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Mike Epps

SERVED at Comedy Show


5/10/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Hangover" star Mike Epps went BALLISTIC on a woman who served him with a lawsuit during a comedy performance in Texas last week -- calling her a "white b*tch" and telling her to "suck my d*ck."051011_mike_epps_v2_still

It all went down at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie ... while Mike was in the middle of his set, a process server approached the stage and served him with a lawsuit stemming from an altercation inside of a Detroit nightclub in December.

Mike looked down and said, "White b*tch just threw some papers up on the mother f*cking stage ... b*tch, f*ck you."

Mike then admitted participating in the nightclub brawl ... saying, "This is from when I whooped that n*gga's ass in Detroit."

Mike continued to berate the process server as she made her way towards the exit ... saying, "B*tch, I don't give a f*ck ... suck my d*ck."

As TMZ first reported, a photographer sued Epps, claiming the actor unleashed a "brutal beating" on him inside the Key Club in Detroit. The photog also claims members of Epps' entourage fired several gunshots at him outside the venue.


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Nat Turner is my HERO    

Whitey's upset because they know that if the approached a blackman or woman with the racist **** on these comments they would get their ass beat. He called her a "WHITE BITCH", which she obviously is. For all the stupid ass "white folk" who don't know who Mike Epps is "It's a black thing, you wouldn'y understand. Most of us hate your racist ass and the fact is you can't be racist against a hunky ass, peckerwood, redneck,dog smelling white bitch cause it's simply a reaction (lol) to the bull**** you people still perpetuate today. Most of you hide behind your little internet comments and then piss your pants when you're in our presence. I for one hate all of you and wish you thew worse.

1208 days ago


I am gonna say again you people must ALL BE WHITE.this does not deserve the racist comments from anyone mouth but,i'll let ya'll in on a careful how you JUDGE FOR YOU TOO SHALL BE JUDGED!!!

1208 days ago


Obviously YOU people are WHITE and don't know ANYTHING about what racism is ,but i will say this: is he wrong yes,but for whatever reason this woman wanted to embarrass him at his show so it is on her and i know if it was a black woman she would probably be called the same.You people are mad because we have a black PRESIDENT!!....BTW for every racial act that you can find on a black person I'LL SHOW YOU 3 HATE CRIMES DONE BY WHITES AND MURDER!!!!

1208 days ago


yeah black people are always the victims no matter what! you are your own worse enemy,do you think society will respect you when 50 percent of your race is either in prison or on welfare because you do not want to work? or would rather sell crack? blame the white man!you seem to have enough money for your bling. so you keep spreading your seed so the rest of us can support your generational welfare way of life, im sure the respect is coming any day now.

1208 days ago


Is no one going to call him out about being a racist! Are they all and I mean the black people including the people he calls *****'s agreeing with him? What an idiot and if people would have had any sense should have walked out of the show.

1208 days ago

Serious Biz    

If..If..If..If...Jesus pass the kleenex. Mike Epps could care less about white america's perception of him. So keep blogging and what not, the guy will still be a movie star and have millions while you keep venting online. Losers...excuse me....white losers. Now I'm racist too...go figure.

1208 days ago


JN you are a racist too. It's funny how black people can't own their own. Always playing the race card, always keeping things seperate. Negro college fund, black colleges, black arts... you say we don't know what racism is... if we did any of that it would be racist so why isn't it when you do?

1208 days ago


Racism! I'm so sick of people thinking only white people are racist. If a white guy would have said that about a black woman it would be all over and his career would hit the toilet! Double standards suck as much as MIke's mouth!

1208 days ago


He's the embodiment of every negative black stereotype that exists.

1208 days ago


I thought it was funny... IMO!

As a side note? How can a process server do that? I mean you can't approach a person in a their work place & your "supposed" to make an effort to serve the papers with out embarrassment to the subject!

1208 days ago


Come on.... In the middle of your comedy show you get served.... Are you people really that blinded. Racism.... He is a comedian.... He didnt just start making racial slurs during his act for no reason.... White Bitch... Did he say honky or cracker... No... He was trying to make jokes around the issue... Stop Hating so much... Everybody always want to make more out of situation than what they are.... I respect the lady who served the papers... she didnt find it offensive... She knew it was ****ed up to serve a man in the middle of his show..... Grow up people.....

1208 days ago


now hes alowed to say racist stuff yet if a white guys said something about a black person the media would be all over his ass,,BOYCOT THIS AHOLE

1208 days ago


ME is right. Enough with the "if he was white BS". Bottom line is, blacks will continue to WHINE about something that happened 150 yrs ago. This generation (or the one before that, or the one before that) doesn't give a S H I T about slavery. Look at the stats...prisons are filled with blacks. Oh wait...I suppose this is because their great-great-great granny was a slave. While you're at it...pick up a book. Rich blacks enslaved blacks as well...get over it. We are.

1208 days ago


Another confirmation that Mike Epps is indeed racist against white people..

1208 days ago


im sick of these double standards in racism .
if jesse james.. got served and called the women black bitch .then what.

1208 days ago
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