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Lindsay: Early Release IS Available -- 14 Days Likely

5/10/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... The L.A. County Sheriff's Department now says Lindsay Lohan is eligible for early release, even with home detention instead of jail -- which means she will probably end up locked up at home for only around 2 weeks.

Lindsay Lohan Jail Time

TMZ posted a story yesterday ... quoting an L.A. County Sheriff's official ... stating that she may not get early release based on jail overcrowding, and therefore she would likely serve roughly 84 days of the 120 day sentence.

But now we're told ... the Sheriff's position is that Lindsay CAN get early release ... short story -- around 14 days will do it.

So Wednesday, after Lindsay pleads no contest to misdemeanor theft, it's likely Lindsay will end up with electronic monitoring at home, and she's at the beach for cryin' out loud.

We'll be live streaming Wednesday's court hearing.


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Nicole wait until tomorrow please. you have celebrated too early. by tonight story will change and she is once again facing jail time. but the truth is when the judge sees that amazing job she has done with CS. its going to reflect on the outcome.

1226 days ago


Jay 3 minutes ago

Wow if the judge allows for house arrest someone needs to see what she has sentenced those who violated probation by commiting a felony to who happen to be poorer or darker in skin tone than Lindsay.

This is really sad. I feel bad for all those who have family or friends doing time in LA County jail for far less all because they arnt rich and famous.

Don't worry Jay...all future FELONS and THIEVES? They'll be using the Guilty HoHan defense!
Get caught STEALING? "I'd like the same sentence as HoHan Judge!"
Get caught driving DRUNK? "I'd like the same sentence as Hohan Judge!"
Get caught doing ANYTHING? "I'd like the same sentence as Hohan!"

Why not? I'm going to use if I should ever need it...but then I'm not a lying, thieving, Drug Addicted Ho so...guess I'll never need it!

1226 days ago


The source IS the Sheriff's department.
Also if Lindsay isn't appearimg tomorrow then obviously a plea deal has been worked out.
The question now is will Lindsay get an 8th mugshot before her house arrest bracelet is placed on or is it already pre arranged and she won't need to be formally booked.

1226 days ago


she is admitting guilt, she is looked at like a thief to all of hollywood. she has not done well on probation ever. but has 478 hours of CS left. oh yea she has won.

1226 days ago


The Girl Rules! You people gotta give it up to her on this one!
I just hope she keeps it together and gets a good movie not that dumb Gotti film.
Good luck Girl!

1226 days ago


Don't blame her, blame the CA judicial system.

1226 days ago


I'll wait for the judge to decide.

She's still uninsurable and unbankable.

1226 days ago


Everything is up to the judge.

1226 days ago

Lisa R.    

This is absolutely ridiculous.She has been given so many chances and she keeps getting slaps on the wrist. She never learns because her consequences are a joke. I wonder, does she and her family ever take any of her charges seriously, or do they just say Lindsay, this is going to cost a lot of money to defend you, you better stop or you wont work and WE wont have any money. Do any of them believe her crimes are even worth dealing with? Enough is enough. She keeps saying how she learned her lesson but she keeps doing the wrong thing. Her dad is an ass and her mom is i don't know what. The justice system especially in California is a joke. What do you get for premeditated murder? House arrest and time served? I know her charges weren't anything remotely like that, but really can't they do better than 14 days with an ankle monitor? She probably has her own at probation with her name on it. Is it just me, or does anyone else agree.Please, i would very much like to know if I'm the crazy one!

1226 days ago


Can I get 14 days at home?

1226 days ago


sheriffs department is now handing down the verdict Nicole wow. that amazing i thought that was the judges job

1226 days ago


You are 100% correct. If Lindsay were black and poor she would not be getting such a deal. California is a real embarrassment.

1226 days ago


Lindsay is going to get a really harsh sentence tomorrow. For breaking the rules of her probation and for stealing a necklace from a jewelry store she will: not get any desert for a week and not be allowed to watch TV for 3 days.

1226 days ago


@Spot. LOL.

1226 days ago


God, Nicole (Lady Vick), don't you ever do anything else besides stay on TMZ and ROL?

1226 days ago
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