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Lindsay Lohan Gets Merciful Sentence for Theft

5/11/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan dodged a huge bullet today  -- she won't be locked up in jail  ... this after pleading no contest to misdemeanor theft.


Lindsay's attorney Shawn Holley entered the plea a few minutes ago -- Lindsay wasn't in court.

Judge Stephanie Sautner said during the hearing, she doesn't believe Lindsay's problem is substance abuse, but rather her problems are more deeply rooted and she is self-medicating to relieve those problems.  As a result, Judge Sautner is not requiring Lindsay to undergo substance abuse counseling.

Lindsay will not get additional time for the theft.  She will be required to serve 120 days for her probation violation, and we've learned the Sheriff's Department  may allow Lindsay to do the time at home, with an electronic monitoring device.

In reality, the 120 days will amount to 14 days.  But during that time, Lindsay cannot leave her home, even to do community service.

Lindsay must complete psychological counseling and a shoplifters alternative class -- seriously.

Once Lindsay completes her 480 hours of community service, her probation in the DUI case will terminate, but Lindsay is now on 3 years probation for the theft -- so if she screws up again, she's screwed.


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On informal probation all she has to do is keep her nose clean (one problem) and she's off the hook. But with her being all methed up and shooting up heroin, not to mention the boozing all night at every club, she'll never be completely free. I still say she's gonna muck up this 480 hours of community service. All the supporters on here make it seem so easy for her to comply. Yeah, just finish the community service and don't drink of drug and you're home free. Seriously?

1173 days ago


CoolPhosphorescentShimmer about a minute ago

Seriously, is Shawn Holley a big smoker? That constant pressing the lips together action is hugely annoying and makes her look dishonest. Speaking of dishonest, has Lindsay really done 2.5 FULL DAYS of community service? Holley said "she was present"--is that all it takes to get a day's credit?

She is on FORMAL probation until she finishes her community service--ha ha, that will be a looooooong formal probation!

I heard the judge say CONVICTED. That means, GUILTY. Or, if you prefer, LILTY. :D

And just because informal probation could end early does not mean it will. Lindsay has NEVER been able to follow the reason to think she will now.

No she is on formal probation until November 2011 unless she finishes her community service before then.
Marsha Revel caused this mess and extremely harsh sentencing for a non violent misdemeanor. Lindsay should have taken this to trial. It couldn't have been any worse.

1173 days ago


The reduction from 120 days to 14 days is at the sheriff's discretion. All she has to do is screw up between now and June whatever-the-date is and she will not get the 14 days.

1173 days ago



Lindsay Lohan can not do probation. Her track record proves it.

She is far from being off the hook.

She is trapped..... again.

1173 days ago


"If she screws up again she's screwed". REALLY tmz???? Cuz you've been saying that for YEARS and she's never been "screwed". She has been breaking the law since 2007, it is 2011 and the MOST punishment she's gotten was 2 weeks in jail. When all her crimes combined would have gotten a normal person YEARS in jail.

If she screws up again guess what will happen? She'll get off. And then she'll screw up again, and she'll get off again. There is no "getting screwed" for celebrities. Lindsay has proven the LA legal system to be a joke. She has gotten away with so many crimes and she still is. So if she screws up again, expect another slap on the wrist or trip to rehab

1173 days ago


This is an outrageous, blatant and ridiculous TRAVESTY of the justice system! This has to be the most stupid judge ever! What a blatant disregard for public well-being and a horribly missed opprtunity to send a real message to "celebrities" everywhere and their sycophants. How many times does this festering boil on the face of society have to f**k up before someone finally locks her up and throws away the keys? Does she have to kill someone? Drive her car through a crowd of people? Knock over a liquor store? Get caught with a suitcase full of cocaine? Sneak a bomb onto an airplane? What?!?!

1173 days ago


John Smith, your avatar is gross. Is that a reflection on you?

1173 days ago


This deal is worse than 2007!
I'm taking bets when she's back in the slammer

1173 days ago


The only thing that is going to save Lindsay Lohan is.....


1173 days ago


gee, what a surprise. Good work judicial system. Always proving YOU SUCK!

1173 days ago

john smith    


1173 days ago

Pony Princess    

I actually think the Judge did as much as she could to give LL a "real" sentence. The judge obviously has a city attorney that wants to roll over on these to be able to dispose of the case. They know LL is liable to re-offend anyways, so they can get her another time if she runs out of money to support her defense. And the city attorney wants to get on to other cases, and not fall under the gypsy grifter curse. You know they have observed already what happens when a Grief Tornado comes into your area. No one is left standing. Maybe they think the best think to do is just let LL have enough rope to hang herself on.

Judge Sautner has my vote of confidence for giving LL the community service, and making a point to make sure she can't serve any of that CS while doing her "jail" sentence (either at jail or at home). The judge is not responsible for the time off that people are allowed, and early release. Also putting 3 years probation for this is HUGE. The shoplifter's class, MEH --- LL can get someone else to do that online for her, maybe Ali or Dina. The psychological counseling --- MEH - it's up to the probation dept, so it may not even be more than a fill out a form thing.

All in all, look to July 21 to find out how responsible LL really is being. She has to show a significant amount of CS done, not just the 2-1/2 hour a week "dent" she's making in it.

1173 days ago



Why do you keep saying, "eat crow?" Lindsay just got a VERY tough sentence.

1173 days ago

Danielle winning here,from cnn only comment--Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 120 days jail.

1.Convicted Theif
2.Formal probation till november 11
3.Regular probation for 3 years
4."stay away from Kamofie&Co"at least 100 feet
5.Will be booked AGAIN...8th mugshot


1173 days ago


um, my name says "balls"..? No, i'm not that idiot that used to write "balls" everywhere in the TMZ comment sections.

1173 days ago
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