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Lindsay Lohan Gets Merciful Sentence for Theft

5/11/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan dodged a huge bullet today  -- she won't be locked up in jail  ... this after pleading no contest to misdemeanor theft.


Lindsay's attorney Shawn Holley entered the plea a few minutes ago -- Lindsay wasn't in court.

Judge Stephanie Sautner said during the hearing, she doesn't believe Lindsay's problem is substance abuse, but rather her problems are more deeply rooted and she is self-medicating to relieve those problems.  As a result, Judge Sautner is not requiring Lindsay to undergo substance abuse counseling.

Lindsay will not get additional time for the theft.  She will be required to serve 120 days for her probation violation, and we've learned the Sheriff's Department  may allow Lindsay to do the time at home, with an electronic monitoring device.

In reality, the 120 days will amount to 14 days.  But during that time, Lindsay cannot leave her home, even to do community service.

Lindsay must complete psychological counseling and a shoplifters alternative class -- seriously.

Once Lindsay completes her 480 hours of community service, her probation in the DUI case will terminate, but Lindsay is now on 3 years probation for the theft -- so if she screws up again, she's screwed.


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You can only fool people for so long.

That is the beauty of the criminal justice system. You can pay big money for an attorney ... kick your problems down the road because of some "deal" the attorney can get for you.... then... you think you got out of something more serious ... when all you did was kid yourself.

The criminal justice system is still there with its' hammer over your head.... just waiting.... cause it has all the time in the world.... waiting for your next screw up.

Why do you think prison guards say "see you in a few months" when inmates are released from prison? They know the game.

Stats.... 80% of inmates released from California prisons return within one year. 80%!!!! What do you think the county jail residism rate is....??? EVEN WORSE.

NO .... once you get trapped within the criminal justice system your days are numbered if you don't get the real help you need.

Lohan is a perfect example. When "nothing changes... nothing changes."

There will be another day .... in court .... the stats prove it.

1263 days ago

who dat    

The judge is allowing her to kick the can down the road. The probation will get her sooner then later. She needs the attention. Every time she goes to court, it's her version of the "red carpet" walk. With everyone screaming her name.

1263 days ago



LINDSAY CAN CONTINUE TO DO ANYTHING SHE WANTS! When this idiot is driving drunk & kills someone, the blood can be on that lousy Judge's hands!

1263 days ago


Majority of the population can live crime/DUI free. But, as anyone with a bad habit or two, sometimes change can be tough.
I watched a couple of her movies, and she definitely can act. She can hold her own in movies - and I hope she can turn this around. John Travolta is a powerhouse in Hollywood, and having him on your team, I think is a huge 2nd chance/big break etc that could turn her life around. She does seem like a sweet girl. She'll mature eventually! :)

1263 days ago


You think she didn't get off? What happened when she took someone else's car, barreled down the freeway with a pocket full of cocaine? Wasn't she supposed to be screwed the next time she got in trouble then? Hello? 120 days in jail for the probation violation alone, suspended to FOURTEEN DAYS AT HOME? IMHO ANYTIME you get to spend time at HOME as compared to a CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, you got off. I love how money and fame make the judicial system work for you. I sure wish I had a judge who had thought that my drug abuse wasn't because I was addicted to drugs, but just because "I had deep-rooted, emotional problems" and I was just "self-medicating." Jesus.

1263 days ago

Pony Princess    

PORN is what you would like on home confinement.

1263 days ago


She'll be in trouble again within a year.

1263 days ago

vin dizzle     

its funny all of this from a dui. lol . the longest running problems from a dui lol . she needs to invest in a ps3 and some battlefield bad company 2 and clock some major game time and invest in some monster nitrous -black ice ..

1263 days ago


"but Lindsay is now on 3 years probation for the theft -- so if she screws up again, she's screwed."
Except she's not screwed, she's made a mockery of the entire California court system, and will continue to do so. This new judge was supposed to be so tough, but melted like putty because Lindsay is such a sociopath she can manipulate ANYONE. Lindsay decided her punishment months ago, and it's pretty much exactly what she got - how much did THAT cost the taxpayers when you're state is broke?

1263 days ago


Lohan gets to spend her sentence at home for 14 days whilst snorting adderall, and drinking jack and cokes in front of her computer screen, as she spends her time posing as nicole posting sweet little comments about herself on tmz. Poor Lohan. And just think about the paparazzi addiction withdrawal she will suffer for 14 days.

I WILL NEVER WATCH ANY FILM SHE'S IN. EVER. Besides the fact that I don't think she's a great actress by any means...she looks like a 24 year old leather handbag that got wet and left in the sun to dry for years. She's gross. The people who enable her are gross. This dimwit judge who clearly has "herbie fully loaded" and confessions of a teenage drama queen" on her que. Those are the only movies she's been in, right?

Travolta! Pacino! Y'all be stupid!

1263 days ago


Right . . . "If she screws up again, she's screwed." I think I've read that about 50 million times in regard to her issues. She just keeps slipping through the cracks without paying a price that a non-celebrity would most certainly have to do.

1263 days ago


Seriously, is Shawn Holley a big smoker? That constant pressing the lips together action is hugely annoying and makes her look dishonest. Speaking of dishonest, has Lindsay really done 2.5 FULL DAYS of community service? Holley said "she was present"--is that all it takes to get a day's credit?

She is on FORMAL probation until she finishes her community service--ha ha, that will be a looooooong formal probation!

I heard the judge say CONVICTED. That means, GUILTY. Or, if you prefer, LILTY. :D

And just because informal probation could end early does not mean it will. Lindsay has NEVER been able to follow the reason to think she will now.

1263 days ago


I love that "if she screws up again she's screwed". Are you kiddding me? She can go out and kill someone and she will not go to jail. This is celebrity justice people. They have different rules. I know a guy who was simply playing pool at a bar and someone blatantly picked a fight with him and he too went to jaim for 3 months for defending himself. And here this girl gets a slap on the wrist for all the crap she has done. Yes...there is a separate system for celebrities...and if you think differently, you are clueless and quite frankly...stupid.

1263 days ago


I believe this chick can murder someone and get away with it!
she'll get 5 years and serve 2 days and 2 weeks house arrest ! pow! Money talks!

1263 days ago

Where is my get out of jail card?    

Here we go again... All I ever see is her damn face on every website I go to... *sigh*

1263 days ago
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