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Bieber & Selena Gomez

The Closed Mouth Kiss

5/10/2011 6:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

YEAH, it happened ... and it was caught on tape ... Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez KISSING each other ON THE MOUTH. Brace yourselves, Biebettes ... it's gonna be a rough day.051011_justin_beiber_v3_still

The young couple was caught bumping lips during a press conference in Indonesia a few weeks ago ... and somehow, the footage managed to stay under wraps UNTIL NOW!!!

Did you hear that??? That's the sound of a million teenage hearts shattering at the same time.


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Michael Jackson's Voice 9 minutes ago

Uuuuuuuummmmm! First to all the Biebettes... None of you will ever marry Justin... thats fantasy, Not reality... Second... GOOD FOR HIM!!! He is young and should have some sort of life.. and Third Selina,,,, You MIGHT want to go to the doc and make sure YOU dont have that chest infection... Beibs caught it just being around C.B. and C.B. caught it from being in Australia and Beibs was there too... YOU sweetie are kissing the little germ factory so YA MIGHT want to get some prevention meds!!! Its Viral!!! Ick!! To all the heart broken jealous Biebettes... YOU AINT NEVER GUNNA GET HIM!!! This mean spirited hater much moment was brought to you by..... ME!!! YEAH I SAID IT!!!!LOL

Umm.... what?

I have no idea what point you were trying to make.

Stay in school.

1227 days ago

My two cents ;)    

J-Beib is not into chicks....unless they are guys dressed like chicks. Its ok though I thought I was gonna marry George Michael back in the day and he ended up liking boys. Awe how cute little female fans learning their lil crush is a boy lover.

1227 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

I wonder if she is going to get that vomit aftertaste!

1227 days ago


Who wants to bet me this kids the next Ricki Martin? In 25 years he'll come out of the closet. Watch and see.

1227 days ago


and if this was an underage girl kissing an older boy it would be an issue

1227 days ago


Shouldn't his fans be called "Bietches?"

1227 days ago


Aww good for them. C'mon all you old crabby people, don't you remember what young love was like?? Give them a break, they're young and happy. Too sweet!!

1227 days ago


This girl and Camilla Belle are two of the most beautiful Latinas in this biz. Not good enough for her, please, OMG!!! This kid is just a baby!!!!!

1227 days ago

CB 4    

she better hang on to him, because if she doesent, two months from now we are all gonna be like, who da fcuk is selena gomez??

1227 days ago


i thot Selena was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more mature than the likes of Bieber (children) what gives? is what Rico says is true? That the pic is Phony?? ANSWERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1227 days ago


Isn't that illegal in Indonesia? Seems to me I remember people protesting a few years back because of a proposed law there that made kissing in public a criminal offense with a possible 10 years prison sentence. Not sure though.

If that's the case, perhaps who ever released this should have waited until they were the hell out of there.

1227 days ago


She is way way to beautiful for this kid.

1227 days ago

mildly insane    

matt 4 hours ago

and if this was an underage girl kissing an older boy it would be an issue
issue?? people would be screaming for an arrest

1227 days ago


Selena Gomez said in an interview that she was not in love with Justin Bieber.Then why is she kissing him in public if she feels nothing for him?

1227 days ago

so cal guy    

I'd like to see him (or anyone for that matter) go down on that I would watch!

1227 days ago
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