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Lindsay: Early Release IS Available -- 14 Days Likely

5/10/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... The L.A. County Sheriff's Department now says Lindsay Lohan is eligible for early release, even with home detention instead of jail -- which means she will probably end up locked up at home for only around 2 weeks.

Lindsay Lohan Jail Time

TMZ posted a story yesterday ... quoting an L.A. County Sheriff's official ... stating that she may not get early release based on jail overcrowding, and therefore she would likely serve roughly 84 days of the 120 day sentence.

But now we're told ... the Sheriff's position is that Lindsay CAN get early release ... short story -- around 14 days will do it.

So Wednesday, after Lindsay pleads no contest to misdemeanor theft, it's likely Lindsay will end up with electronic monitoring at home, and she's at the beach for cryin' out loud.

We'll be live streaming Wednesday's court hearing.


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Her popping in and out of prison is ruinigng the statistics for young white females lol

1240 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...awwwwwwwwww...too be rich enuff and have peeps bail u out and more peeps giving money for the best lawyers..and oh ya..pretty and white...I feel so sorry for the families of those sitting in jail who don't have those blessings..cause this lil nitwit sure doesn't appreciate it...she's still young..only a matter of time till she screws up yet again!

1240 days ago


@nicole. I think TMZ has been wrong about every outcome since the theft, yes.

No one is mentioning the 1 year propation and what the terms of that might be? Also, Sutner has already tended to weight her sentences toward Community Support work at the Women's Shelter and Morgue ratgher than jail time. Community Support sentances cannot be reduced and I personally prefer her work rather than to sit around at home. I think that's more productive and work is actually healing. Wallowing isn't.

Since she's going to plead out her sentance, waht about the 120 days in jail that are under appeal? That could come back to haunt her if she loses in the appelate court?

1240 days ago


Sorry bout the typos. :)

1240 days ago


Nicole have to say a while back you said she would not be on probation and the judge would dismiss the case. you also said she could not complete six months probation with out getting in trouble, thats before the CS was taked about. so she is just buying time before mug shot number 8, 9, 10, them prison

1240 days ago


Nicole, you wrote that Lindsay was home free after getting out of UCLA. You wrote that Lindsay was home free after getting 2 months sober living at BF in lieu of a jail sentence. You wrote that Lindsay was home free after getting out of BF. (There's probably more going on years, but I haven't been on that long.)

See a pattern here? It won't be long until the next criminal act.

You sound like a smart individual; there are plenty of successful people in Hollywood who don't commute to court every month. Try working for one of them instead. You could post how wonderful that person is and you'd be telling the truth!

1240 days ago

john smith    

FYI Who ever was posting quotes from me from months ago. why don't you go back 13 months on my posts. The reason I joined TMZ chat was so that I could comment on Bruce Beresford-Redman posts. I have left at least a hundred posts about him killing my good friend Monica in Cancun at The Moon Palace Resort and sticking her body in a septic tank last April. You probably heard of him he used to produce Survivor and the Contender, I had some really nice posts about him, pull up those quotes. Nov 16th was a great day when US Marshals arrested him. The news keeps getting worse for the haters every day. I'm so happy for Lindsay!!!!! LOL!!!!!

1240 days ago


Obviously we won't know until tomorrow but i think the purpose of tomorrow's hearing is a plea deal to avoid a trial. Lindsay will plead no contest to the theft and will serve the 120 days she was previously sentenced to on house arrest. I think after tomorrow the appeal will cease to exist.
She will only completely avoid jail if she completes the Community Service.

1240 days ago

sick of it    

Will this THING ever grow up???

1240 days ago


Hmm... I guess this means Holly will have to run to get supplies; a few Disney movies maybe, and some Coke for sure!
This will be a time to exercise, read the Bible, order in a hairstylist and maybe sketch a few designs.

1240 days ago


You will neverconvince "Nicole" that Lohan is a thief. She is Lady Victoria Hervey and a paid shill for the Lohan's. She is the one who keeps Lindsay supplied with vodka at the clubs. She is the worst of the Lohan hanger ons. I wonder if she knows the criminal laws in her home country of England as well as she presumes to know American law. Save your fingers, Andy.

1240 days ago


Everyone still talks like she has the Gotti Movie Where is the proof? I think it is her people trying to make us think that she has it. Is there any written proof? Did she sign anything to guarantee the role? I don't think so! So until I hear the producer or director say she's in or see written proof then she is still a unemployed criminal

1240 days ago


Lindsay is and since 2007 always has been in the eyes of the law a non violent misdemeanor offender which means in LA she will always serve the least amount of time in jail.

1240 days ago


why do she keep getting out of jail so soon and its not just her its other stars also, what kind of example do the judges supose to set for the world, they keep letting them off why not they know they can do what they want and get away with it, why not everybody, everybody is supose to be treated equal money or no money, I don't like it its not fair at all.

1240 days ago


Well, then I guess it will be up to the judge to decide how she feels about house arrest. Interesting. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict hefty CS obligations and maybe even a scram again for a period of time? That could put her firmly a year away from working on any project. And, if she has employer prospects, they will likely want to wait and see her sucessfully complete her sentence first. That will be tough on her I think.

1240 days ago
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