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Mike Epps

SERVED at Comedy Show


5/10/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Hangover" star Mike Epps went BALLISTIC on a woman who served him with a lawsuit during a comedy performance in Texas last week -- calling her a "white b*tch" and telling her to "suck my d*ck."051011_mike_epps_v2_still

It all went down at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie ... while Mike was in the middle of his set, a process server approached the stage and served him with a lawsuit stemming from an altercation inside of a Detroit nightclub in December.

Mike looked down and said, "White b*tch just threw some papers up on the mother f*cking stage ... b*tch, f*ck you."

Mike then admitted participating in the nightclub brawl ... saying, "This is from when I whooped that n*gga's ass in Detroit."

Mike continued to berate the process server as she made her way towards the exit ... saying, "B*tch, I don't give a f*ck ... suck my d*ck."

As TMZ first reported, a photographer sued Epps, claiming the actor unleashed a "brutal beating" on him inside the Key Club in Detroit. The photog also claims members of Epps' entourage fired several gunshots at him outside the venue.


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Didn't that guy from the Seinfeld show do the same thing at a comedy club? Didn't he get tons of s#*@ for it.

1229 days ago


R A C I S T!!! If the tables were turned THAT would be the headline of the story.

1229 days ago


Dear Gray - I AM Asian! If we continue to say it's OK for certain races to be racist but not others we will never be rid of it. It is not acceptable behavior for ANYONE!

1229 days ago


He is an ignorant fool who lashed out with racist derogatory statements. I also think the woman could have handled the situation differently by not purposefully embarrassing him in the MIDDLE of a set?? Who does that? No excuse for his awful comments, but anyone would be pissed and give a reaction. She could have still done her job by serving papers before or after the set. I hope he issues an apology to her.

1229 days ago


How about this double standard. You guys saying he's such an *******. How about her? She served him papers while he was on stage in front of a crowd doing his job too. How would you like it if someone came to your job while you were busy and served you papers? You'd be pissed too. She couldn't WAIT until after the show when he was done? That's not exactly classy either.

1229 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

If I had papers served to me at work, I'd definitely not yell: " white bitch, f you, suck my __in the back, ho!''

He was embarrassed? If he had a brain, he'd just ignore the envelope and go on. No one would have known he was served.

1229 days ago


if it had been a white "comic" he would be hung by his shorties.

1229 days ago


Grey: All you white people who cry racism make my laugh. How long have African Americans, Hispanics, Asian had to put up with racism in this country? Much more any white people ever has.

Point taken, I don't think the majority of people would dispute that, and it's a shameful thing how does that make it right for it to go the other way? Because somehow whites deserve it as a result of the historical bad treatment of minorities? Its not an excuse. It's a cop out.

1229 days ago

Tim Johnson    

What a *****!!! Your going to try to call out a girl lol too funny. So wait when kramer from seinfield heckles somebody's race in the crowd it's wrong but when this lame does it's not that big of a deal??? Ufck Him!!!!

1229 days ago


BOYCOTT HIM...."whte Bitch"....really? Where's the cry for racial equality on this one? The race card is bull****, **** him, he's not even funny.

1229 days ago


Honestly he should just ignore those papers that were thrown on stage. Thats not the proper way to notify someone of legal matters. If anything comes up he should just say "look I was performing on stage and someone threw the papers on stage, I have no obligation to even look at something some random person just throws on stage". I agree with the otehr commenters that Mike made racist comments and I agree there is a huge double standard when it comes to that stuff and the double standard needs to be addressed. But the thing that I am most perturbed about is the unprofessional way in which that person delivered him legal do***ents. And in case someones going to accuse me of a double standard in terms of what outrages me I will let it be known I'm not that outraged by racial stuff o matter where its directed at.... I don't agree with racial stuff but I'm not gonna get outraged by it. I'm outraged by this legal thing.

1229 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

My best friend is black and I am porcelain white and you can kiss our two-toned asses with your F------ ignorant lips as long as you don't let your ugly unfunny face touch us!

I am telling Obama on you!
oh wait, he doesn't know who in the Hell you are either!

1229 days ago


Ok, I'am def not a racist or nething like that.....but I wonder what kind of trouble he will be in for calling her a "White Bitch", because had it been a white person calling someone a black bitch, everyone would've heard about it by now, and it will be the new big story you would see on all the news shows. Whats right is right. If we're not aloud to do it, neither should they be. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. And I know they say only white people can be racist, because black people were once slaves, but we were all once slaves, every color. Racism is racism.

1229 days ago


It's funny how a black man can call a woman a "white bitch" but call them a ****** and they cant handle it.

1229 days ago


Hmm, that's a very stupid, racist rant. Let's hear as much noise about a black's racist remarks against whites as people gave to Michael Richards during his rant about black hecklers. I like Michael and forgave him - Epps can kiss my (and Michael's) ass.

1229 days ago
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