in almost all of her movies and an Oscar winner and Kim-whats-her-name is ON RADIO???? I think what it is about Hilary and Meryl is that they'll never play THE BIMBO. They are both beautiful but there's an intelligence in their faces where they can never play stupid or helpless damsels in distress.

1162 days ago


yeah...go ahead and talk Kim about Hilary not being hot. Thats why she's and oscar winning actress AND YOUR ON RADIO!

1162 days ago


Hilary Swank is beautiful in every way. I find her face (along with her body) very attractive. She's a 10 in my opinion. Plus what makes her even more attractive is the way she carried herself when she joked around and took the insult as a joke, that's very sexy of Swank, very confident.
Unlike Kim Masters, Hilary has both class and beauty. Another problem with Masters is that shes so insecure about herself, air go, she attacked Swank verbally by saying that she isn't pretty.

1144 days ago


Kim Masters definitely has a face made for radio. Women have a hard enough time in Hollywood without her help.

1063 days ago
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